[F4A] Kinky+Age


Check out My post history for more ideas!

Hey, here are some RP's I would love to give a shot at! You can also checkout my post history and pick something else! Guys and Girls are equally welcome to play with me (we could also do a group RP via chatzy)!!

If this is up, I'm on

Send me a PM if one (or multiple) interests you! Feel free to suggest changes (I'm happy to combine roles, talk details in PM…).

If you want to look at my post history and pick something else, feel free!

Guys and/or girls are equally welcome!

Forced Into Prostitution

My family is poor, so my mom/dad or both decide that their young daughter should bring some money in for the family. It's decided that I'll start doing sex work, even if I don't want to.

We can start with my dad and/or mom training me on what to do, turning me into a little hooker. Maybe I get broken in by my family before my first clients come. Maybe I start at a gloryhole and work up from there. We can also skip right to clients hiring me, if you prefer.

You can play my family and as many customers as you want to involve. Gangangs, multiple people, individual people, ageplay, different genders, it's all good with me. I love it kinky. I'm also willing to play multiple people. Maybe someone into bondage eventually hires me? Or someone wants to make a videotape? Or a group hires me? Or someone hires my sibling and I? Or anything else you want to suggest.

You can also play as only clients if you want and we can skip the family part.


In a foreign country with not many laws, you visit an all-age all-use brothel where little girls exist for you to use and fuck. Older women are there too if you want!


A RP where a father/mother is forced to fuck there daughter sounds pretty interesting. maybe the family has debt, maybe someone breaks into the house, who knows. Maybe they want to film it to sell on the deepweb. Very open to ideas!

The Rent Check

My dad and mom lost their jobs and haven't been able to pay rent to our jerk of a landlord in 3 months. Today he's going to earn his money back. He takes me from my parents and gets a cheap motel room, tying me to the bed and renting my little bound body out in timed increments to the most perverted men around, despite my please and my parents horror. They can do anything they please to me, toy me, fuck me, gangbang, animals, drug me to keep me awake. Anything to make me make the landlord his money.


This one may be kinda strange but it sounds hot to me!

There's a castle in the hills behind town. No one really knows what goes on, but it looks like a medieval castle,s tone, dark, cold, lit with torches. In fact, this castle is a kink institute. Women go in and don't go out. Whether they're brought their by a vague advertisement on craigslist, kidnapped, interested by the rumors, knock on the door, they don't leave. Inside the castle are dungeons, facilities, bedrooms, cages, bonds, etc. The women are broken and trained to be perfect sex toys, sluts that'll do anything. The owner of the castle is a rich man. His friends and him visit and use the sluts however they desire. When he's not there, rich perverts pay to vacation at the castle, using the girls, and if they desire, helping to train the newer arrivals, who are often kept chained in the dark damp dungeons.

You could play the rich man, guests, or the trainer(s), or a mix! Or we could both be girls that're there getting trained! Very kinky…


I wanna do a RP where my mom is an Uber Driver who has a special way to get more money.

Me, her young daughter (aged 12-20, up to you) is always in the backseat. Maybe I'm tied there, maybe not. If my mom's passenger(s) pay her extra, in cash, they can use me as she drives- use me in any ways they like.

Maybe I'm willing, maybe not. Maybe there are some toys in the backseat as well. I'm open to guys, girls, both, groups, dp, anything. Feel free to play multiple people. I'm happy to control multiple as well. Maybe a passenger rents me once we're at his/her/their dropoff, or my mom and I together… or we can just keep it in the car!

Paying For Uber

My mom or dad (or both) and I are in an uber or taxi and can't pay. They offer sex with their daughter, me, as payment. Or maybe the driver thought of it. Or maybe the driver will force the family to fuck each other for his own pleasure, filming.

Airport Rental

I would love to do a RP where my mom or dad (or both) and I are at the airport. They don't have a lot of money, but they have me. They decide to rent out my time to various strangers at the airport and on the plane.

Whoever rents me pays, then can take me to the restroom, a secluded corner, or maybe right there where they're sitting on the plane. Maybe multiple people rent me at the same time, resulting in DP or gang or something. Maybe I'm willing, maybe not.

Daughter Swap I like the idea of two dad's trading teen daughters for a day, granting each other permission to fuck them. Maybe we're friends who got in trouble, or strangers who's dad's met online, or something else entirely!

The Airport TSA

You’re an airport security worker, a part of the TSA. I’m at the airport traveling for spring break, it’s my first time traveling alone, I’m supposed to meet my friends in the next city. You see me, hot little teen, so you call me into a backroom for an extra security search. You do an invasive search of my body cavities and end up forcing me to fuck you. No real limits You can use different objects as toys to use on me, tie me or handcuff me, have multiple security guards or dogs at once doing it with me, it’s all open.


This can either be a lady alone, or a mom and daughter. They want to come to America, but it's hard to enter. You get her/them into the country, but they owe you servitude and service. Or it can be sisters, etc…

Forced Camgirl

You're my mom, dad, or both (or someone else). The economy has been hard on our family. There's never enough money for rent, bills, food, and everything else a family needs to pay for. Maybe I'm an only child; maybe I have siblings and/or pets (we can work the details out in PM.)

My parent(s) desperately need money. I'm a fairly attractive young girl. they/you decide that I'll have to help the family (or maybe the whole family will have to help…) They decide that your daughter, me, has to become a sexcam girl, since it doesn't require actually having sex and it makes easy money. I don't want to do it, but my family makes me.

That's the basic idea; as you might imagine, there are a lot of options. Maybe a web client offers a lot of money to see me get fucked, either by a family member, a family friend, a pet, or by someone new. Maybe a client offers to hire me as an escort for a night. Maybe someone wants to watch me get bound and masturbated by someone, or watch me and a sibling (male or female), or maybe even a dog. The options are endless.

You can play as my dad, mom, sibling, a client, a combo, really whoever you want! If incest isn't your thing we can skip that part.

We can work out details of ages, people involved, kinks, etc, in PM.

Other potential ideas:

  • I would love love to do a forced lesbian scene!!!!!


  • A dad is forced to fuck his daughter against his will (or brother is)

  • Anything else?!

Characters, details can be discussed in PM.



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