328 Words that are different in England than America

I've been compiling this for years. May as well share it. One or two of them are just different pronounciations too. I've kept this pretty much to myself and and American friend who I've pestered with questions over the years, so feedback and contextual corrections are welcome. I suppose this is mainly aimed at Americans for two reasons: Brits know most Americanisms already via mass American media, and this project began as a pretty small list for one person. The list does include a few equivalents, ie 999 instead of 911.

There are a few spelling differences which I haven't mentioned since the list would be gigabytes long, such as we (England) write -ize suffix as -ise, and Americans omit the "u" in the -our suffix, eg. "colour".

One more thing worth mentioning is that both parties have unnecessarily strange terms for simple things, so one party isn't more "correct" than the other. For example, jungle-gym is a weird name for a climbing frame, but dodge'em is a weird name for a bumper car.

Anyway… here is the list:

Traffic Cop – Traffic Warden

Sidewalk – Path

Trunk (of a car) – Boot

Hood (of a car) – Bonnet

Boot (Yellow thing they put on a car's rear wheel to immobilise it) – Clamp

Safety-Belt – Seatbelt

Highway / Freeway – Motorway

Lawyer – Solicitor (We say "lawyer" aswell but much less often, and probably thanks to American media)

Gift – Present (We only say "gift" sometimes lately because of internet lingo)

Closet – Cupboard

Faucet – Tap ("Faucet" here can only mean a valve, and even then we usually just say "stop-tap")

Automobile – Car (never ever ever "automobile")

Aluminum – Aluminium

Tuna Fish – Tuna (Why say "fish" afterwards?!!)

Apartment – Flat

Potato Chips – Crisps

[French] Fries – Chips

Candy – Sweets

Cotton Candy – Candy Floss

Candy Apple – Toffee Apple (Even though it's just crude toffee – melted and set sugar)

Parking Lot – Car Park

Parking Spot – Parking Space (Never spot)

Vacation – Holiday

Math – Maths

Diaper – Nappy

Sneakers – Trainers

Panties – Knickers

Pantyhose – Tights

Pants – Trousers

Liquor – Alchohol (Never liquor)

Gasoline/Gas – Petrol

Gas Truck – Petrol Tanker

Drugstore/Pharmacy – Chemist

Large Grocery Store – Supermarket

Counter-Clockwise – Anti-Clockwise

Leash – Lead

(Large Load Pulling) Truck – Lorry

Elevator – Lift

Eraser – Rubber

Fanny Pack – Bum Bag

Bum (Homeless Person) – Tramp

Tramp – Slut, Slag, Slapper

Fanny/Ass – Arse

Vagina – Fanny (That's what "fanny" means here!)

Fag (Homosexual) – Poof, Bender (Among other things)

Subway – Underground (Where I live it's the "Metro". In london its "The Underground", or "The Tube")

Mom – Mum (Where I live it's "mam". In the rest of the country it's "mum")

Sweater – Jumper

College – University (College here is sort of a bridge between school and University)

Highschool – Senior School, Comprehensive School

Middleschool – Junior School, Secondary School

Elementary School – Infants School, Primary School

Kindergarden – Nursery

Flashlight – Torch

Dessert – Pudding (Also "Dessert" here sometimes)

Jello – Jelly

Lollipop – Lolly

Cigarette – Fag, Tab (Among other things)

Popsicle – Ice Lolly

Bucks (Dollars) – Quid (Pounds) – This doesn't really count. It's just a perfect slang equivelent

Barf – Puke, Spew

Trunk (Luggage) – Suit Case

Booger – Bogie (pronounced "boe-ghee", not "boe-jee"… ryhmes with "hoagie")

Boogerman – Bogie-Man

Bug – Insect (Or even "creepy-crawly" for kids in some regions)

Ladybug – Ladybird

Soda – Pop

Bottle Cap – Lid (Particularly the plastic screwable caps)

Can – Tin (For both food and drinks)

Bath Tub, Tub – Bath

Store – Shop

Convenience Store – Corner Shop

Refridgerator – Fridge (Even electrical stores don't say "refridgerator")

Jerk (off) – Wank, Toss

Jerk (person) – Wanker

VCR – Video

TV – Tele

Soccar – Football

Football – American Football

Counter (Kitchen) – Bench

Bartender – Barman, Bar Keeper, Landlord/Landlady (if he/she owns the pub)

Electrical Outlet – Socket

Trash / Garbage / Junk – Rubbish

Junk Yard – Scrap Yard

Dumpster – Skip

Guy – Bloke (Though, "guy" is becoming quite popular in a lot of England. Not where I live.)

Buddy – Mate

Boombox – Ghetto Blaster (No idea what cunt called it that…)

Stereo – Hi-Fi (It was stereo once)

Stove – Cooker

Vacuum Cleaner – Hoover

Construction Site – Building Site

Construction Worker – Builder

Police Officer – Police Constable, Policeman

Air Duct – Air Vent

Duct Tape – Gaffer Tape

Electrical Tape – Insulation Tape

Santa – Santy (Might just be a Sunderland thing..)

