List of fallen Alt Right “Supermen”: Nazis are always the biggest hypocrites

Mike Enoch of (((The Right Stuff))), has/had a Jewish wife. Trying to pretend that nobody cares and continues to post sporadically. The new bitter tone he writes with makes me wonder if he's considering suicide. As referenced before, started the whole (((echo))) meme as a very unsubtle way to "subtly" call somebody Jewish/Not a Nazi asshole.

Richard Spencer: Punched in the face, cried like a bitch. Promised to hire security guards to protect him but was thrown out of a meeting due to him being there alone. Guess you can't pay anybody enough to protect a shithead like that.

Milo Yiannopoulos: All transfolk are pedophiles, proceeds to say it's perfectly okay to want to fuck 12 year olds.

Colin Robertson, AKA Millenial Woes: Constantly made videos about how terrible it is that leftists would use online funding services to fund things instead of finding the money himself while also calling all leftists cowards and claiming he could beat any of them in a fight… then he got doxed and proceeded to hide and start a gofundme to buy him a new house.

Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer: Never shuts up about the genetic superiority of the pure Aryan warrior and waits for the day when no cops are standing between him and Antifa. Threatened to stage a "White Man March" in Whitefish, Montana after Richard Spencer was doxed and his mother ostracized for allowing her son to set up the Reichstag in her basement. All the plans were set to bus in boneheads from Los Angeles into the state then arm with with AR-15s then were cancelled at complete and total random. This is in no way a response to the massive amount of antifascist resistance that showed up to Whitefish the day of the march. He isn't scared of them at all, nope.

The list will grow…


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