Anti Asian Violence Tracker

Discrimination, racism, physical/sexual violence and murder targeting Asian Americans

Asian couple assaulted in Tempe for speaking Mandarin on light rail, Kalie Rutledge arrested

An Asian undergraduate student at USC said someone threw eggs at him and shouted racial slurs as he sat outside his campus residence early Sunday, Los Angeles police said.

The father of an adopted Chinese girl who was brought over to the United States as an infant has called on school authorities to discover whether racist bullying caused his daughter to take her own life.

Now Emilie’s best friend, another adopted Chinese daughter, has been the target of bullying as well, Sato Kazuya, President of the Japanese American Citizens League in Cincinnati, Ohio chapter, told AsAmNews. “She was intentionally tripped by a boy and got a concussion,” said Kazuya.

A CrimeStoppers reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest or arrests in connection with a string of robberies and burglaries targeting Asian small business owners in Durham.

Chinese students to meet with police after rash of 'predatory gang' attacks

Concerned Chinese students are taking action after a rash of aggravated robberies involving Asian students. Chinese students will meet with police, and a petition aimed at making Auckland safer for international students has been signed by 5500 people. There have been four aggravated robberies where the victims were Asian international students in Auckland in the past week.

Black youths target Asians for robbery, says it is not a racist hate crime to target Asian community

Racial violence spurred Asian students to take a stand

They were roaming the halls of South Philadelphia High School looking for a fight. Their target, according to police: Asian students.

By the end of the school day, as many as 30 students of Asian descent had been physically attacked and many were sent to the hospital for treatment, according to school and law enforcement officials.

Tyrelle Shaw Police say a blog that includes posts about hurting Asian women belonged to Shaw. "I will hit over a million Asian Women in the face with a stick will change history," the blog's author wrote in one post, in which he says Asian women rejected his advances.

Asian women targeted in 3 sexual assaults near UC Berkeley; police release video, ask public for help The suspect was described as a black or East Indian man in his early 20s, 5 foot 9 inches to 6 feet tall, with dark curly hair or dreadlocks pulled back, wearing a dark-colored jacket and pants, and a hooded sweatshirt.

Attacks on Asians Highlight New Racial Tensions

The Chinese who had gathered at San Francisco’s City Hall — several hundred of them, chanting and waving bilingual placards under a persistent drizzle — were mad. Their words and signs said they felt under attack, vulnerable, unheard by the police, city officials and even their own community leaders. Their grievances included these in March: An 83-year old Chinese man beaten to death by five boys on a Bayview street and a 57-year-old woman injured after being thrown off a Third Street Muni platform. On April 16, two teenagers in Oakland assaulted Tian Sheng Yu, a 59-year-old Chinese immigrant, in broad daylight. A punch knocked him to the ground; the fall killed him.

Oakland Street Killing: Anger

If there was any doubt about continuing anger and frustration among some in the ethnic Chinese community over the beating and killing of a San Francisco Chinese immigrant man allegedly by two African American teenage males on an uptown Oakland (California) street in broad daylight, an Oakland Chinatown town-hall meeting Wednesday night (April 28) should dispell those doubts. Organized by Oakland Chinese American organizations, the meeting drew a crowd in the several hundreds to the Restaurant Peony, one of Chinatown’s finest seafood and dim sum palaces. Even though it was the dinner hour, no food was served at the meeting in the restaurant’s large main dining room. Everyone was there for serious business, not for a typical Chinatown social activity like a sumptuous seafood banquet. (The restaurant did serve diners in smaller side areas adjacent to the meeting space.)

Baltimore Unrest Reveals Tensions Between African-Americans And Asians

In West Baltimore's Sandtown neighborhood, Asian immigrant shopkeepers cleaned up the damage caused by rioters. The broader question is what's really happening in the more troubled neighborhoods of a majority-black city. Like any city, Baltimore has a legacy of segregation and a legacy of police violence. It also faces many class and economic differences. And those differences came to the surface during Monday's violence. In the Sandtown neighborhood, many Asian-owned businesses were targeted for destruction. NPR's Nurith Aizenman visited a street close to the scene of Freddie Gray's arrest where Asian shop owners are assessing the damage.

David Kao's Murder Shows Anti-Asian Hate Crimes are Real

Four teens were charged last Thursday with the strangling death of 49 year old Chinese account executive David Kao, in Flushing, New York. Under questioning the teens, aged 16 and 17, confessed to dragging, choking, and beating Kao in the backseat of his car before dumping his body on a nearby street. The suspects, who admitted to the stickup of another Asian man in Flushing last month, had targeted both men because of the victims’ race. Sounds like a hate crime, right? District Attorney Richard Brown, who's prosecuting the teens, thinks otherwise. David Kao’s death was not an isolated incident. Throughout my life, incidents of anti-Asian violence have recurred with alarming frequency. I am surprised and a bit incredulous, then, when I am confronted with news coverage that touts the low incidence of anti-Asian crime.

Inter-ethnic tension between the Black and Asian communities has risen to the forefront of blogosphere discussion in the last couple of weeks, following several reports of violence between the two groups. In Brooklyn, five elderly Asian women were violently assaulted; some of their attackers, all of whom were Black teens, were turned in by their parents. And in San Francisco, a 59-year old San Francisco man named Tian Sheng Yu, was brutally attacked while he and his son were out shopping last Friday afternoon; Yu died this morning following a head injury sustained during the attack. Prosecutors – who arrested the perpetrators (who happen to be 18-years-old African American men) after one turned himself in — note that the attack appeared to lack an obvious motive (such as robbery), and that Yu and his son may have been targeted based on their race.

The San Francisco Examiner calls it a “dirty secret:” Groups of black people targeting Asians for violence, robbery and even murder. “In 85 percent of (300) physical assault crimes, the victims were Asian and the perpetrators were African American,” the newspaper said recently, citing a police study. The report continued, “Two Asian business owners were killed in 2009 – Robert Chae in his North Wales home, and Joseph Ha, a half-block from his dry-cleaning business in Olney. (In 2012) at least six robberies or attempted burglaries of Asian business owners were reported at a home or bank in Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia counties. And this year, in addition to the family in Haverford Township, a couple was robbed during a home invasion in Oxford Circle.”

In a statement to NBC News Thursday, Sacks said Citywide Protection Services remains confident that Cromwell acted justifiably. "The Company continues to stand by its view, based on its investigation, that their employee's actions were lawful and in self-defense," Sacks said. Johnathan Cromwell was charged with second-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of murder in the Jan. 26 shooting of Jiansheng Chen, Commonwealth Attorney Nancy G. Parr said in a statement. Cromwell allegedly confronted Chen, a retiree and immigrant from China, after Chen drove his blue van into the driveway of the River Walk clubhouse parking area, prosecutors said.


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