I’m a Security Guard Being Threatened in Two Ways

I'm a security guard in a metropolitan area. (Los angeles, Ca, US) I work at an apartment complex of 1500+ people by myself overnight. Most of my duties revolve around overseeing the area, responding to noise issues (parties, drunks, etc.) and general customer service type things. Most of the problem revolves around the fact that I work alone with only supervisor contact thru my phone.

I have a tenant who has been receiving multiple complaints over the course of 4-5 months. This tenant likes to play his music exceptionally loud at odd hours in the night, and he gets hostile when I ask him to keep it down.

Now, the reasoning behind why the tenant would turn it down when asked by security is that he is under a contract lease with the management of the complex to keep a noise curfew at 10pm. This means that any exceptional noise after 10pm is unwanted, and if security informs that there is a complaint it is required to observe the curfew. The tenants are contractually obligated under their lease to observe this with respect.

This tenant has been receiving complaints to such an amount that I have been in consistent email contact with the apartment complex ownership, my bosses, my supervisors, and I have also been in face-to-face contact with the local police. The police have been called over to his apartment four times now over the course of two months.

My past interactions with him were to notify him that if I were to receive future noise complaints, I would immediately contact the local authorities. His interactions with me always consist of "There isn't any music", "I'm being harassed", "You guys are discriminating against me", and "Call the cops". When the police arrives, he denies everything.

Now, I was under strict orders by my supervisors/bosses to not interact with this individual, and to call the police when I received complaints. This was about a month ago.

Recently, on one of my patrols behind the apartments, this individual approached me from behind. Normally I wouldn't be caught off guard, but this specific area is directly adjacent to a freeway (5 feet away) to where it is almost impossible to hear anything.

When he approached me, he seemed off and hostile immediately. He started ranting and yelling at me, got close, and told me that after this was all over he was going to take care of me. He also threatened to sue me for harassment, that I had it in for him, and that he would take care of me if I came near him again. I told him that nobody was harassing him and to keep his music down, and he told me to prove any of this was happening and to prove that I was speaking to him in that moment.

The police became involved, I issued a criminal report, and told them that if he came near me I would physically defend myself because his language was ambiguous to whether or not he intended to hurt me.

So this is where I am asking for advice. I have left some of the specifics out so as to remain anonymous, but I am not receiving much assistance from my employer.

I have a tenant who is claiming to throw a lawsuit at me (which is essentially him lying), who is now intentionally breaking the apartment complex rules so as to prove that I am harassing him, and the shadowy threat of a man who may or may not attack me on the job or in my personal life.

Outside of whatever personal assessments there may be of this individual, what steps can I take to ensure that I cannot be screwed over in court, as well as possibly aid in giving law enforcement the evidence necessary to keep this man away from me? To the best of my knowledge, he is in the process of eviction at the moment, but I am not given all the information despite being the target of this man's hostility.

Thank you in advance.


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