Sola’s Daring Interview!

SPOILERS, so please don't read unless you want Chapter 8 ruined for you. No, seriously. That chapter is awesome and has PLOT. Momotaro, the free 5☆, doesn't hurt either. 🙂

Welcome to my Otogi 'verse, my personal playground. It mostly follows the canon game, except when it doesn't.(╯≧ω≦)╯︵(\ .o.)\


Cast: CHIHIRO is the default name in the game, and is Sola's beloved demi-spirit master. They are denser than a black hole and just as magnetic. At times, Chihiro hesitates to defy rules but has strong ideals, most notably the Power of Friendship.

ECHO/HIBIKI. Hibiki seems masculine (Fairy Tail, anyone?); it might be an unisex name though… Echo is an enigma, troll and adorable shadow snarker, lol. SOLA/MITAMA is pretty much the same as usual.

HIJIRI SAKUMA. Esquire of Sakuma clan. He already got the high-and-mighty attitude, thus he's the clan heir in my 'verse. The game never mentioned his parents, so you'll see my versions later on.

MIKADO. The aloof boss and petty slacker to the core. Also, she's Dictator Mikado of the Bureau of Divination (Occult sounds too silly), the queen of blackmail and saccharine smiles sharper than a sword. The Sakuma and bumbling Ministry of Defense are constant thorns in her side.

MANA, ICHIGO, AOI: The three hikers that Chihiro and Sola saved from Kintaro. Yellow, pink and blue respectively.

CEREUS: wandering human spirit agent who seeks to amuse herself. She is an honorary member of the Bureau. She's the unreliable narrator prone to shattering the 4th wall and basically the author avatar.


Sola's Daring Interview!


Sola: Hello everyone~! I'm Sola and I have a very secret mission to interview Hijironi's daemons! Isn't it a lovely morning in the spirit world? Well, I-

Mikado: [cuts in] Unfortunately, the Sakuma esquire has a mild case of food poisoning from Kyoto's finest ramen. [mutters vindictively] That'll teach him to not accept gifts from strangers.

Chihiro: [aside] Though I admire Mikado's serious side, her spite is something the world could do without… I should go buy a get-well-soon gift for Hijiri, the poor guy. [discreetly exits]

Mikado: [smiles brightly] Anyway, the interrogation will hopefully have no interruptions. Without further ado, we shall listen to Sola's interro – er, interview!

{Cereus: The script and minor additions are courtesy of me, the part-time narrator/spirit agent. Warning: mild swearing, random headcanons and breaking of the fourth wall present. This is purely for entertainment purposes and Enjoy!}

Presenting ARONDIGHT: Sir Lancelot's faithful sword!

Sola: [dons a pair of Groucho glasses] Infiltration complete. Hehe, early bird gets the worm! The target is the Round Table's replica in the Sakuma's private museum. Hopefully Arondy will be there.

{There is an eerie scratching sound. Sola shivers.}

Arondight: My dear friend, when will I be able to meet you again? The Fates are cruel and give me an impossible task. Nevertheless, please wait for me so we may be reunited once more.

Sola: [squeaks] Could that be a… g-ghost? They seem pretty busy, maybe I should go…

{The scariest thing here is a spirit/daemon who's scared of GHOSTS of all things.}

Arondight: The bane of all existences, which even the wisest and most courageous men would shudder from. Begone, you foul beast! I say, begone!

Sola: Oh, it's Arondy! If Master was here, we could help her with this task. But I'm not sure if I'm strong enough alone…

Arondight: They breed like rabbits! Indeed, paperwork is what extinguishes the lives of the most valiant knights…

Sola: Oh well, I'll ask for an interview when she's not so busy. [stomach growls] Hehe, time for a morning snack at the café!

Presenting BREAKING WHEEL: angelic torturer of souls! SPIDER'S THREAD: the merciful(?) spirit with ADHD! SOCRATES: the supreme sage who dares people to think!

Breaking Wheel: [her wheels spin ominously] What is your crime?

Thief: My cat! I w-wanted to feed my cat! Oh, have m-mercy on this petty thief. It was just a can of tuna I stole, nothing more!

Spider's Thread: [idly makes a cat's cradle out of spider silk] I say we give him another chance. This is only a minor offense and he can be let off with a warning. I'm craving some coffee today, so hurry up.

