Security Guard who killed 60 year old Pokémon Go player charged with murder

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CHESAPEAKE, Va. – The Chesapeake Commonwealth's Attorney announced Thursday that it is pursuing criminal charges against Johnathan Cromwell, a security guard accused of shooting and killing 60-year-old Jiansheng Chen.

The Commonwealth's Attorney's Office says Chen was driving a blue van around 11 p.m. that night when he turned into the driveway of the River Walk clubhouse parking area.

After Cromwell saw the van, he confronted Chen and stopped his vehicle directly in front of Chen's van.

According to the Commonwealth's Attorney, Chen then backed his van up and turned his vehicle around to the point that it was at the entrance of the driveway facing River Walk Parkway when he was shot.

Chen's family says the 60-year-old did not speak any English, and claim he was playing the popular smartphone game Pokemon Go at the time.

Cromwell was employed by a private security company, Citywide Protection Services, Inc. Andrew Sacks, the attorney for the security company, has said that Cromwell acted in self-defense when he shot Chen.

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