Please help a fellow PoGo player!! #JUSTICE4GRANDPACHEN

As our community here knows, on January 26th, 2017, Jiansheng Chen, 60, was killed in his own neighborhood in Chesapeake, Virginia. He had gone to the local clubhouse to train his Pokemon, as he played PoGo to bond with his grandkids. He was sitting in his parked van when he was SHOT AT LEAST FIVE TIMES through the windshield of his van by a neighborhood security guard. There was NO CONTRACT for ARMED services with Citywide Protection Services, only unarmed. The neighborhood has since terminated their contract with Citywide Project Services. The company and their lawyer have claimed self defense. There haven't been any details about the case except information from the lawyers of either side. There STILL have been NO ARRESTS!

Picture of Grandpa Chen’s van and bullet holes:

Very few people have heard about this case. Even local news is underreporting about Grandpa Chen. They only care about trees falling into people’s houses and dog bites.


Help us “report” about Grandpa Chen. The media isn't talking about it enough, so let's help Grandpa Chen's family out. There’s a poster/sticker going around for #JUSTICE4GRANDPACHEN. I will link the files down below for everyone.


We’re posting these flyers up in high traffic, high visibility areas, ESPECIALLY at PoGo spots and gyms. Anywhere where they can be seen by many, many people! More people need to be made aware of Grandpa Chen.


A6 4X6” (STICKERS) 600 DPI:

LETTER SIZE 8.5 x 11” (FLYERS) 300 DPI:

POSTER SIZE 11×17” (POSTERS) 300 DPI:×17-01.png?dl=0

WEB PNG 1240×1748 px:


Post these flyers up in Poke Spots, gyms, high traffic areas, sticker bomb (use vinyl stickers for max effect) legally acceptable surfaces (we are not condoning vandalism, please don't vandalize), print small postcards you can leave around for people to pick up (like the kind you see stuffed into the frames of subway ads in NYC), and share on the web, etc. You can tweet, share on facebook, etc, use the hashtag #JUSTICE4GRANDPACHEN






Also tweet at the local police station!

The events surrounding this shocking tragedy and the conflicting and confounding allegations now asserted by this security firm is all the more reason for you to tweet the City of Chesapeake, the Chesapeake Police Department, and the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office and urge them to expediently conduct their investigation and recommend the Commonwealth's Attorney Nancy G. Parr bring a formal criminal charge. Justice deserves no less.

Thank you guys, please, please, PLEASE help a fellow Pokemon Go player and his family out, wherever you are!


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