[EVENT] Trans-Middle Eastern Maglev

Preparatory work is complete as survey, communications, decision of the final route and relevant land purchases are done for the future Trans-Middle Eastern Maglev. The next course of action is, of course, to actually build the railways itself.

The Phase I and II will start their construction simultaneously, and should no complications occur, the first section can be open to revenue service in 2039 and the remainder in 2042. Adding to the $80 billion plan, another $2 billion has been invested by the joint-Japanese consortium for a spur line into Doha, from which additional passenger and freight trains will be serviced.

Of course, to ensure the safety of the workers and make the deadline reachable, security measures including sufficient security guards and drone patrols will be conducted across the construction sites. While many specialist roles are bound to be filled by Japanese experts as there are literally no other choices, a tremendous amount of employment opportunities will be made available to MEC citizens, creating immense economic benefits both in the short term and in the long run.


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