Pacifier – Dummy

Mashed Potato – Mash

Lunch – Dinner

Lunch Lady – Dinner Lady

Dinner – Tea

Social Security Number – National Insurance Number

Vetanarian – Vet (I only ever hear Americans say the whole word. I grew up not knowing vet means that!)

Attic – Loft

Basement – Cellar

Tower (Building) – Sky Scraper

Apartment Block – Block of Flats

Thresher (Farming vehicle) – Combine Harvester

(School) Test – Exam (Don't think Americans say exam… do they?)

Oven Mit – Oven Glove (We never say mit… like "catcher's mit"… it would be "glove" if we had those)

Mortar (in walls) – Cement

Elastoplast – Plaster

Cast (on broken limb) – Plaster, Chalk

Twine – String (We never say twine)

Bill (paper money) – Note (Ten Dollar Bill, Ten Pound Note)

Check (money owed at resteraunt) – Bill

Check (from a checkbook) – Cheque (Webster changed the spelling to "Check" for some reason)

Enoculation – "The Jab", "Injection", "The Needle" … Immunisation

Casket – Coffin ("casket" is only American)

Tombstone – Gravestone

Crib (Baby's Bed) – Cot

Cradle – Moses Basket

Stroller – Pushchair

Baby Carriage / Carrycot – Pram

Onsie / Romper – Babygrow

Pantry – Larder

Dentures – False Teeth

Slaughter House – Abattoire

Dish Towel – Tea Towel

Ketchup – Tomato Sauce, Red Sauce ("Ketchup" is catching on now though)

Baptism – Christening ("Baptism" also valid but less used, even though most know that's the proper word)

Salt Shaker – Salt Celler

Hair Piece, Toupee – Wig (I've never heard someone hear say toupee here, even talking about a man's wig)

Wrench – Spanner

Teeter-Totter – See-Saw

Jungle-Gym – Climbing Frame

Merry-Go-Round – Roundabout (Only the small manual one, not the big powered one with horses or whatever. I can't remember if we call those carousels)

Swing Bars – Monkey Bars

Motorcycle – Motorbike (Never ever "motorcycle")

Cell Phone – Mobile Phone (Or just "Mobile")

Laundry Detergent – Soap Powder, Washing Powder

Clothes-Pin – Peg

Silverware – Cutlery (Silverware here means cutlery made of the actual metal silver)

Dish Soap – Washing-Up Liquid

Bread Box – Bread Bin

Poop – Poo

Pee – Wee

Hair Tie – Bobble

Trailer – Caravan

SUV – Jeep, or whatever. We never say SUV or anything like it

Saran-Wrap – Clingfilm

Bacofoil – Foil, Tin Foil

Zipper – Zip

Mail – Post (Words like E-Mail are making "mail" more common though. I say "mail" now, not "post" because Americanisation.)

Mailbox – Letter Box

Mailman – Postman

Chinese Checkers – Draughts

Fall (Season) – Autumn

Beet (Vegetable) – Beetroot

Drapes – Curtains

Mall – [Indoor] Shopping Centre

All-Purpose Flour – Plain Flour

Q-Tip – Cotton Bud / Ear Bud

Ear Buds – Earphones

Stopper (For Sinks' Plug Holes) – Plug

Winnebego – Mobile Home

Dresser – Chest of Drawers

Tater Tots – Croquettes

TV Dinner – Readymeal, Microwave Meal

Couch – Couch, Sofa, Settee

Floss – Dental Floss

Grandma – Gran, Granny, Nana, Nan

Grandpa – Grandad, Granda

Nanny, Sitter – Babysitter, Minder

Slingshot – Catapult

Purse – Handbag

(Girl's) Wallet – Purse

(Protective) Sports Cup – Jockstrap, Cod Piece

Comforter – Duvet, Quilt

Train Tracks – Railway

Toilet Paper – Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll – Toilet Roll Tube (The cardboard center)

(Sticky) Tape – Cellotape

Photograph – Photo (Never say the full word)

Streamers (Little plastic things that bang when you pull the string) – Party Poppers

Bathroom – Toilet (Unless there's a bath in there!)

Diner – Cafe

Barber Shop – Barber's

Butcher Shop – Butcher's

Biscuit – Scone (A biscuit is something else – closer to a cookie but not that either)

Moon Pie – Waggon Wheel (Smaller and not as many flavours) – More of an equivelant than translation

Night Stick – Truncheon, Baton

Cellphone Carrier – [Service] Provider

Aerosol – (Spray) Can

Zip Tie – Cable Tie

Hackey Sack (The Game) – Keepy-Uppies (Played with a soccar ball, not some little bag)

Shopping Cart – Shopping Trolley

Gurney – Stretcher

Homocide – Murder (never homocide)

Sun Cream – Sun Tan Lotion

Movie – Film

Broom – Brush, Sweeping Brush

Gas Station – Garage

Coal Mine – Pit

Dumb – Thick, Daft

Porno – Porn

Tag (School Yard Game) – Tiggy (You say "tig!" when you tag someone – maybe only in in the North East)

The Oky-Poky – The Oky-Coky

Toaster Oven – Toaster (Never ever said "oven" on the end)

Cab – Taxi (Never cab or taxi-cab. I think Londoners say "cab" or "black cab".)

