The Scourge (A Warcraft/Overwatch Crossover Short Novel)

Hi guys! To contain my hype, I started imagining a short novel related to the recent events in Numbani, and mixing it up with another narrative from the Warcraft universe. Hope you guys will enjoy!

Arthas Crews, a fine, athletic, wise young man, born and raised in Numbani, is a paragon of justice and patriotism, he is considered one of the most promising among the young generations to take over the place of the heroes of the past, the heroes of Overwatch.

In his wild youth, he was a young punk, taking pleasure in throwing toilet paper on the elders' lawn. He grew up in the fear of another war against the Omnics. He therefore developed a strong aversion towards the Omnics and consider that mankind does not need clever machines to do the job for the humans, who grew too dependant to machines that caused them grave harm.

Once an adult, he decided to join the Peacekeeper Service of Numbani, to make sure nothing can harm his fellow citizens again. Providing great service to the city, he was then recruited by a secret protection Agency for sensible cases, notably involving Talon.

Our story starts with Arthas walking the sunny and shiny streets of Numbani, enjoying the sight of these beautiful skyscrappers, the joy that excuded from every corner of this modern city… despite the presence of these cursed Omnics everywhere.

Suddenly, his comlink started to ring. He picked up: "Crews here.

  • Get to the HQ. Now. responded a sharp voice.

  • On my way, Crews out."

Once arrived at the "HQ", he was redirected to a remote basement in the building. There, he made a very pleasant encounter.

"Arthas, so gut to see you! said a charming blond woman while hugging him softly.

  • Fraulein Jaina Mercy, always a pleasure to see you, he replied, giving her hug back.

  • The Commander is ready to see you, follow me".

They then entered into a poorly lit room, with a basic wooden desk in the middle of it. Sat there stood an old man, with a red visor that shined in the half-light.

"Good, you're there, kid.

  • Commander Lightbringer, Crews reporting for duty! saluted Arthas.

  • At ease, Soldier… You're here for an urgent and very important matter: we assign you to the safe-keeping of the Doomfist here, in Numbani".

This was a very important assignement, Arthas shrugged with unease. This may be the most important mission the Agency ever assigned him to.

"That's an honor, Sir. May I ask why I am assigned to such an important mission?

  • You may… our best agents are to depart to Oasis, there have been reports of a bumper full of turrets, no one can use it anymore, the city is on lockdown, it's a total chaos. We are needed to maintain order and peace in this city. We trust you enough and consider you our most promising recruit. Therefore you will take our stead in this mission.

  • Ugh… all the best agents for a blocked bumper? Don't you think it is a bit too much?

  • Do not dare questioning your Commander, or I will find someone else for your mission, kid!

  • My apologies, Commander. It is an honor to be assigned to such an important mission.

  • Better… You will be assisted by Trollbjornadin ("IT'S TORBJEEEEEEEURNADIN!") for this mission. After all, he's an expert in safekeeping key locations (Kappa).

  • Gladly, Sir, I cannot expect better company for this mission!

  • Then gear up, and onto your mission, soldier! Dismissed!"

Jaina accompanied Arthas and Trollbjornadin to the exit, and hugged Arthas briefly, wishing him good luck in this exciting assignment.

The two agents headed to the location of the Doomfist, presented their credentials to the security unit around the place, and started their surveillance.

Trollbjornadin planted his turret in a spot he thought best suited for guarding the whole point, while Arthas made some rounds around the place, checking every possible entrance, making sure everything was in order.

After a few hours, both agents regrouped around the payload and started chatting.

"So, lad, yer first most important assignment, heh? How'd'you feel ebout that, heh?

  • It's pretty exciting, Sir! I've only been in the Agency for a few months, and so much trust in me is very appreciated!

  • Ye bet! Ye're a promising lad, troust mey, ye'll get far in the Agency!

  • Why, thank you, Sir, I really appreciate it!

  • (I feel very small, please hold me…).

  • Well, Sir, I know you're a dwarf, but you're not that small…

  • Wot are ye talking ebout lad?! Are ye drounk alreadey? Ye didn't even share the booze! Not fair, mayte!

  • Ugh… My deepest apologies, Sir, I thought I heard you saying you felt very small…

  • Is this a kin' of joke, lad?! Ye think I deserve to be treated like that? I didn't ask te be a shortey, y'know!


  • Did you hear that, Sir?

  • Hear what?! Aside from yer stoupid jokes?!

  • This… this voice… talking about deodorant…

  • Not only ye're drounk, but ye're high as f0uck, lad! I'm starting to doubt ye're fit fer this joub!

  • (Don't listen to this half-man! You're too powerful to be treated like that by a midget!).

  • Sir, please forgive me… it may be the pressure of this assignment… I'm not thinking straight.

