Steven Gern Work History / Jobs


Driven, exacting and self-motivated professional with 10+ years of distinguished service in the U.S. Marine Corps and 10+ years as a Personal Security Specialist in a High Threat Environment. Embody and reinforce core values that define success in team building, training, program management, and continuous improvement. Respected as a sound Leader, professional program manager, and technically and tactfully competent security consultant. Skilled in identifying and correcting flaws, deficiencies and gaps in security in any High Threat environment

Key Strengths Include:

 Operations / Program Management

 Research / Analysis (Intel Gathering)

 Training / Development (PSD, LGF)

 Small Unit Weapons / Tactics

 Operational Security (OPSEC)

 Multi-Party Liaison

 Communications Systems

 First Responder/TCCC


Olive Group

Project Manager

Olive Group

January 2015 – April 2015 (4 months)Afghanistan

Oversee effective, compliant contract administration to meet and surpass the standards of the US. Government 

Coordinate with client and all funcational areas to ensure execution of the program requirements

Implemented effective Risk Management and midigation strategies

Prepared, present and proposed contractual updates in to OGNA’s senior management 

Ensured effective management of the scope change and contract providing clear communication and guidance to the operational teams and others as required 

Liaised with customer and internal technical representative in accordance with company policy, applicable laws and ethical business judgment.

Enforced compliance with contractual requirements and monitored contract progress in relation to an established schedule to ensure forward progression of the contract.

Conducted regular QA/QC checks to ensure the project is manned, equipped and operating in accordance with the Scope of Works

Daily and weekly manning, weapons holding and submission of weekly situation reports to the DEA PM and DPM. 

Conducted internal quarterly QA/QC checks to ensure the project’s full contractual compliance, and propose security upgrades and identified possible threats. 

Sallyport Global

Team Lead

Sallyport Global

May 2014 – January 2015 (9 months)

Olive Group

Deputy Project Manager

Olive Group

January 2012 – May 2014 (2 years 5 months)

Olive Group, Iraq

Responsible for the organizations security program by managing more than 510 security personnel in support of the base population of approximately 700, while evaluating the fluid security environment through continuous risk evaluation and reduction. 

Oversees and maintains accountability, safety, welfare and development of personnel and retains accountability for all company and Government owned equipment. 

Develops presentations and conducts briefings to senior leadership and US government representatives to communicate program status. 

Participated in the estimating process and executed two seamless mission augmentations including the incorporation of additional personnel, weapons and vehicles necessary to support Balad’s growing population.

Olive Group

Operations Manager

Olive Group

December 2010 – January 2012 (1 year 2 months)Iraq

Operations Manager – Balad, Iraq

Recruited to design route plans for secure ingress and egress, complete perimeter assessments, establish a footprint by hiring/vetting an LN security team and developing, implementing and maintaining a security program on Balad Air Base after more than one year of base dormancy. 

Implemented tactical training and development plans for multi-cultural Personal Security Details and Static Guard Teams to ensure client safety and security objectives are met on the Balad Air Base Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Mission supporting the arrival of F16 Aircraft.

Oversaw daily operations by managing Security Escort Team readiness, liaising with clients regarding mission planning and monitored teams during Amber and Red Zone mission execution.

Olive Group

MTT Team Leader

Olive Group

July 2010 – December 2010 (6 months)

MTT Team Leader 

Worked as a Team Leader for a Multi Task Team. Tasked with conducting missions as both a Security Escort Team as well as a Security Reconnaissance Team to adapt to changing environment within Iraq. Conducting SET mission to provide security for USACE clients to their project site throughout Iraq. As well as conducting SRT missions for the client to provide ground truth on site that the client could not visit do to the threat level or otherwise engaged in other tasking’s.

Assistant Team Leader

Aegis Defense, Iraq

July 2009 – July 2010 (1 year 1 month)Iraq

Assistant Team Leader for SET Team 17

Primary role is to assist the Team Leader with the daily operation of the Set Team. Assist in the planning of missions, training of team members and maintaining the equipment and vehicles for conducting missions for the client. While the Team Leader is away I assume all responsibilities as the TL. This ensures a smooth transition within the team for an uninterrupted continuation of safe and productive mission for the client. 

