#JUSTICE4GRANDPACHEN / we’re going guerilla. we need your help.

As our community here knows, on January 26th, 2017, Jiansheng Chen, 60, was killed in his own neighborhood in Chesapeake, Virginia. He had gone to the local clubhouse to train his Pokemon, as he played Pokemon Go to bond with his grandkids. He was sitting in his parked van when he was SHOT AT LEAST FIVE TIMES through the windshield of his van by a neighborhood security guard. There was NO CONTRACT for ARMED services with Citywide Protection Services, only unarmed. The neighborhood has since terminated their contract with Citywide Project Services. The company and their lawyer have claimed self defense. We do not have any details about the case except information from the lawyers of either side. There have been NO ARRESTS. THERE HAS BEEN NO JUSTICE. WE DEMAND A FULL, TRANSPARENT INVESTIGATION AND THE HIGHEST CRIMINAL CHARGES POSSIBLE PERMITTED BY THE LAW.


I’ve talked to many of my friends about this case. Unsurprisingly, none of them had heard about it. None. All of them pulled their phones on me as we spoke about Grandpa Chen in order to fact check me because it sounded ludicrous.

The problem is Grandpa Chen’s case has been severely underreported, EVEN IN LOCAL NEWS. They’d rather talk about trees falling into people’s houses and dog attacks. The media does not care about us. DO NOT LET THEM SWEEP GRANDPA CHEN UNDER THE RUG. DO NOT LET THEM MAKE LIGHT THE GRIEVANCES OF THE ASIAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY.

Thus, me and my friends are going to go through with sticking 'em up for Grandpa Chen. we’re going guerrilla and we NEED your help.


Help us “report” about Grandpa Chen. The media won’t do it, so we’ll do it.

I've made a poster/sticker for #JUSTICE4GRANDPACHEN. I will link the files down below for everyone.

WHAT WE’RE DOING: We will be using the artwork as stickers. We’re sticking them up in high traffic, high visibility areas, preferably in Asian enclaves. On lamp posts, on top of newspaper boxes, in the subway, on top of subway ads, etc. Anywhere where they can be seen by many, many people, preferable by people that will care about us. More people need to be made aware.

MATERIALS: To start with, we are printing 1000 4 x 6” vinyl stickers. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions, and you will need the hand of god to tear them off of certain surfaces if you do not have Goo-B-Gone. Vinyl stickers are expensive and we decided on 4×6” to fit our budget. As we wait for the stickers to come in, we’re researching cost for printing flyers out as well to put in shop windows, other high traffic areas where they really need to stand out. There ARE flyers for #justice4grandpachen, but unfortunately, after some time observing, people are barely looking at them, nor do they stop to read! I’m hoping we will fare a little better.

If you know any Asian-owned printing business we can support with this initiative, please post a reply with information/link.


A6 4X6” (STICKERS) 600 DPI: Dropbox

LETTER SIZE 8.5 x 11” (FLYERS) 300 DPI: Dropbox

POSTER SIZE 11×17” (POSTERS) 300 DPI: Dropbox

WEB PNG 1240×1748 px: http://i.imgur.com/sV1mtQ2.png

Please spread the word or print these yourselves and stick ‘em up. I can’t stress enough that you can’t just leave it up to a group of little girls to do all the legwork. TIME TO PITCH IN! You can also tweet, share, or whatever the hell you kids do on social media these days.

If you want me to make some in a different size or need a translated version, PM me.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JusticeForGrandpaChen

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Justice4Liang

Petition: https://www.change.org/p/justice-calling-for-prosecution-of-the-killer-of-the-unarmed-60-year-old-pok%C3%A9mon-go-player

Stealing this from /u/Krobrah_Kai, thanks, man!

Brothers and Sisters,

The events surrounding this shocking tragedy and the conflicting and confounding allegations now asserted by this security firm is all the more reason for you to tweet the City of Chesapeake, the Chesapeake Police Department, and the Chesapeake Sheriff's Office and urge them to expediently conduct their investigation and recommend the Commonwealth's Attorney Nancy G. Parr bring a formal criminal charge. Justice deserves no less.





RECENT UPDATES 2/13/17 ‘We want justice.’ Pokémon Go player’s death sparks petitions, protests against Chesapeake police / WKTR

Thanks guys, please, please, PLEASE help us out, wherever you are!


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