(+18)(Group)(NSFW)(Rikbowxi)The Concrete Jungle, Seeking active literate members, all needed info within.

The basis of the rp is about a city built and managed by supernatural beings, as year went by the founders of the city spilt into several groups, the major groups being the Union a private operated company that has acted as the government of the city for the passed 37 years , struggling against the growing strength of the gangs in the city, the Bloodlords, the silent night and theFallen. You get to choose to be a Union member or a gang member, or you can suggest a third-party role. ability list ,The Union: armed with magically enhanced advanced weaponry and cybernetics, magic negating barriers, nullifying blasts that silence targets from using abilities for a period of time, enough used conjures chains of magical energy to bind the target. Bloodlords: regenerative abilities and blood manipulation in the form of making weapons , armor and ranged attacks with your own blood only. Silent night: ability to make oneself silent and hidden in plain sight, Silent night gain enhanced agility and physical power and magical power at night the strength dependent on the lunar cycle, The Fallen: due to the varied nature of the fallen they may use anyone one of three abilities at a time, darkness awakened, user gains enhanced physical and magical power for a brief time, carapace of darkness, Shadow shrouds the user creating an dark armor for a period of time, Curse of the fallen: user curse a target with the fallen curse, plaguing the victim with night terrors as it sets root, the curse last for a long period of time, If someone was to die while cursed they will rise from the grave as a Fallen one. Third-party roles may choose three abilities, one of each type, offensive , defensive, and utility. Rules 1. Be respectful of your fellow furs 2. No vore, hard core gore or cub RP, 3. Yes their can be some yiff but not 24/7, 4. Keep the yiff to a minimum this is still a story based RP, 5. No Pming without consent from the person.6 three lines minimum in for roleplay post 7 have fun. So I'll start with silent night, before the seperation of the founding members of the* Elder's Council they served as scouts and spymasters, gathering and trading information, their gifts for stealth and naturally sharp reflexes aided them in their missions, during the discovery of the dark relic they sent a envoy to steal the corrupted share and hide it away on the orders of the silent nights matron Deity the midnight mother, the spymaster sent to fulfill the mission had fell to the corruption of fallen share, selling it to a group of beings that worshipped the dark powers of the shard. The midnight mother furious at her chosen envoy curse all of those whom are born with the silent night gifts with a greed for shiny objects and the need to steal that which they disire.After securing the dark relic from the silent night, the worshippers of the shard prepared for a grand ritual over the next few years slowly planning and gathering the ingredients for a dark and forbidden spell in secret, but secrets don't stay hidden for long, not with the silent nights eyes and ears everywhere, having caught wind of the dark ploy, seeking audience with the elder Council they sold the information of the cults plans and location of the stolen shard, a group of member on the elder Council including the envoy of the midnight mother and a seleted few members of the elders Council guards known as the bloodoath were tasked with finding cult, securing the shard and passing judgment on the heretics.These members given their mission set out at once, when they arrived at their destination the members of the bloodoath were uneasy, something troubled them as they travelled deeper into the underbelly of the city, the smell of death and decay reeked inside the tunnels, soon they found themselves staring down into a chamber littered with corpses, standing in a large circle chanting was members of the elder Council thought to be missing or dead, outraged a member of the Elder's Council ordered the bloodoath to advance and slay the heretics for their transgressions, the bloodoath bound by blood had to obey, descending from above several Knights of the bloodoath leaped into the chamber, summoning forth weaponry made of their own life essense, quickly laying waste to the heretics, suddenly an unearthly wail filled the chamber as several of the cultist members were struck down, only a remaining few stood against the bloodoath, the room filled with shadows, enveloping then cultist and imbuing them with the power they so sought after. Becoming beings of this world and the next.A ghastly voice boomed inside the room, clutching the bleeding end of severed arm a canine stood before the bloodoath and Elder's Council, " Fools! You've ruined everything.. we only sought to seal he powers locked inside the shard.. but now you've released it.. you've curse us all! " Slowly the corpses on the ground began to rise, an inhuman hunger for life driving them towards the bloodoath and the elders Council, they fought tirelessly but to no avail for those who fell rose again join the horde of undead, as they neared the exit of the tunnels the Elder's Council ordered the bloodoath to stand guard at the exit and make sure non escape the tunnel, what they didn't know was the elder Council news planning on sealing the tunnels with the bloodoath still trapped inside, being the spy he was the midnight mother's envoy took this news to the remaining bloodoath