“Tell her to shut up and wait like everyone else”

I was reminded of this story whilst reading a story from u/SylvianWoods

I'm a security guard in a big chain UK supermarket.

It's the day after New year's day. The store normally opens at 6am but because of the time of year, the store opened later at 9am – lie in! Despite this, I still had to be in for 8am because our pharmacy was opening at 8. That meant I had to stand on the door for an hour, only letting in customers if they were using the pharmacy.

It gets to about half 8 with no issues. I had to turn away a couple of people but they were gracious and understood. Then, Angry Mum (AM) comes along.

She stands at the door waiting for me to open it. I do so.

Me: Do you need to use the pharmacy?

AM: No! I want to do my shopping!

Me: The store doesn't open until 9am today but if you need to use the pharmacy, you can go in to use that.

AM: No stupid! I'm here to do my shopping. Your sign says you open at 6am so let me in.

Me: I'm sorry but we are still on holiday opening times at the moment. It's only 30 mins away though.

AM: Well your sign says 6am! Couldn't you change it?!

The sign she is referring to is 10ft in the air on the side of the building. No-one has arms or legs that long – even in the NBA!

I'm getting quite annoyed with her now and when I get annoyed, I get a little sarcastic.

Me: No I can't change it, its quite high and I'm short.

AM: Even your website says you open at 6am, SEE!!

She THRUSTS the phone into my face. It does say we open at our normal times.

AM: I demand to speak to your manager right now!

I close the doors and head inside. Luckily the manager (M) is close by talking with some colleagues (C) at customer service.

Me: Hi M, I've got a customer who is demanding to speak to you about our opening times. I've told her we don't open till 9 but she's adamant that the website says it's 6am.

Colleague instantly gets out her phone to look it up. M is a great manager, friendly and understanding but also straight down the line with colleagues and customers alike. He always backs us up.

M: We open at 9. I don't want to talk to her.

C: Our website says we open at 9am, look.

She shows us a red pop-up when you go on the website which clearly has our holiday opening times on it.

M: There you go, we open at 9am. Tell her to shut up and wait like everyone else.

I head out to the door to see AM slagging me off to more people who've gathered there waiting.

Me: The manager is busy so can't come out but we looked on the website and it does say we open at 9am.

AM: Rubbish! You're lying to me!

Another customer looks up the website on their phone and also finds the pop-up. They smile at me as AM is still running her mouth off at me, I'm just ignoring her now.

Eventually 9am comes and I open up the doors. I say good morning to everyone as they walk in. As AM walks in, I say good morning and also add [a little sarcastically]

Thanks for your patience!

TL;DR Angry Mum berates security guard because store is still opening later than normal even though it's clearly stated on the website.


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