r/The_Donald and related subreddits style-guide?

Real brief about myself – Trump supporter working in post-production as a video editor and MGFX guy. I’m relatively new to Reddit, so I’m still figuring out how things work over here (I’m more familiar with the workings of phpBB forums).

I recently subscribed to a new subreddit for CA-based Pedes – r/The_Donald_CA and wanted to help out with some artwork over there. I have been in contact with one of that subreddit’s Mods, u/Tettrox, and we are working together with others to put together that subreddit.

Is there an existing style-guide that creators of new Trump-support subreddits can/should follow?

Is it possible to get the source art of common elements like the reddit character with the red cap and flag?

I’m going to discuss below in an “ELI5” manner just to keep things simple for those not familiar with what I am discussing. Anyone with more expertise please feel free to chime in at any time with any needed corrections, clarifications or advice.

Basically, a style-guide is a set of “rules” of how branding elements like logos and things of that nature are placed (on print, on a video screen), what their EXACT font and color is – a list of “do’s” and “do not do’s” of how things are to be viewed publicly.

For anyone interested here is the style-guide for the Department of Homeland Security – link below is from the U.S. Coast Guard website – forward facing and not classified information, take a look to get an idea of what I’m talking about if you are not familiar:


Every major corporation and brand has something like this with all the specifics like fonts, the size and color of the fonts, colors that can be used (Coca-Cola Red is a very specific red that is different from say In-N-Out red). I’m sure the Trump campaign had one as well.

If something like this exists for Trump-themed subreddits to utilize, can someone point me to where I can find it or contact me privately with a link to download source art files?

If something like a style-guide DOES NOT exist, then this would be a fantastic time to get all of this type of stuff sorted out and agreed upon. I understand that each subreddit has the freedom to make things look the way they want, but I think we can all agree that the important thing is that we keep Trump-support subreddits from turning into some sort of Myspace eyesores. Leave that style to the other side.

It also helps determine a new subreddit’s “legitimacy” – earlier this week, there was a discussion over in another Trump subreddit – r/AskThe_Donald concerning another new “Trump friendly” subreddit – r/The_Donald_CA :

Is The_Donald_CA a reddit run by 'pedes, or is it something else, maybe ShariaBlue.

So in the long run having all let’s say “approved” Trump-support subreddits looking similar, can help avoid situations like that. It also shows that we know what we’re doing – that we’re organized. I like to use the phrase “Whole Ass”.

And just so I’m 1000% clear, I am in no way criticizing any of the work that has been done to date, nor am I unhappy with how things are being presented or moderated on any of the subreddits that I subscribe to. Quite the opposite. I want to insure that whatever I’m putting together either matches or exceeds the work that has already been done by others to date.

All subreddits should use the same sizing/spacing/placement of key elements – if I have 3 browser tabs open with each subreddit in it’s own tab, there shouldn’t be any shifting of say the header or other elements like the image of the reddit character with the hat and flag, the side divider image (currently TRUMP: The Art of The Deal With It image on r/The_Donald) – all elements like that should be the exact same size, and placed in the exact same place across all Trump-themed subreddits.

Visually similar elements should also share the same positioning and sizing. For example, the Presidential Seal over on r/The_Donald and the modified CA seal over on r/The_Donald_CA. Right now they are slightly different sizes (180px x 180px vs 200px x 200px respectfully), and the z-positioning (front-to-back positioning) – the seal on r/The_Donald appears over the subreddits bar (named “sr-header-area” in the HTML) whereas the seal over on r/The_Donald_CA appears to be behind the subreddits bar. Those should match (size and position, not the artwork itself), and to me r/The_Donald should be what we use to set any sort of standard.

It also helps users when navigating between all the different subreddits if common elements like the color that indicates who is a moderator and things of that nature are consistent across all related subreddits.

Another thing that would go a long way of alleviating fears of a subreddit’s authenticity is new (fully vetted and worthy of listing) Trump-support subreddits getting listed over in the “Related Subreddits” section over on r/The_Donald. What is the criteria for new subreddits to get listed there? Time in service? Number of subscribers? Something else?

Again, if nothing like a style-guide exists or if there are no templates available, what I would like to do is to create some templates that can be shared with people setting up other Trump-support subreddits, but right now there is no consistency with the sizing of some elements between subreddits. I want to “measure twice and cut once”, so if there is a way we can all coordinate sizes of certain elements, that would be tits.



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