mnembers, the remaining leaders of were displeased by the news but admitted that the sacrifice of those men was necessary, though thehe ease of the Council to throw away their lives troubled them deeply.the remaining members of the Elder's Council planned on holding a secret meeting that night, a certain fellow had been ease dropping listening in on the meeting, the council discussed the situation of the fallen and sealing the tunnels, but not once was the sacrifice of the bloodoath was mentioned, this troubled the envoy, as he continued to listen quietly, they spoke of restricting magic and those who could use it, speaking of sciences and technology apose to the unpredictable nature of magic, the envoy feared for his friends in he bloodoath and his fellow spies, he fled and took his news to the remaining bloodoath leaders met with the spies and followers of the midnight mother, they discussed the information they had received, many were loyal to the council and agrued the validity of the new, they came to a collective agreement they would watch and listen for more information while remaining under the service of the council, If the council were to enact a decree against one, they would enact against them all, what the Elder's Council didn't know was their barrier was wearing away at a rate they never expected, in a few days the first of the fallen had emerged through a broken open tunnel, as they stepped out into light horrid screams filled the air, some of them had started to burn and smoke, quickly bursting into midnight black flames, the ones that stood in the light without burning looked around in awe, still completely unfamiliar with the new manifested powers, many of these ones were slain council members and bloodoath, some had sustained near fatal injuries or loss of limb had been over taken by the corruption of the fallen curse. That night the fallen had lead then near feral undead that had been raised from the grave, leading them into the outskirts of the city, raiding the streets , abducting lone pedestrians , converting them by the dozens , after a few short weeks the council had noticed the Disappearances happening , and was unable to deny that this may be the work of the heretics, but had no evidence of the crimes, that night an attack was made in the middle of the city, hundreds of undead poured into the streets all swarming the heart of the city, the Elder's Council ordered the bloodoath to secure the compound, aided by the spymasters and the remaining Council members held the stronghold against the feral undead hordes, as the sun rose the next only a few of the fallen remained, whilst the corpses of the other rendered to Ashe, they fought the tired out members of the joined forces, the battle lasted hours until the stalemate was broken, the council had retrieved some of sealing Magic's used to try and bind the darkness they used the information to arm themselves against the fallen, subduing their powers for brief amount of time. But last enough for them to dispatch justice on the heretics, many of the fallen were slain, only a dozen escaping to isolation, plotting their revenge. The casualties of the bloodoath far surpassed the number of fallen slain, the bloodmagic users in the bloodoath swore that this was only the beginning, saying the council will order the deathes of them, though the concerns were remarked many still sided with the council, the bloodmagic users and the spymasters could not let their suspicions go, it was year after that the second attack happened, again they swarmed the city the joined forces of the bloodoath and spymasters held the city perimeters, fending off torrents of the living dead, they losses of the bloodoath was to numerous to count, furious the remaining leaders meet with the council and the spymasters, they spoke then argued, the council said smuggly that they knew the cost of the battle, but better them them the council, this enraged the bloodoath's blood mage captain's, they swore no more were they to sacrifice themselves for the council, the envoy of the midnight mother, Had been hiding in plain sight amongst the council, he too was appalled by their additude towards them, the envoy eyed a council member that looked out of place and smelled of danger, this member shot a massive bolt of dark arcane energy at the bloodoath leaders and a couple, killing them on the spot, the bloodmagic users of the bloodoath flew into a frenzy, lashing out wildly killing the imposter council member. the captains of the bloodoath bloodmagic users lead them out of the heart of the city, the bloodoath and spymasters was disbanded and the bloodmagic users were blamed for the attack on the council, soon a new order sworn to the council had been raised to secure the city, they were names the Union .Many years had passed and the city's unstable balance of power was shifting, the city had advanced rapidly in the ways of technology, it was all but impossible to walk through the city unnoticed by the numerous security cameras all over the city, connected to the union's networks, they had eyes and ears everywhere, it was becoming increasingly difficult for the bloodlords and the residents of the outer city area to get common supplies, one day a foolish young member of the bloodlords tried sneaking into the downtown area of the city, walking into a futuristic looking bar, he made his mistake when they scanned his real ID alerting the local authorities about a known criminal,.


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