Thermus – Flask

Flask – Hip Flask

Chick (Woman) – Bird (We say "chick" ironically sometimes)

Shop (Car Repair) – Garage

Chalk Board – Black Board

Brassknuckles – Knuckle Dusters

Rubber Band – Elastic Band

Cash Register – Till

Public Swimming Pool – Swimming Baths

Trolley (Tracked Transport Vehicle, like in San Francisco) – Tram

Ice Cream Cone – Cornet (Not really used anymore.. it's pretty much Ice Cream Cone now, probably because of Americanisation)

Wiener – Hotdog (or whatever the hell a wiener is)

Cat Box – Litter Tray

Key Chain – Keyring

Tea Kettle – Old Fashioned Kettle (Ours are electric :P)

Barrette – Slide, Hair Slide (The first time I heard "Barrette" was 2010 on an American show)

Bobby Pin – Hair Pin

Buzz-Saw – Circular Saw

Zip Code – Post Code (They include letters which is helpful. eg. Newcastle postcodes start with NE)

Firecracker – Banger

Firetruck – Fire Engine

Bumper-Car – Dodge'em

Zee (the letter Z) – Zed

Splinter – Spelk

Drawing Pin – Thumb Tack & Pushpin

Tic-Tac-Toe – Noughts and Crosses

French Press – Cafetiere

Storey (building level) – Floor (eg. "12-floor building") "Ground floor" is ground level.

Stick Figure – Stick Man

Zebra – (the same but pronounced zebb-ra, not zeebra)

Exclamation Point – Exclamation Mark

Parenthasis – Brackets (())

Training Wheels – Stabilisers

TV Show – TV/Television/Tele Program

(TV/Radio) Station – Channel

Allowance – Pocket Money

Laundry – (The) Washing

Washing Dishes – (The) Washing Up (which makes no sense, I know)

Wind Shield – Wind Screen (so "wind shield wipers" are "wind screen wipers")

Road Cone – Traffic Cone

Crossing Guard – Lollipop Lady/Man

Sand Trap (golf course) – Bunker

Movie Theatre – Cinema, The Pictures

Sand Box – Sand Pit

School Principle – Headmaster / Headmistress

Chutes & Ladders – Snakes & Ladders

Jawbreaker – Gobstopper

Frosting – Icing (Cakes)

Bread Roller – Rolling Pin

Box Openner / Box Cutter – Stanley Knife

Résumé – C.V. (Curriculum Vitae)

Rerun (TV Show) – Repeat

Rock-Paper-Scissors – Scissors, Paper, and Stone

Sun-Block – Sun Tan Lotion

Fishing Pole – Fishing Rod

Flea Market – Car Boot Sale

Ant Pile – Ant Hill

Oatmeal – Porridge

Semester (School) – Term

Faculty – Staff

Freshman – No word for that

Molassus – Treacle

Vest (suit) – Waistcoat

Suspenders (that go over shoulders) – Braces

Takeout – Takeaway

Schedule – Timetable

Phone Booth – Phone Box

Line (of people) – Queue

Station Wagon – Estate Car

Blinker (car) – Indicator

Tire (car) – Tyre

Crosswalk – Zebra Crossing

Playing Field – Pitch

Tie (Sports) – Draw

Uniform (Sports) – Kit

Zucchini – Courgette

Eggplant – Aubergine

Polliwag – Tadpole

Bouncy Ball / Rubber Ball – Powerball

Baby Pool – Paddling Pool

Pit (fruit) – Pip / Stone

GPS – SatNav (GPS is the tech, so we'd say SatNavs use GPS)

Pamphlet – Leaflet

Pound Sign – Hash (A pound sign is £)

Fire Fighter – Fireman (Never fire fighter)

Fire Department – Fire Brigade (the service) and Fire Station (the building)

Police Officer – Police Constable

911 – 999 (Emergency services phone number)

Pickles – Gherkins

Canker Sore – Coldsore

Couch Pillows – Cushions

Port-a-Potty – Port-a-Loo

Pick-Up Line – Chat-Up Line

Exacto-Knife – Craft Knife

Can (food) – Tin

Garbage Can – Bin

Oven Mitt – Oven Glove

Doggy Door – Dog Flap

Cat Door – Cat Flap

Lost & Found – Lost Property

Stick Shift – Manual

Eye Glass – Magnifying Glass

Pork Rinds – Pork Scratchings

Styrofoam – Polystyrene

Rim (car wheel cover) – Hub Cap

Tidbit – Titbit (nobody really says it)

Lieutenant – The same but promounced leftenant

Plow – Plough

Anise – Aniseed

Sour Keys – Sour Dummies (dummies as in pacifiers)

Pop Rocks – Popping Candy

ATV (Vehicle) – Quad

Shifter (car gear lever) – Gearstick

Alan Wrench – Alan Key

Hoppity-Hop – Space Hopper

Lug Wrench – Spider Wrench


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