Jojo’s OC Tournament #2 Round 1, Match 16: Rick Max VS Donatello Under

The Results are in! The winner is…

The F.L.E.A.s: Dr. Feelgood and Famoso Pietraduro!

Here’s a quick rundown of the match:

Vote Results Comments
Popularity The F.L.E.A.s: Dr. Feelgood and Famoso Pietraduro! It was 10 to 8 for the boys in black!
Quality The F.L.E.A.s: Dr. Feelgood and Famoso Pietraduro! Quality goes to Black, with a 2-1 victory!. While there were a few questionable things they did, it mostly made sense. Additionally, Orange did some way riskier moves, especially the clap jump, that seemed to just end up being too risky for too little payoff.
JoJolity The F.L.E.A.s: Dr. Feelgood and Famoso Pietraduro! This time, the F.l.E.A.s took it with their tactics to combine Moving Pictures and Wayward Son to immobilize their opponents, in such a way that there was simply no counter Sunset Company could possibly put up. Congratulations to Dr.Feelgood and Famoso Pietraduro for a job well done!

As always, the rules are right here, the lore thread is over here and you can always PM one of the judges for an invite to our community Discord!


Rick Max didn’t like this. He didn’t like the fact Rooftop had been caught on her mission, he didn’t like the fact she had teamed up with some unknown Stand user to fight another unknown Stand user, and he especially didn’t like the fact she had hightailed it out of the museum the first chance she got. The rest of his team were just happy she was alive, and he was too, but that didn’t mean he had to like the whole situation she had gotten into.

[Withered Delilah] appeared over Rick’s shoulder as he walked down the street. “And where are we going?”

Rick grunted his response, and his Stand wisely took the hint to be quiet. Of course, the answer was obvious to anyone who thought it over. Rick didn’t like the fact Rooftop couldn’t fully complete her mission at the museum. He could feel it deep within him that there was still something up at the place. So it only stands to reason that right now, in the city the museum was in, he’d be heading to said museum.

He had made sure to go at night. He couldn’t investigate the place during the day, too many people around. And from what Rooftop said, they didn’t hire many security guards, so Rick figured his best bet would be to slip in under cover of darkness. However, as he approached the building, a beam of light cut through the air, forcing Rick to take cover. The security guard walked by, none the wiser of an intruder’s appearance.

‘Well, this complicates things,’ he thought as he began to plan out how he would get into the building. But as he thought, his eyes were drawn to a shadow moving against the building. Looking closer, Rick saw what looked to be a highschool student creeping along the building. He watched with bated breath as the kid walked up to the front door, called out a Stand, and seemingly dissolved the door before his very eyes. ‘Oh yeah, this definitely complicates things,’ Rick thought, waiting for the perfect time to strike.




The museum from Match 10! However, after the battle between Preslav, Junky Luck, and Rooftop Singer, things are a bit different here. Security has been tightened, and there are now guards patrolling throughout the area; they’re stationed in the ‘safe zones’ on the map, 1 guard in each zone, but if they see something up, they will investigate, even if it means leaving their area. Furthermore, the floors have been warped from heat, and the North Hall is completely locked up (‘Closed for renovations’ allegedly).

Rick starts in the front of the building, in the left side of the front-most safe zone, hiding from the security guard patrolling there. Don starts below the North Hall, which is locked up, as stated before. The front door being missing will cause some panic when it’s discovered, about 2-3 minutes after the match starts, the guards in the courtyard patrolling the surrounding hallways.

The guards are equipped with flashlights, nightsticks, pepper spray, radios, and handcuffs. They're average humans, so assume they have a 2 in every stat except for strength, which they'll have a 3 in.

There is a service panel in the Security Room.

Your objective is to RETIRE your opponent, so you can search the building in leisure!


Team Combatant JoJolity
Purple Rick Max ”You bastard! Are you messing with me?!”: Do not let anybody, anybody touch the scales on your body, which for our purposes will be considered the bare skin on your lower abdomen. Touching through clothes is fine, and a Stand attack doesn’t count, but direct skin to scale contact with anybody is forbidden!
The F.L.E.A.s Don Under ”I don’t know why, but I have this fear that if someone sees it, it’s all over!”: Never allow anyone to see your backside. This includes the guards, and your opponent, but a troublesome Stand will not count towards this.