Sola: Would you like some black coffee with a dash of cinnamon? The barista gave it to me for free. It'll perk you right up.

Spider's Thread: A lucky chance comes knocking on my door! You have my thanks, Sola. [downs the coffee in one go]

Socrates: Fun fact: spiders get drunk on caffeine. And Spider's Thread is rather… moody when she's intoxicated.

Thief: Is that smart-ass code for "We're screwed and should run away really, really fast?"

Spider's Thread: [slurs] Baking Peel, your hello-quench, eloquence… and logical raisins – reasons – have convinced meh. Whyyy should I hand out second, third, even f-fourth chances…? Sinners, puppies, weirdos, love…. all gonna die any-ways, so why even-steven bother with 'em. [hiccup] Pah, I don't need no man, no helpin' hand~!

Breaking Wheel: [fixes her blank gaze on the thief] Shall we dance? I promise that it will be gloriously painful.

Thief: HOLY ROAST DUCK, I'm doomed! [manly whimper]

Socrates: O, but to know what awaits beyond your suffering; that is the question. Is ignorance truly bliss? Then is curiosity my greatest weakness or strength… my greatest vice or virtue? Or all of the above?

{Socrates sneaks away, pondering the secrets of the universe and what his mysterious wife will make for lunch.}

Spider's Thread: I'll have fun with you~! [slaps the thief silly while giggling]

Sola: Interview is a failure. Moving on…

Presenting MEITO KOTETSU: adrenaline-driven, debt-ridden blade!

Sola: Hi there Mei-Mei! I've always wanted to know… you work for the Bureau of Divination, right? How did you end up forming a contract with Hijironi of all people?

Kotetsu: Again with the ridiculous nicknames… Do you want to be cut in half?

Sola: Eep! S-sorry, don't cut me in half! But I really want to know!

Kotetsu: Alright, I suppose it won't hurt to tell you. [inhales deeply] It's ALL because of that terrifying woman! Just the thought of her makes me want to slice everything to dust! But, I cut pretty much everything on principle, so take of that what you will…

Sola: You mean Mikado? Yeah, some call her Dictator Mikado, but she's not that scary.

Kotetsu: You don't get it. On one Christmas Eve, I was just having a little fun. Then I wake up in the morning with the worst hangover ever and that demon woman demanding me to pay for the stuff I cut and the alcohol everyone else drank!

Sola: That isn't too bad…

Kotetsu: [continues] So I have to work to pay off the massive tab, and offering my service once in a while to the Sakuma kid helps with that. But I am strictly neutral, as an Anima should be. No politics, no kissing-up, nothing. I just cut whatever is in my way.

Sola: That's a relief. Hijironi does want the Bureau disbanded, so I was a little worried there! Though Mikado says that thanks to my master, Hijironi isn't trying as hard as before, hehe. Well, I'm gonna go grab some lunch. Good luck with paying off your debt, Kotty!

Kotetsu: [sighs] Yeah, thanks. I'll need it.

Presenting YATAGARASU, sacred raven of tour guides! HRAESVELGR: shapeshifting, gluttony giant! KOGITSUNEMARU: the sharp, tofu-loving Foxblade!

Hraesvelgr: I'm hungry… Got any restaurant recommendations?

Yatagarasu: You just had your third brunch! [slips onto tour guide mode] Well, there's an oden cart and Enchanté Patisserie across the street. If you're feeling daring, spicy Mexican-Chinese fusion cuisine might be for you…

Sola: Wow, Yata is pretty well-informed. Now I know who to go to for help when Master and I have a day off.

Kogi: Is there deep-fried tofu involved?

Yatagarasu: You're supposed to be a fox, so why is it always tofu? There's a great Korean BBQ around here, so act more like the carnivore you are!

Kogi: Technically I'm a sword…

Hraesvelgr: Carnivores don't go to restaurants, they hunt. Duh, tour guide.

Yatagarasu: [bristles] Who are you calling a tour guide?! Show some respect! I'm the raven of guidance who educates the unwashed masses of The Way. This hammer will gladly teach you the rage of immortals!

Hraesvelgr: Eagles are superior to ravens. Therefore, I'm better than you and demand YUMMY IN MY TUMMY! [blows raspberry]

Sola: Whoa, calm down! Mind if I ask some questions? For example, there's some speculation about Hijironi and Echo's relationship… What do you think?