  • (Of course you do! It's the voice of POWER you hear! You are better than this lazy mission!).

  • Hum… I will trust ye on this, lad… But another mistake like that and I'll have to report ye to the highest ranks! I'm gonna check my little Giselda, see if she spotted something awkward! Take that time to get yer sha!it back together, lad!

  • (Finally we can talk!)

  • Who the hell are you?! Where are you?!

  • (Well… I'm just next to you…)

  • There's no one here! Show yourself!

  • (Not very perceptive, aren't you? I'm in the payload!).

  • Wh… The gauntlet?! What is that nonsense?! Is this a kind of joke from the Agency?!

  • (The only joke here is your assignment. I promise you, you are meant for much greater things than guarding a talking gauntlet…)

  • This is totally absurd… I need to speak to Trollbjornadin and resign from this assignment…

  • (Listen to me, kid! Don't you want a world free from the oppression of the Scourged Omnics? Haven't you and your kind suffered enough because of them? I may help you in this…).

  • Wh… How can a talking gauntlet can help me in any way? And why am I even talking to you?! I'm losing my mind…

  • (I can give you all the POWER you always wished… and even beyond your wildest dreams… I can help you defeat the Omnics… in Numbani first, and then in the entire world… You will be a hero… A hero even the members of Overwatch would be jealous about…)

  • Ugh… I don't know…

  • So, lad? Ye're finished? Ye pissed and shat and vomited all the odd substances ye had in ye, heh? Can we get back te vork?!

  • (Free me… and you won't have to obey to anyone… anymore… you will be the only captain of your destiny… Free me, Arthas… and this world, free of Omnics and their Scourge, is yours…)

Arthas could not take it any longer. He unsheathed his stun baton and started smashing the glass around the gauntlet, despite Trollbjornadin urging him to stop.

He smashed, and smashed, and smashed the glass again, so hard that a huge chunk of glass ricocheted and hit Trollbjornadin in the face, knocking him on the floor, unconscious, a flow of blood streaming from the grave wound.

(Yes… free your anger… free your POWER… FREE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!).

And the gauntlet was free. Arthas equipped it and felt a surge of power beyond imagination. He started shouting "POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!".

Suddenly, all the alarms in the place started to ring, the defence systems entered in alert mode and started shooting at Arthas. Even Giselda, witnessing the fate of her loving creator, locked Arthas in her sight and started shooting.

Although, at this moment, Arthas did not care about anything else than this immense power he felt within him. He lifted his arm equipped with the gauntlet to block all incoming bullets, screaming "BLOCK, BLOCK, BLOCK!!!".

He then dashed to Giselda and smashed her in a single, swift punch. The joy in doing so was immense. He then ran to the exit of the place, ignoring completly the defense systems. To avoid the guard entrance, he simply jumped over the building, as if he was always able to do that, without even thinking about it…

"First, Numbani… Then… the world…"

Withouth thinking, he headed to the Airport. Although, the mayhem he caused near the payload raised suspicion, and the OR15 units all over the place were activated. Arthas was reported to head to the airport, therefore the OR15 were sent here to intercept and stop him.

This was without knowing Arthas was wielding the Doomfist. The OR15 were totally helpless in stopping him. With each punch, Arthas dismantled a dozen of robots instantly. He even let his rage fill him with power to deliver a massive blow to the remaining OR15, smashing it onto the wall, creating a huge crater and cracks on the rest of the building.

The panic among the civilians was total. Even if the Airport was evacuated, there remained people who witnessed the whole thing, barely surviving the carnage. Surprinsingly to them, this terrorist had apparently no intent in hurting humans, only focusing on the Omnics.

A picture was even taken after the events occured, thanks to a little drone created by no one else than Efi Oladele, the young guenius in robotics. But that is a tale for another time.

After dispatching all the Omnics at the airport, Arthas could no longer restrain himself. All that power… all that energy… he could conquer the world without effort. He screamed again: "POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!"

He then heard metallic claps in his back. He glanced back, and saw a figure in a dark robe, wearing a white mask, descending the escalator slowly while clapping his hands.

  • Impressive work… Very creative… My people might need such a power in our goals… said the figure in a voice from beyond the grave.

  • I serve no one but my own goals, ghost!

  • I never talked about you serving anybody… Just… a beneficial cooperation between partners. You follow your own goals, and we help you achieving them. In exchange, we may ask you a favor or two…

  • Like I said, I serve my own purpose… You have nothing that might interest me!

  • Oooh… you would be surprised… What is your name? It is better to know someone's name to make negotiations….

  • Call me… The Scourge…"

That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed this little crossover! Sorry if there are some slight English mistakes, not my native tongue, and sorry if the formatting is a bit awkward too!


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