I(25F) need help cutting off a client(60M)

Tldr I(25F) am a independent escort in a country where it is legal. I need to cut off a client(60M), but don't know the most tactful way to do it. He's older than me, widowed, and has seen me every week for the past year.

Over this year he has exhibited controlling, manipulative behaviour that has progressively made me uncomfortable, especially considering this is just a business arrangement between the two of us.

  • The car incident: My car broke down before xmas, he kept offering repeatedly to buy me a new car, and would get upset/offended, throw a tantrum when I would say no, then trying to guilt trip me into accepting a car. I didn't accept.

  • The hotel incident(s): He will book a hotel to see me, without informing me or checking whether I am available first. Then ask to see me after it's paid for, while casually mentioning he has already booked the hotel, thereby forcing me into the position of accepting, or been the bad guy who ruined his plans, cue guilt trip.

  • The phone incident: He once made an offhanded comment that if anyone were to 'hurt' me in my job(exactly why I have security), he would 'take care of them'. I stated that I wouldn't even tell him in that scenario(as it's none of his concern) and he said he would go through my phone to find out if someone had.

  • He messages me daily, literally every single day, all day, evn when we are not meeting. This is not part of my service obviously and it pushes my personal boundaries on how much I want to talk with someone.

  • He constantly buys me expensive gifts I don't ask for, and tell him I don't want. Then he just gets upset and guilt trips me for not wanting gifts. This leaves me in the position of feeling indebted to him, though I never requested gifts in the first place.

And for the straw that broke the camels back tonight,

  • The security incident: I use security for all my work, it's only smart and keeps me safe and secure. He wants to be a special snowflake and regularly demands I don't bring security when visiting him (fat chance). Tonight he outright insulted myself and my security guard (who is a close friend) because I informed him my security would be coming to the booking, he insinuated bullshit and spoke to me in a very condescending manner.

We have had fun, and he's good natured a lot of the time, but I realise I need to cut off this work relationship due to controlling behaviour. My problem is that I need to do it in a way that won't reflect badly on my business(as I am in a very niche part of the industry and well known), won't upset or hurt him too much, and gets the point across as to why I am cutting him off. I figured the variety of opinions reddit might have to offer may help. Thank you in advance.


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