{Cereus: Sola is creepily interested in her lookalike and Hijironi Pepperoni hooking up. Am I the only one who finds this disturbing?!

Mikado: [flawless poker face] Sola is… an unique child.

Chihiro: Come to think of it, Sola's probably older than me. She doesn't look or act like it, so I end up treating her like a little sister…

Cereus: [quietly] Ha, sibling-zoned!

Chihiro: Hm? [tilts head quizzically]

Mikado: Such a successful spirit agent… Yet so oblivious. Fight on, Sola!}

Yatagarasu: Echo is Hijiri's shadow. Is that not Sakuma tradition?

Kogi: Why, are you jealous of their relationship? It's rather unbecoming of you. Then again, the Bureau of Divination is full of inept agents, so this isn't very shocking.

{Dictator Mikado: Is that so? Time to crack down on those no-good slackers!}

Hraesvelgr: Chop, chop. We haven't got all day. I have a date with four lunches, ten afternoon snacks and three dinners. FOOD, pronto!

{Sola promptly forgets about the interview and enjoys lunch with the squabbling group.}

Presenting TENJIN: murder-happy scholar of sad trombones!

Sola: [peers into a dark alley] Hello? Tenjin? The deification of Sugawara no Michizane? Mr. Heavenly Being? God of natural disasters and scholarships?

Tenjin: Go away or else I'll curse you.

Sola: C'mon, don't be like that! Just answer one of my questions, please?

Tenjin: No. There, that's your question. Now go before I curse you to be a dwarf forever and your descendants too!

Sola: Aha! Finally, someone who understands me. [does a celebratory jig] You understand that I'm not even short in the first place!

Tenjin: Never have I met such a moron. Are you the type to close their eyes and wait for the finishing blow or something?

Sola: [cringes] Not on purpose. Plus, my master will always save me when there's trouble!

Tenjin: Hmph, I don't need to curse suicidal dunderheads like you. You'll die soon enough, either as a faceless corpse or as a martyr without a cause. Most likely both, unless a fool is willing to throw their life away for yours.

Sola: It must be really lonely, to be so bitter about life. I live for my beliefs and my treasured people. Don't you have anything or anyone you live for?

{Cue sad trombone sounds: wah, wah, wah, wahhhh…}

Tenjin: I can't believe it. A nosy stranger has seen through my aloof mask and shown me the tender human heart I never knew I still possessed after becoming a divine power. I shall now swear my pitiful mortal life to be yours!

Sola: Wonderful! I'm so touched… thank you.

Tenjin: [facepalms] Listen so that I can beat some common sense into your empty head. My oath means nothing because I was being sarcastic and have no puny human life to pledge.

Sola: Oh.

Tenjin: Stop polluting the air, you filthy mouth-breather. Flee for your life before I decide that killing you is worth the disgusting clean-up duty. Shoo, shoo!

{Sola wisely runs away.}

Presenting TENNYO AYAME: your average domestic heaven-dweller! CHIMERA, sly puppet master! YUKI ONNA: warm, pun-tastic snow woman!

Ayame: I heard that you're interviewing daemons, Sola! That's lovely. Come in and make yourself at home; the children here will love you.

{Tennyo Ayame has unlimited access to housewives' gossip, which is useful for gathering intel. As expected of a heavenly homemaker.}

Sola: Wow, this place is really cozy. Hello Chimera, Yuki! What a coincidence. What are you doing here?

Chimera: Rawr! Three beasts, one body: Chimera, loved by kids everywhere! Wanna watch my puppet show?

Yuki Onna: I made some shaved ice. Would you… like some?

Sola: Sure, Yuki! What a big family you have here, Ayame. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Ayame: Yep, I adopted them all. I get to take care of them and receive smiles and hugs in return! Yuki and Chi help me out sometimes, which is nice. Oh, would you like some tea and cookies?

Sola: Don't mind if I do! Mmm. May I have the recipe?

Yuki: Ayame's cookies are simply divine. Get it? Divine, because she lives in heaven? Hehe… Clever, no?

Chimera: Nope, not clever at all. But don't be sad, not everyone can be as cool as the amazingly versatile Chimera!

Yuki: Snow way! That's not very ice. I'm the coolest spirit there is!

Ayame: Why, of course you can have it, Sola. For your Master Chihiro, right?

Sola: [blushes heavily] A-ah, yes!

Teenage boy: Oi, Miss Aya, here's the groceries. Who's the brat you're talking to?

