[IBO S1 Spoilers] One Year On: A Memorial Message for Biscuit Griffon the Measured

Gather 'round, O fellow kin of the Iron Flower. We gather to remember the sacrifice of a beloved martyr, Biscuit Griffon the Measured.

Biscuit was born the second son of a working class family in the Dort Colonies under the African Union. He had a brother Savarin and twin sisters, Cookie and Cracker. While Savarin toiled on to eventually be adopted by the corporate Canele family, the atrocious work safety and security in the Dort Colonies had claimed the lives of their parents. And so Savarin stayed as his younger siblings moved to a farm on Mars to be in the care of their grandmother, Sakura Pretzel. And laugh at these names at your own peril…

Despite moving away from the colonies, life on Mars presented its own set of dangers and threats. Boys may join groups of hired guns as child soldiers, voluntarily or bought in as Human Debris thralls. Girls may end up in brothels, toiling their way from rear-end tasks like Cinderella to possibly front-end "services." Child dregs of society than could do neither risk rotting away in the streets. To keep their farm from financially falling apart and prepare his sisters to attend school, Biscuit had to join a local mercenary group known as Chryse Guard Security (CGS).

As an initiate's rite of passage, every child recruit received an Alaya-Vijnana "Whisker" by Meatgrinder Surgery: Manual restraints, NO anaesthetics, and about 40% chance of failure. Nevertheless, Biscuit survived the process of becoming a "Space Rat" and joined the 3rd Group. He had worked alongside our leader, Orga Itsuka, as his advisor and was with him during the CGS mutiny and the resulting christening of Tekkadan. Whenever Orga spoke of soaring ambitions, Biscuit would always strive to keep them as grounded as possible. He may not have seen completely eye-to-eye with Orga, but he would always stand by him through thick and thin. Such a paragon of loyalty, my kin!

He returned to the Dort Colonies while Tekkadan were along the way to escort the Maiden of Revolution, Kudelia Aina Bernstein. His reunion with his estranged brother Savarin was unfortunately most tragic. Being part of the "knights" who escorted the maiden, he could not entertain his brother's plea to surrender the maiden to be used as a bargaining chip to avert the slaughter of the Dort Unionists led by Navona Mingo. Despite Tekkadan and Kudelia ending the massacre of the Unionists, the destruction and lives lost had shattered Savarin as a man. Grief-stricken, Savarin 'the Misguided' later hung himself, leaving behind a letter that would shake Biscuit to the core.

Just after landing on Earth, Biscuit realised Tekkadan may be recklessly sprinting towards their destruction. After failing to convince Orga to slow down, he threatened to contemplate quitting the group. For better or worse, he later rescinded such contemplation and helped Orga plan for their escape from pursuing Gjallarhorn forces for the last time. Unfortunately in the heat of battle, the leader of the pursuers, Commander Carta 'the Naive' Issue, spotted and rushed for the command MW with Orga and Biscuit in it. To save our leader, Biscuit made the ultimate sacrifice…His martyrdom had broken Orga like never before and it required the intervention of Mikazuki 'the Wolf King' Augus for him to forge his newfound drive. We would later had avenged Biscuit in the cold Arctic Circle of Earth and found a promised land for Tekkadan in Arbrau.

Biscuit's family were well-compensated for his services. The Sakura Farm had greatly expanded, Cookie and Cracker have their schooling sponsored by us, an orphanage was even founded within the farm grounds where the children need not pay to stay. Biscuit's life story may have ended, but his legacy will always continue on so long as the Iron Flower bloom on. We must now do our part to realise our leader's ambition of becoming the King of Mars so we may create our own utopia!

Long live the Iron Flower! Long live the future King of Mars! Altogether now!



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