PSA: The LP staff circulate nearby stores.

A Public Service Announcement (for all the U.K. lifters out there anyway) I've confirmed it today that security guards don't just work at one store location. They circulate.

I've noticed a few LP staff at the same company but working different locations on the occasional shift. It's all stores in the general area so makes sense why an employee would take or be sent to shifts in other locations of their chain. And I've confirmed it with a security guard I knew very well at Tesco (very lovely but naive guy) who told me they can request to pick up shifts in other stores when they're not working their own location, as well as sometimes they're sent to locations by the company when one location is experiencing a flux in shoplifting.

This is from my own little research and mostly relates to grocery stores cause that's really all I lift anyway, but I'm sure the case is pretty much the same for electronics/house/apparel/whatever stores to some degree. So be wary when you piss off one security guard or get on their suspicious radar, don't just think you can switch to a near by location, that security guard may find you there or may even inform other staff of you if you really crapped the bed sometime before.

Happy lifting and stay safe fellow scumbags.


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