Fan made Mission.

Dershire, North America. 10:58.

Targets: The Partier (Susan Euston), The Auctioneer (Claire Euston), The Sentinel (Terry Kiss) and The Sniper (Harry Krug).


Good evening, 47. Your destination is the luxurious Euston Estate in Dershire. Your targets are Susan and Claire Euston, who are holding a masquerade ball. The sisters are billionaires and renowned actresses, with many dark secrets.

The Eustons are actually leaders of Fiend Order, a human trafficking organisation wanted in several countries. We found out they hold powerful positions in Providence, so we want you eliminate the women to strike back at Providence.

You would also have to eliminate Euston Estate head of security and former mercenary Terry Kiss and rival assassin and former Ranger Harry Krug. The two are highly capable in combat, so avoid confronting them head on.

Susan would be mingling with the guests on the first floor, Claire will be holding a human auction in the basement, Kiss would be patrolling in his office and Krug would be in the attic, trying to find a good spot. The security is extremely tight, but you have gotten yourself out of trickier situations before. Best of luck, 47.

Environment: The map is basically The Showstopper meets A Dance with the Devil.

Mansion outskirts: Susan and Claire, being billionaires, spared no expense on their mansion. There is a floral garden in the west where Susan occasionally pops by to smell the flowers. If you lockdown your targets, the women would run to the speedboat by the bay down south and leave with each other (you can snipe them from the rooftop). There are also a bunch of trucks at the back of the mansion, where you could grab a stage crew disguise or mansion staff outfit. To the east, there is a golf course.

First floor: The first floor has a bar, dining area and concert (it's kinda like The Showstopper except with a more satisfying dinner experience and the stage being taller).

Second floor: The second floor has a giant heated swimming pool. You can chase away all the civilians by turning off the heat off and they would leave. If Krug hasn't went to the attic yet, he would rejoice since he has the pool all to himself and goes for a refreshing dip in the pool.

Basement: The basement is a human auction themed after hell, with almost ridiculously powerful security. There are rows of cells with men and women waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. The auction also has some features like a piranha tank and a restaurant.

Target info:

  1. Susan and Claire Euston

Backstory: Susan and Claire were born in Manhattan. Their father sexually abused them and their mother. When the secret came out when Susan confessed to a friend in school who told a teacher who told the police, a lynch mob burned him alive. Their mother committed suicide a few days later. The girls were transferred into an orphanage.When they became adults, the girls starred in a biopic about themselves called "Relations". The movie was a smash hit and propelled them into stardom. Susan and Claire then moved to Manhattan and acted for another 15 years before retiring early.

Appearance: The sisters dress in evening dresses, Susan in white, Claire in red. Both are blondes. They are about 35 years old.

Route: Susan starts her route by gliding down from the balcony in front of her guests using a pulley system. She will then alternate between the bar, balcony and dining area. Claire would start her route addressing the auction.

  1. Terry Kiss

Backstory: Terry Kiss was born in Chicago as Sergio Henson, son of a couple of Italian immigrants. His father, a mafia member, was framed as a mole and gunned down in a drive-by shooting when Henson was still a teen, who then assassinated Osvaldo Di Rienzo, the godfather at that time, by placing a bomb in his car (where he got the bomb was unknown). The assassination caused havoc in the underworld and Henson barely escaped with his life and all his extended family members were killed. He and his mother entered the witness protection programme and changed their names. When Kiss was 20, he was hired by CICADA as a mercenary and became a star operative. After 20 years, he retired and worked as the head of security for the Euston sisters, whom he befriended in his short stay at the orphanage. Kiss seems suave and gentlemanly, but is actually a brutish thug and the hand of Fiend Order.

Appearance: He dresses in a CICADA guard outfit, is clean shaven, has black hair and a pale complexion. He is about 40 years old.

Route: Terry alternates between the floors, occasionally talking to Susan or Claire or flirting with women. He's basically a very active security guard. He occasionally takes a drink of coffee in his office.

Harry Krug was born in 1985, Columbine. He led a normal life until the Columbine High School Massacre. The experience made him paranoid and emotionless. He graduated from military school and joined the army as a full-time soldier. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by U.S. Army after his services during the Iraq war. He left the army shortly after and started writing thrillers. We have no idea why he is after the Eustons, but we're not going to let him steal our mark.

Appearance: Krug is dressed in a white tux, has red hair and carries around a sniper briefcase. He has the same age as Susan and Claire.

Route: Krug starts off in the first floor. After half an hour, he'll sneak into the attic and find a perfect spot to snipe. He won't actually kill anyone unless you rig events for him. Alternately, you can push him over the ledge.


  1. Are You A Star:

Susan Euston is a diehard fan of The Class. Shame about last year.

According to the crew members, Susan was obsessed with the Class and hired them to perform at her party. Since "something" happened to Jordan Cross, the Class replaced him with Jesper Kant, a talented but troublesome singer. However, he is missing. Maybe you could speed things up a little, 47.

You get this trigger when you overhear two crew members asking each other if they found Jesper. You can find Jesper out cold behind a stack of storage crates. Similar to the Lawyer opportunity in Landslide, you can approach a stage crew member, who would escort you to the stage, where the challenge would come up.

During the show, you can invite Susan onstage, making the drummer and guitarist leave the stage in annoyance. You can then blow up the ceiling, emptying the pool on Susan. The current would push her off the 10 meter stage and she would break her neck and die. If Krug happens to be swimming up there, he'll fall to his death too.

  1. Old Rivalry:

Terry Kiss and Harry Krug. Enough said

Kiss and Krug have a long history of battling each other. If they see each other, things would get entertaining. Kiss does not know Krug is here. Someone should tip him off.

You get the trigger by overhearing two guests talk about Kiss and Krug (the reason they hate each other is because Krug's brother was killed in the gang wars after Di Rienzo's assassination). You have to first steal a camera from the security room. Secondly, you have to take a picture of Krug without him spotting you. You will then have to place the camera back into the security room. When Kiss sees the picture, you would get the challenge and he will immediately go to the spot to find Krug. If he doesn't find Krug immediately, he'll call a lockdown and search the entire area for him, so it's better to take a pic of him while he is the attic. When Krug and Kiss meet, they will get into a gunfight. Krug would eventually shoot Kiss to death and pass out.

  1. First Friend, Last Enemy:

One of Claire Euston's victims is more interesting than the others, 47.

That prisoner is Claire's old friend Elsa Romanawski, a former sitcom star. She attempted to tell the police about the human trafficking, but was caught and captured before she could. She is to be sold as a sex slave to Sheikh Salman Al-Ghazali unless we save her.

Elsa is locked in cell and Claire constantly. First, you need to find the key, which is inside Susan's purse, which is inside Susan's bedroom. After you unlock the cell door, you will find a blonde, bloodied underwear clad woman. This is Elsa. No shit. Anyway, you can cut her ties with a knife and she would get up from the chair. You would then get the challenge.

Elsa, who wants revenge on Claire, asks you to give her the knife. If you don't, she still stay and attempt to strangle Claire when she shows up, which would result in her getting beaten to death. If you do, she would thank you and resume position on the chair. she would violently spring up and stab her in the stomach with it, killing her quietly. Elsa would then steal Claire's clothes and escape through the gates.

Disguises: Tux, waiter, chef, DJ, stage crew member, guard, Jesper Kant.


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