PSD operator for SET 25

As a team member I conducted missions in both MRAP’s and LAV. As a dual rolled team I was tasked with maintaining both the MRAP and LAV to ensure the safe operation while of mission. Conducted daily, weekly and monthly checks. Troubleshot potential problems on vehicle that would otherwise hinder the safe operation and compromise the team’s mission to the client being carried.

PSD Opertator

Unity Resource Group, Iraq

April 2007 – January 2009 (1 year 10 months)Iraq

PSD operator

Working as a PSD operator in Iraq for Unity Resource Group. Tasked with providing close protection for USAID/ RTI employees to and from there living area, meetings, sites and villas in Baghdad, Al Ramadi and Al Fallujah. Ensure all clients wear all there protective gear while moving on mission and informed them of their responsibilities as a client while traveling on mission as well as my responsibility.

PSD Operator

Erinys Iraq Security, Iraq

January 2006 – April 2007 (1 year 4 months)Iraq

PSD operator 

Conduct PSD operations for the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Planned routes and supervised preparation of vehicles and gear. Gathered Intel for all routes and briefed the team and Corp of Engineers of the routes and their status.

Security Manager

SOC-SMG Security

January 2005 – January 2006 (1 year 1 month)Iraq

Security Manager

For a multi-national security force protection detachment. Supervise and manage a detachment responsible for an armed site and the perimeter security of the LSA while ensuring the compliance of force protection procedures. Advise upper management on possible security breaches and implement corrective measures to ensure the highest level of force protection. 

Conducted mobile PSD for clients in Iraq. Responsible for armed site and perimeter security of the LSA as well as all local national personnel searches entering and exiting the site on a daily basis. Implemented perimeter security procedures for TCN personnel and supervised the performance of security responsibilities

United States Marine Corps

Platoon Sergeant

United States Marine Corps

September 1994 – January 2005 (10 years 5 months)

Team Leader, Squad Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Section Chief

Managed the accountability, maintenance, training, and proficiency of Guns Platoon while aboard the USS Peleliu. Supervised the operation of critical equipment and the safe firing of the howitzer and ensured the administrative and personal readiness of Marines while on deployment. Preformed duties as a Section Chief directly responsible for the safe firing of the 198 howitzers and safety of the Marines within my gun section. Conducted Advanced Close Quarters Battle Tactics to demonstrate the effectiveness of Marine Corps Security Forces Recapture Tactics Teams in recapturing stolen nuclear weapons. During my tour was assigned to Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, Naval Weapons Station. Ensured the security and safe transportation of nuclear weapons and personnel carrying assets involving national security. Supervised a Marine Corps squad and the accountability of mission essential gear.

United States Marine Corps

Drill Instructor

United States Marine Corps

April 2000 – April 2003 (3 years 1 month)

Trained, supervised, and counseled drill instructors assigned under my command. Ensured drill instructors conformed to the rigorous recruit training standard operating procedures. Ensured all training was conducted in accordance with the recruit training standard operating procedures as well as supervised the daily execution of the training schedule.

United States Marine Corps

Primary Marksmanship Instructor

United States Marine Corps

February 1998 – September 1998 (8 months)

Performed duties as the Camp Schwab Rifle Range platoon Non-commissioned Officer. Responsible for the safety and supervisions of up to 150 rifle range operators at a time as well as the operation, maintenance and management of supplies necessary to support operations.

United States Marine Corps

1st Platoon 1st Squad Leader

United States Marine Corps

June 1996 – February 1998 (1 year 9 months)

Assigned to Marine Corps Security Force Battalion, Naval Weapons Station located in Yorktown, Virginia. Ensured the security and safe transportation of nuclear weapons and personnel carrying assets involving national security. Supervised a Marine Corps squad and the accountability of mission essential gear.

United States Marine Corps

Recapture Tactics Team Member

United States Marine Corps

April 1995 – June 1996 (1 year 3 months)

Close Quarters Battle Team Member for the Recapture Tactics Team at the Naval Weapons Station. Served as a designated marksman for multiple naval installations for the movement of nuclear weapons and assets involving national security. Conducted Advanced Close Quarters Battle Tactics to demonstrate the effectiveness of Marine Corps Security Forces Recapture Tactics Teams in recapturing stolen nuclear weapons.

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