[BLACK OPS] Tajikistan fails to be relevant, Morocco simply fails, and the Seven Sisters stir

Boston, United States of America

A Tajikistani man was taken into custody on June 15th as he exited his Lufthansa flight, having been apprehended by TSA and FBI agents at the gate. The man's checked luggage, consisting of four very large suitcases, contained a full set of Mongolian body armor. On his person, the federal agents found a large vial of Mongolian horse semen and a pump squirt gun.

An official response listed the reason for his arrest as "suspicion of domestic terrorism." However, an anonymous source has leaked to the American media that, under extreme questioning by the FBI, the man has revealed that he was sent in an official capacity by the government of Tajikistan to "find Jacoby Brissett, former quarterback for the New England Patriots, and squirt him in the face with the semen."

American officials have noted that they are very concerned by the rise in violence crime directed against former NFL quarterbacks, and will be seeking protective custody for several high profile athletes while the investigation continues.


Ceuta and Melilla, Spain

The autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, on the northern coast of Africa and bordering Morocco, were for many years a source of heavy refugee migration and immigrant clashes with authorities. Situated as they are across the Gibraltar Strait, the twin towns are likewise an important military asset for Spain, and both boast a sizable military presence (for Spain, anyways).

As a consequence, in the 2010's, both Ceuta and Melilla were fortified to halt migration, surrounded by three 4 to 6 meter fences studded with guard towers and movement sensors, topped with barbed wire and halogen searchlights, and updated towards the end of the decade with infrared cameras.

It was using this surveillance network that several members of the Guardia Civil and Policia Naval noticed the strange case of a pair of Moroccan Deuxième Bureau foreign service agents attempting to conduct surveillance of the Ceuta harbor. Caught on infrared perched in the surrounding flatlands with specialized electrooptical imaging equipment set up, the two men were quickly taken into federal custody.

The agents were, however, able to transit complete surveillance data to their Moroccan handlers on Melilla's military disposition, having observed the facility for several days outside of Spanish counter surveillance.

The Spanish Ambassador, based in Rabat, has demanded an immediate answer from the Moroccan government to explain the blatant espionage, and states that the men will be tried in Spanish courts for their crimes.


Northeastern India

Possibly capitalizing on the chaotic state of affairs in the region, the dormant northeastern insurgency of the Seven Sisters, prominent in the 1960's to 1980's, has received a slight jolt of life.

In Nagaland, the rate of ethnic related killings among inter-state civilians has risen from a flatline of 0, with six ethnic Meitei working for the local government found hung on the road to Kohima, the slogan of the separatist National Socialist Council of Nagaland (Reformation) spray painted on their corpses. In remote regions of the state, police are reporting higher occurrences of armed clashes with ethnic minority groups, and well produced NSCN propaganda has begun to permeate popular online websites.

In Assam, the United Front for the Liberation of Asom has taken responsibility for a suicide bombing that claimed the lives of nearly a dozen government officials in the city of Dispur. In the Chirang district, a patrol of Indian Border Security Force operatives was ambushed by UFLA forces, killing five and taking three prisoner.

In Manipur, a coalition of Meiteis, Nagas, Kukis and other ethnic groups has come together to boycott central government buildings across the district. However, in Imphal, a group of Naga paramilitary forces instituted an armed attack on the Manipur Legislative Assembly Building, which was repelled by local government forces only after several prominent members of the legislature were executed, including the deputy speaker.

Elsewhere across the northeast, government officials and BSF soldiers have noted a worrying increase of anti-government sentiment, aided by Intelligence Bureau estimates that the amount of illegal arms trafficking in the region has skyrocketed. Agents at the IB have suggested to the government that the high caliber and quality of the weapons intercepted, which has been few and far between, are extremely worrying.

To date, a total of seventy three government officials and related contractors have perished in what the National Statistics Registry has termed "terroristic related homicide."


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