Match Number Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Combatant A Combatant B Date
1 1v1 Deathmatch The Gulf of Mexico. A repeat of an old incident. Albrecht Durer Jason “Gray Jay” Jukes December 22nd, 2016
2 1v1 Objective A warehouse in California, holding a secret treasure. Christina “Chris” Carlisle Adriano Donati December 26th, 2016
4 1v1 Objective A sunset-lit highway in Western Kansas. Something’s a bit off, though. David L. Palmer Jack Mercury January 3rd, 2017
5 1v1 Deathmatch The middle of Little Gaborone, a robbery gone wrong. Cassandra Johnson Bill Dolby January 7th, 2017
7 1v1 Deathmatch This is a good enough hint, we feel. Stefan C. .Megiddo Niban Shosha January 15th, 2017
8 1v1 Deathmatch What a nice place, right? Dionne Kate Smith January 20th, 2017
10 1v1 Objective A museum, in the dead of night… Something big is about to happen, though. Junky Luck Rooftop Singer January 28th, 2017
11 1v1 Objective A routine grocery store run. Nothing to see here. Nicholas Al-Bach Nicola Henderson Febuary 1st, 2017
13 1v1 Deathmatch A stoic warrior calls upon two worthy stand users, testing their strength. Gami Pascal Chaleur Febuary 9th, 2017
14 1v1 Deathmatch A crowded nightclub, some valuable intel in the backroom… Natsuru Springfield Moseph Sabat Febuary 13th, 2017
16 1v1 Deathmatch After match 10, a frantic search for a missing clue! Rick Max Don Under Febuary 21st, 2017
17 1v1 Objective ”We’re going beetle hunting.” Elliot J. Savage Garden Febuary 25th, 2017
19 1v1 Deathmatch Newcastle, England. A long river crossing. Kewlin Ciudad Nermin Reeds March 5th, 2017
20 1v1 Objective Why the hell would a wolf kick dogs!? Viviana Bianchi Michael Sembello March 9th, 2017
22 1v1 Deathmatch The first baseball game of the season, with a clue to the treasure supposed to be shown during the game. Dr. Francesca Marvel Felix “Fat Rat” Arrowsmith March 17th, 2017
23 1v1 Objective “God's will and Fate -which Pucci dubs "Gravity”” Null Nick Mason March 21st, 2017


Match Number Match Format Match Flavor Match Location Team A (1) Team A (2) Team B (1) Team B (2) Date
3 2v2 Deathmatch Centralia, Pennsylvania. Can you beat your opponent in the dead of night? Airis Ani Kenneth Masters James Burton Sigmund “Ziggy” Tremaine December 30th, 2016
6 2v2 Objective A televised game show, with every contestant being one of two teams of Stand users attempting to win an artifact containing a clue! Marco Forneira Spandau Ballet Leonard Davis Farewell Angelina January 11th, 2017
9 2v2 Deathmatch A battle inside of a knife emporium. Knives of all shapes and sizes available for use! Donatello Blackwelll Felix Down Rip van Winkle James Creech January 24th, 2017
12 2v2 Objective We think this all that needs to be said. Presto Cassandra Corazon Evan Lain Kenny Nixon Febuary 5th, 2017
15 2v2 Objective What is this, Indiana Jones? Temples aren’t supposed to do this! Famoso Pietraduro Dr. Floyd Feelgood Duke Rhayader Dana Davis Febuary 17th, 2017
18 2v2 Objective A cooking show, on Live TV. The prize: A clue to the location of the treasure! Diamond Boy Duvelleroy Huey Lewis James Chance March 1st, 2017
21 2v2 Deathmatch Tag team wrestling match! It’s the biggest event of the year, and the main event is four bizarre people! Stefania Sandu Dr. Alice Slash Harvey Harold Hillhouse Elio Valez March 13th, 2017
24 2v2 Deathmatch It’s been raining quite a lot in Naples lately…. Seth Turnur Kevin Delasoul Cole Pineburg Steve Genoard March 25th, 2017


