F4M- Black History Month Is Almost Over! And I haven’t done anything to celebrate it!

All year long, I've been making racist jokes a slur here and there. It didn't mean anything, but I've felt guilty I really do! It doesn't matter, I've know what I said is wrong which is why I wanted to make it up to you. I want to invite you inside my home, and service your cock. On my knees, slurping my apologizes away until you forgive me with that heavy load of cum that's been held in your heavy balls since the first days you've laid eyes on me.

Or maybe, I'm not apologetic instead I throw the hate more your way. It's all getting to you right, since it seems like everyone else is at least treating you nicer not me. Maybe it's time to reach me a lesson, are you going to handle me or are you bringing friends to really drill the point in? You know I'm going to be alone this weekend, why not make the most of it and punish me for my wrongs?

So, I hope one of those prompts gets you excited as I'm really wanting to play out the second idea more. As you can tell, I am looking for black man for these roles. The roles I had were mailman, trash man, employee, janitor, room service, security guard, etc. Any man, who has already a tough job that's made worse by me. I'm not afraid to use a celebrity for myself, so if you have a celeb you want go ahead and name her. We can discuss more in private!

As for my main kinks are anal, oral, rough and messy sex, hair pulling, spanking, interracial, ageplay, non-con, dub-con, gang bangs, other than that I'm fairly vanilla with my kinks nothing to adventurous. My limits are pregnantion, water sports, scat, animals, and heavy BDSM. Hope this works for you and we can discuss


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