brainstorm with me: monitored alarm system vs camera system

Single female with scary looking pitbull that is scared of her own shadow and is not a barker. "Rear door kick-in" break-in with entry and theft in 2009 and purchased a monitored security alarm system for $55/mo. "Rear door kick in" break-in in 2014 with no entry and no theft (door ajar), added a 2nd deadbolt to rear doors which are not visible from street. "Guard dog on premises" signs and alarm company's sign are visible. Break-ins were during the day when I was at work. I have very few valuables: 1 tv, 1 laptop, 2 sewing machines (haha).

I want to save money and am brainstorming switching to a camera system instead. 5 exterior cameras with mobile viewing app should be enough. I'm not handy; I'm not tech savvy above the average user, so building my own PC with Linux or whatever is out of the question. Would hire handyman to install cameras and hopefully be able to do guided set-up myself. Brown brick house, plaster walls, no attic, 2-story, 1400 sqft, city neighborhood. Run cords from cameras outside of house in black conduit (to deter cutting) with one entry into house to DVR? Added advantage of cameras is: seeing what my neighbors are doing with proof (dogs shitting in my yard, driving cars in my yard, etc.)

Is there such a thing as a door-breech alarm that is wifi-capable and alerts me if activated? Same thing I have now from the alarm company, but without the third-party monitoring. I believe alarm screeching stopped entry/theft in my 2nd break-in. If I am not home, I would need to be alerted of door-breech and alarm activation. (The alarm can't be screeching for hours while I am at work.)

And the kicker: I'm under contract with the alarm company, 43 months left = $2365 (fuck!), $750 to break the contract. Just called, unable to lower prices on services until 12 months left in contract. I currently don't have Internet at home, but can add it….hopefully at cheaper than $55/mo cost of alarm I'd like to get rid of.

What should I do?

Thanks in advance.


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