Reddit Name User Name Stand Name Team Status
u/Zanegaru Junky Luck Robot Parade Sunset Company Active
u/pm_ur_veggie_garden Diamond Boy Dirty Dancer Sunset Company Active
u/Mightymindsoup Elliot J Love Bites Sunset Company Active
u/johntindlemen Adriano Donati Clearest Blue Sunset Company Active
u/boredCommentator Duvelleroy Great King Rat Sunset Company Active
u/jem_rye Albrecht Durer Just Push Play Sunset Company Active
u/Shark_Steel Duke Rhayader What is Love Sunset Company Active
u/Strange_Bean Dana Davis Stay Sunset Company Active
u/phinsa123 Jack Mercury Mötley Crüe Temperance Machine Active
u/Unknowni123 Stefania Sandu Rich Girl Temperance Machine Active
u/YoloSwagginsV12 Nicola Henderson Exmilitary Temperance Machine Active
u/Otha_Joestar Savage Garden Jungle Love! Temperance Machine Active
u/Bentonic64 James Creech Northern Hues Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/Nivrap Dionne Stained Glass Heart Temperance Machine Active
u/Quickdrawnmoron Dr. Alice Slash Mississippi Queen Temperance Machine Active
u/bauccgia0 Rip Van Winkle Self Called Nowhere Temperance Machine RETIRED
u/KiwiArms David "2D" Delasoul Feel Good Ink Right Now, Forever Active
u/SweaterSnake Spandau Ballet Paint Box Right Now, Forever Active
u/Toedpens Seth Turmur Heart of the Sunrise Right Now, Forever Active
u/Dead_Star_World Cassandra Johnson Getaway Right Now, Forever Active
u/farispie Nermin Reeds Spooky Skeleton Right Now, Forever Active
u/PerPapple Christina “Chris” Carlisle Shadow on the Wall Right Now, Forever Active
u/Skelly-Tan Marco Forneira Man Eater Right Now, Forever Active
u/WoobidyWoo Stefan C. Megiddo Switch – 625 Right Now, Forever Active
u/Leafsw0rd Rooftop Singer Wintergatan (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/TheMysteriousDoc Sigmund “Ziggy” Tremaine Demon Days (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/HeavenAscensionTaric Erick "Rick Max" Maximilian Withered Delilah (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/NowWithPulp James Chance Electric Avenue (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/Slaycube James Burton Of Wolf and Man (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active (2 KOs)
u/Addem_Up Huey Lewis Change of Heart (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/Sh0tgunLlama Felix “Fat Rat” Arrowsmith Set in Stone (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/ChocolateDiscloud Bill Dolby It’s Raining Men (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/CPU_Dragon DJ Rasputin (Cannot Decide on a Name) Active
u/rederister Michael Sembello Automatic Man Diamond Dogs Active
u/Repider Jason “Gray Jay” Jukes Hush Diamond Dogs Active
u/Calumba Dr. Francesca Marvel Ting Tings Diamond Dogs Active
u/anxientdesu Airis Ani Musical Star Diamond Dogs RETIRED
u/JinxTheFrosslass Farewell Angelina Chains of Love Diamond Dogs Active
u/yelualstar Kenneth “Ken” Masters Leather Rebel Diamond Dogs RETIRED
u/Ongsay Moseph Sabat Digital Lover Diamond Dogs Active
u/SilverJakler Leonard Davis Ace of Spades Diamond Dogs Active
u/KantuK Kewlin Cuidad Smooth Criminal Loca's Motions Active
u/VforVanarchy Presto Fly By Night Loca's Motions Active (2 KOs)
u/spyguy318 Dr. Nick Mason Dark Side of the Moon Loca's Motions Active
u/Ronandstone Cole Pineburg Slim Shady Loca's Motions Active
u/Drebin996 Kate Smith Cibo Matto Loca's Motions Active
u/Tesla__Coil Cassandra Corazon Through the Fire and Flames Loca's Motions Active (2 KOs)
u/ArtisanBubblegum Steve Genoard Dance Comander Loca's Motions Active
u/SP-Q-R Viviana “Vivi” Bianchi Noisy Pink Bubbles Loca's Motions Active
u/Ismat_Urbur Pascal “Paz” Chaleur Canned Heat White Stripes Active
u/SmashPachi Evan Lain Count on Me White Stripes RETIRED
u/StonedVolus David L. Palmer Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger White Stripes Active
u/Screedledude Harvey Harold Hillhouse Flatlands White Stripes Active
u/kljg Kenny Nixon Grease Lightning White Stripes RETIRED
u/JMBChaos Niban Shosha Ocean Man White Stripes Active
u/tryburningundam Elio Valez Volt of Passion White Stripes Active
u/NatsuruSpringfield Natsuru Springfield Evil Woman White Stripes Active
u/CptDouglasJFalcon ”Waveshaper” Wisdom of Rage White Stripes Active
u/webdiings Null(Neal) Fly Me To the Moon The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/vyhox Gami Haru Haru The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Spade4103 Don Under Hot Space The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/WayofAlexGaming Nicholas Al-Bach Camera Shy The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Sullivanity333 Dr. Floyd Feelgood Moving Pictures The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/Mosses76 Felix Down Learn to Fly The F.L.E.A.s Active
u/FastLikeLightning Famoso Pietraduro Wayward Son The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)
u/TornkeS Donatello Blackwell I The F.L.E.A.s Active (2 KOs)

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