Identifying ww1-2 Swastika badge and Pin like badge.

Sorry I have no picture I do not have them on me at the moment. Already posted this to a few other simmilar subreddits, Sorry if you see this as very vauge as I do not have them on me and I am just seeing if I can get any background on these.

Basically to cut a long story short my Great grandfather was German and we have a collection of some of the things that he left us behind and my grandmother had a friend who was in some form of secret service (He never told us exactly what) during ww2 and when he died he gave much of his ww2 stuff to us.

One of his "missions" was to break into British factories and then make it obvious that he got in by placing a card saying We broke in to your factory and then an inspection was called to improve security.

He also did many other things but that is a whole bunch of other stories, some very sad.

Another was to dress up as a nazi and walk around town and see if anyone would try and stop him or call the guard. He was given a British made (I belive) Swastika patch that has a white background and a wreath around it. I could not find any info about this online and I was thinking that It could be very rare.

I have a iron cross (1914) and a knights cross among other medals.

The other thing I cannot identify , It has a pin mounted to a bar and a eagle carrying arrows and some kind of leaf, there is a crown and some strange elongated bowtie like shapes on the bar next to the crown It seems American due to the eagle but I do not see how it would have go into our hands.

I will be able to get pictures of this soon but I dont know exactly when


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