Ayame: This is Sola and she's here to interview me. Oh, thank you for helping out. Let's make potato croquettes for lunch, okay? Your favorite.

{The teen averts his eyes, ignoring Ayame's clothing – or more accurately, the lack thereof.}

Teenage boy: [mumbles] Geez, I dunno where to look. It was fine back then, but now it's plain embarrassing…

Sola: Ayame, Chimera and Yuki. Do you have any stories about your spirit agent Hijironi?

Chimera: Grr… He called my puppets childish and and a waste of time! Well, not everyone is born with a silver shovel in their mouth. We actually have jobs, not turning our nose up at anyone who has a sense of humor or work ethic!

Yuki: Hijiri Sakuma? He's… harsh, yes, but… self-assured. I envy that a little…

Ayame: [grins impishly] Oh, I was his childhood nanny for a while. He was a cute, shy boy. Clung to his father's robes when I first met him.

Sola: How adorable~! Hijironi was a daddy's boy.

Ayame: The entire clan spoiled him rotten, all except his mother. All she had to do was turn one disappointed look at her son and he'll blubber and spill everything.

Yuki: Dam, who would've thought? I can't sea it. Makes me pond-er about his hidden depths.

Ayame: Sadly, Hijiri is too impatient to learn sealing and calligraphy from her. Shame, since she was the first to use them in combat and brutally efficient. I hear she has an apprentice now. A non-clan human girl, in fact.

{Mikado: That reminds me… Back on Mount Oe, three hikers accidentally absorbed spirit essence and are now the latest victims of our research department. Mana was the one taken under the Sakuma matriarch's wing, I believe.

Cereus: Heh, I have Chihiro's horrified face immortalized in my camera when they saw Ichigo and Kiyo taming brutes together. It's hilarious; they rescue a girl, then she befriends their murderer! Oh, and Yasutsuna was impressed by Aoi hitting Kintaro with a car, so she's being taught sword-wielding now. Kintaro hits on her a lot, in both senses.

Mikado: Poor Aoi, Kintaro is merciless in spars and won't take no for an answer. Ah… those three have been nicknamed the MIA Trio. Of course, Chihiro's still the most popular for his achievements despite his inexperience. Thanks to them, the Bureau's very well-received by the public.

Cereus: Geez, what about me?

Mikado: You're a freelance spirit agent who happens to have connections to the Bureau. Not to mention… your penchant for chaos. My employees are terrified that you'll jump out of the shadows and attack them! What did you expect?

Cereus: [grins ] Your ducklings need to learn to sink or swim. I'm training their situational awareness, of course.}

Little girl: Big sis Ayame, did ya bring someone ta play with me? [brandishes her wooden sword]

Sola: [coos] Aww, she's adorable. Yes, I'd love to play with you. My name's Sola, what's yours?

Little girl: I don't tell my name ta strangers, y'know. But ya can call me Cap'n Cherry Sea, 'cause I'm gonna be the best pirate cap'n ever, ya see. Then I'll chop ya up with my sword and loot yer body for treasure. And others too, till all the bodies drown in a cherry sea. Cool, right?

Sola: [shudders] So cute and yet so bloodthirsty. What a scary little girl!

{Cereus: Captain Cherry Sea, huh. I like her style.

Chihiro: [spits out tea] Aren't we supposed to be the good guys? We shouldn't encourage little girls to commit genocide!

Cereus: Shh, you naïve li'l puppy. Rules are meant to be broken; loopholes are meant to be abused. For example, the ancient Sakuma clan bullies the Ministry of Defense to kiss their silk robes and do their every bidding. Heh, that stuffy Vice Minister is so whipped.

Chihiro: [groans] Please stop talking.

Cereus: You're no fun, demi-daemon. Hey, if Sola gave you another life with her spirit essence, does that make her your mother? Your pint-sized mom is making moves on you, haha.

Chihiro: Shut. UP. Back to the interview!}

Chimera: [salutes playfully] Atta girl! Follow your dreams, Cap'n Cherry Sea.

Yuki: Just wait and sea… You'll be the CHERRY best pirate captain ever.

Sola: [coughs] You know what, I really ought to be leaving. Um, bye.

Ayame: You're always welcome to pop in for a visit, Sola. Come again~!

