Im sorry you lost what?

So a little over a week ago we were having a pretty good day at the desk. Nothing to crazy had gone on and all the checkins went smoothly. Standard Sunday stuff with lots of top tier guests coming in. Well my property is full service and we have a special place for just our extra loyal snowflakes where they can get drinks, food and enjoy a nice view of the city. Towards the last few hours of the shift our attendant from up their comes down to talk to me about something. I usually only see her when she's taking a smoke break so it was pretty put of the ordinary. She starts to tell me about this special vodka she keeps in the honor bar for one of our super nice and super high profile guest that stays with us when he is in town. She poured him on drink from a new bottle and put it back in the the cabinet for storage. Well later on she is looking in the cabinet and almost the entire thing is gone. She knew exactly who it was too. All night there had been this obnoxious guy in there being to comfortable with her and drinking. At one point he went out when he saw her leaving to smoke and had one himself. That's all good and fine but the entire time he kept poking her in the stomach like a the pilsbury dough boy. It made her uncomfortable enough that she had another woman go with her any time she left so this guy couldn't harass her. Now I know this story doesn't seem to interesting yet so I'll cut to the chase. She starts telling me that this guy puked ALL over the bathroom in the our lounge. Very uncommon occurrence up there since it's mostly just business travelers getting something to eat and it is Sunday. Well security got up there fast and cleaned it up. This guy sucked for sure but we were getting ready for the night shift to come in and other than this guy being an idiot the day went well. I'm typing up my log and excited to be leaving at a decent time when our lounge attendant calls me over with the guy standing with her. Here's the kicker. He need to be let back up into the loung because he forgot his FUCKING GUN in the bathroom. We're already pretty sure it's not there since our security guard had to clean it up. Also keep in mind this guy is hammered. He tells me he has his conceal and carry license but I watched him walk into not one but two glass doors within the last hour because he is so drunk. I also have my license and no matter what if you are drinking it is illegal to be handling a gun. I get on the phone with security and we decide we want to cut out the middle man here and just get the police involved which this guy is obviously not stoked about. I end up staying three hours late because all of upper management is wanting updates on this and I'm the only one left. The best part is after our security and the police all searched everywhere for this idiots gun we never find it. He was still freaking out about it when I left. He called down the next morning and said he was checking out 3 days early. Tldr a snowflake lost his mind and his gun.


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