New release today on

For a one time payment, you can get your hands on our new stealth money feature which is currently undetected and a safer method than the current "drops".

Video of me playing around with two menus while I get a billion:

For one time $10 you can now recover your own accounts without needing some dodgy service by getting access to two menus.

What to expect with the two menus

  • Invincibility – Also known as God Mode. 'Tis but a scratch!
  • No Ragdoll – Prevents your character from transitioning to ragdoll states. I fall for no man.
  • Off The Radar – Removes your blip from the radar, whilst also providing God Mode\Invincibility. Great for stalking your online lovers.
  • Super Jump – Allows your character to jump several stories high. Super jump away from your problems!
  • Super Man – Allows you to fly around like Super Man. Just like the ol' days.
  • Never Wanted – Never gain a star again. YOU are the law. RP Loop – Toggles wanted stars on and off which grants you RP. Use and abuse.
  • Tiny Player – Makes your character adorably tiny. Too bad you can't show your friends.
  • No Player Gravity – Does exactly as it says. Sidewalks are for chumps.
  • Invisibility – Makes your character invisible. Whoosh
  • *Part the Sea *– Moves water away from the player. Walk "underwater" and stuff. Great for Jesus roleplay. If you're into that, idk
  • Mobile Radio – Allows you to listen to the radio without being in a vehicle. Radio controls are still the same
  • Clean Player – Removes blood, wetness, and bruise decals from your character.
  • Z Coord – Sets your current elevation level.Because you can never be too high.
  • Movement Speed – A multiplier that adjusts how fast your character moves, overall. Higher is faster, lower is slower. Bodyguards – Spawns a "few" IAA security guards to protect you. They shoot to kill anything that displays signs of violence.
  • Anti Crash Camera – Camera to use when you're being radiated (Cargo plane spam) and/or clone crashed. I recommend teleporting before exiting this camera after an attack.
  • Heat Vision – Applies a FLIR (thermal)-like vision overlay. Great for spotting players in hard to see locations as they'll glow a bright yellow/orange.
  • Night Vision – Applies the typical green night vision vision overlay. Use it for, night things I guess. Also the "too broke for the actual heist NVGs" alternative.

** Online options:** ,

** Outfits: ** ** Vehicle Options including spawner**

** Map Mods, Time mods .ect ** ** Weapon Mods ** , ,

But the point being the mod now offers stealth money which is currently as I speak, undetected.

Any questions about the mods can be asked on the chatroom at


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