Presenting NUE: martial arts master of the monkey, tanuki, tiger, and snake! RAIJU: cuddly thunder beast! SHISHIOU: Mad Dog sword! BEELZEBUB: natural knock-out!

[Here in a traditional courtyard, a mock-battle is taking place. Nue is sparring with Shishou, with Raiju as the moderator.]

Nue: Heh, your form isn't half bad. I'm all fired up…!

Shishiou: Thank you. For that opening, that is! [charges]

Sola: Look at them go! Wow, I've only seen fights so intense and fast in anime.

Raiju: [glomps Sola] Phew! Skin-to-skin contact is the only way to ensure I don't get snatched away by a random lightning bolt. Hey Sola, you wanna watch? This is their ninth spar, BTW. You gotta admire their stamina.

Sola: Thanks, I'll wait till they're finished. I have to interview them, after all.

[The two fighters pause and dip their heads slightly, the only acknowledgement of the other's skill. The tension is palpable in the air…]

Nue: Don't you dare hold back, Shishiou. If this is all your fearsome reputation amounts to, then I'll be rather disappointed.

Shishou: My, my. Can you handle the full brunt of my aura? Well, let's find out… [rips off power-restricting seals]

Nue: [narrows her eyes] Bring it on.

{A wild Beelzebub appears! She uses BO. Its effectiveness is over 9000!}

Beelzebub: Ooh, whaddya doin'? I'm the flippin' best there is, so why didn't y'all invite me? Now I'll hafta punish ya!

{Thanks to that dramatic entrance, Nue, Shishiou, Raiju and Sola are barely standing.}

Raiju: Ugh, I'm feeling light-headed. Bleh! [retches]

Sola: [gasps for air and quickly regrets that decision] T-tell my master that I have a-always cherished the short time we had together…!

Nue: A worthy… opponent has arrived… [closes her eyes solemnly, as if dead]

Shishiou: In-indeed… I thought I would die in battle, but if I can't even handle this stench, perhaps I'm not meant for war. [faints]

{Beelzebub huffs and leaves. Sola recovers enough to make it to the late evening concert. Good thing too, or else Mikado's hard-earned ticket would go to waste.}

Presenting ELAPHURE: silent stalker of the skies! NURARIHYON: feisty yōkai of the mixed message! Also, starring PRINCESS SAHO and PRINCESS TATSUTA, the ambivalent idol duo!

[Tatsuta is rocking the guitar and choruses, while Saho steals the show with her amazing vocals and energetic dancing. Sola stumbles through the adoring crowd and potted plants to find her next interviewee.]

Sola: Yes, you there! Ella, mind coming down to the ground so I can interview you?

Elaphure: [curiously hovers nearby] What do we have here? A tasty little snack, perhaps?

Sola: [pales] W-wait, I'm not tasty at all! And I'm not little either! My height is average. I even drink lots of milk, so there's no way I'm tiny, okay?

Elaphure: I am simply teasing, Sola. Since there is a shortage of good-looking men these days, you shall be graced by the presence of a dragon incarnate. [winks] Go ahead, throw yourself to my feet and beg for a morsel of knowledge. This may be your lucky day.

Sola: Thank you very much! So what's your opinion on your spirit agent, the one and only Hijironi?

Elaphure: I like his face. The Sakuma clan in general are filled with handsome men.

Sola: Wow, so blunt. Anything else?

[Amidst the music and cheering, a furious battle cry grows louder and louder…]

[Nurarihyon jumps from a lamp, her petite foot smashing into Elaphure's head and pummeling her to the ground.]

Nurarihyon: TAKE THAT, you scaly lizard! One of my chums reported a suspicious figure followin' him around, so I'm here to stop that from happenin' again!

Elaphure: Oh dear, a weak insect has caught me off-guard. One moment. [casually dumps Nurarihyon in a rose bush]

Sola: [winces] Ouch.

Nurarihyon: Hey, wot's that! You wanna fight, eh?! Cause it's a fight you got!

Elaphure: She gets points for pure obstinacy. Hey, is that eye candy your minion or something… more? [simpers suggestively]

Nurarihyon: That squirt? Nah. Wot's it to you, anyway?

Elaphure: Pity. Do you have someone you like?

Sola: Ooh! Poppy's like an old man with a gaming addiction and Master… is denser than a black hole, so I never got the chance to have a proper girl talk. Yay, let's start!

