Psych Evals: Homeland Myers-Briggs Analysis—Part One: Dar Adal

We’ve still got about a week to kill until the next ep, and I thought this might be fun.

The CIA loves to run polygraphs and psych evals on its own people. It’s a requirement if you’re trying to quit, if you fucked up somehow, or if your boss is a jerk and just doesn’t like you (but hey, if your guard likes you, you might get an extra milk or two. No phone calls, though.)

Unfortunately, my polygraph’s in the shop. But let’s dust off the old Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and see how far we get.

For any neophytes, Myers-Briggs contrasts four either-or traits. You’re either one or the other. Sometimes, an individual might exhibit both characteristics—in this case, they’re usually described as “turbulent” (*cough*CarrieMathison*cough*) but for the most part, you’re going to want to sort them in one category or the other.

  1. I or E: Introvert or Extrovert. Pretty self-explanatory.

  2. N or S: Intuitive or Sensing. Big picture out-of-the-box visionary, or observant, nuts-and-bolts pragmatist, living in the here and now.

  3. T or F: Thinking or Feeling. Logic-driven or emotional, empathic.

  4. J or P: Judging or Prospecting. Organized, intricate planner, or chaotic, spontaneous, random acts of brilliance.

For more info, 16 Personalities has a big friendly chart breaking it all down.

DAR ADAL: INTJ—The Architect

This magnificent bastard has INTJ written all over him. He’s the most INTJ INTJ who’s ever INTJ’d.

Let’s break it down:

  1. Introvert. He is not the life of the party. He is happy being Saul’s wingman… until he starts to doubt Saul’s objectivity, at which point he’s willing to take the lead. But it wasn’t his first choice. He’s at home in the shadows, not the spotlight.

  2. Intuitive. He only cares about the big picture. He’s unconcerned with mundane details like collateral damage or the law, pfft. He sees the whole, and every decision or action he takes is in service to his ultimate goal, the best interest of the Agency, and the national security of the US.

  3. Thinking. He is a man without a heart. Okay, he’s fond of Saul, and even Quinn, in his way, but he would never allow such trifling considerations to cloud his brilliant, ruthless, strategizing. The world is his chessboard, and he is the grandmaster.

  4. Judging. Dar Adal is not one to leave anything to chance. He will meticulously plan out every detail, and have contingency plans for any eventuality. He is controlled and precise in everything he does. He was very disappointed when that waffle place closed! He likes order, routine, predictability. He acts to preserve the status quo.

INTJ is a type commonly associated with villains and anti-heroes. The Walter Whites of the world. That doesn’t necessarily mean every INTJ is inherently evil… it’s just that the kind of intricate, strategic planning associated with supervillains happens to be the sort of thing an INTJ would excel at.

If there’s interest, I’ll analyze the other principals, but I thought I’d start with Dar since he fits the archetype so well.

Have I got it right? Wrong? Do you think MBTI is total bunk? (I considered using OCEAN, but you don’t get fun character types with that one. Plus MBTI is more well-known.)


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