{Narrator Cereus: Sola and Echo are genderless, but I use female pronouns for Sola and neutral ones for Echo. Also, their original names were Mitama and Hibiki respectively, but it got changed in the English version. I have no clue why.}

Nurarihyon: W-wot? A-as if I have time to think 'bout stuff like t-that!

Tatsuta (onstage): Look into my eyes and don't you lie… Tell me, tell me, where are we going to be?

Saho (onstage): Hey, what are you dreaming about? Hey, why won't you spit it out—

Nurarihyon: R-r-really…

Sola: [chimes in] Never, Nura?

Nurarihyon: NEVER EVER, O-OKAY?! [slaps her reddening cheeks] Maybe one, or two… or fourteen?

Elaphure: Your tsundere nature probably chased them away. The victims probably said, "Sorry, I've endured your insults for so long… Since you really hate me, we should break up."

Nurarihyon: Y-you a fortune-teller or somethin'? [lost in a daze]

Tatsuta (onstage): No, no oh oh ohhh~!

Saho (onstage): Hey, HEY! You know you're a liar, your cheeks on fire!

Tatsuta: I won't let this chance pass me by!

Saho: Why deny when you can try?

Tatsuta: Can't fool me, you want to be, oh you wanna be my one and only~!

Nurarihyon: GAAAH! D-don't ya look at me like that! [runs off, blushing pinker than a sunset]

Elaphure: Her reactions to her own romantic delusions are quite amusing… Well then, I shall be off to look for the next man to watch. Farewell, little one. [flies away]

Sola: Am I really that short? [beat] Well, who's the next on the list?

Finally, presenting ECHO: enigmatic daemon partner of Hijiri Sakuma!

{Sola and Chihiro come bearing gifts. The lone guard allows them to pay her respects to Hijiri and Sola's "cousin" Echo. Apparently, Sola and her master are welcome anytime, as Hijiri complains about them a lot and the boy is sorely lacking the friends department.}

Sola: Why are you a clone of me?

Echo: Are you sure you're not the carbon copy? That would explain your sub-par intelligence. Why converse with your enemy?

{Sola squawks indignantly. Chihiro pauses, almost thoughtful.}

Chihiro: Hijiri… he's my motivation to improve as a spirit agent. I admire his unwavering resolve. I used to be meek and indecisive, but I've changed… be it for the better or the worse. I enjoy competing with Hijiri. No matter what, I cannot think of you two as enemies.

Echo: [blinks] Perhaps… some competition is good for Hijiri. You've always been an unpredictable one, demi-spirit.

Sola: Hey Echo, we ordered the same thing back in Kyoto, right? I wonder if we have similar tastes. Do you like anime?

Echo: It physically pains me to see such a simpleton wearing my face. Go away before I commit homicide to spare myself of your company forever.

Sola: But you won't really do that, because we're friends! Besides, we're spirits, so we can't die so easily.

Echo: That's exactly what I'm afraid of.

{Sola laughs nervously. Chihiro quickly offers the presents in a placating manner.}

{Enter Hijiri, who is as stoic as always but a few shades paler.}

Hijiri: Oi, Echo. Why is the annoying, no-good daemon servant disturbing the peace? How did she even get past the security?

Sola: Hey!

Echo: You shouldn't be out of bed. What are those useless servants doing? I told them to guard your room.

Hijiri: I can take care of myself. What kind of clan heir would allow food poisoning to hinder him anyway?

Echo: Do you wish to aggravate your condition even more? You should thank the stars that someone tampered with your food to prove a point, not to assassinate you. The clan is investigating the suspects and possible motives. Your duty is to rest.

{Chihiro coughs. Ah, don't y'all love Dictator Mikado?}

Sola: Hijironi, I could always sing you a lullaby!

{This is a time for the narrator to come in and save the day!}

Cereus: Sola, sweetheart. Apple of my eye. Our cute little mascot. Please don't sing, for the sake of these innocent, functional ears around us.

Echo: [snorts] Is it that bad? Well, I'll take your word for it.

Cereus: You have the rest of the day off, so allow me to take over. See ya!

{I vanish away with Sola's recorder, but not before recording one last—}

Hijiri: A ninja?! I must remind Father to fire our shoddy security!


{And is the story how a hundred guards were fired in one day and a few joined the Bureau. I'll have fun whipping them into shape… along with the devious, poised and charming Dictator Mikado of course.}


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