Busted by RA (kinda), advice?

So I had a bunch of people in my dorm on Friday (like 8ish) and we were all pregaming for the night. We were admittedly being loud and playing music loud. Then i hear a knock on the door, and everyone starts freaking out and hiding stuff. Last semester I got in trouble for a similar thing by opening the door and I remember the police telling me in the following community service that I had to do that opening your door is the dumbest thing to do. So I decided that we weren't opening the door. I believe they overheard my statement because one of the RA's responded, "we can hear you" and continued to knock. Then at that point I realized we 100% were not opening the door. So we did the next best thing to escape which was hop out the window. So I hopped out and had some girls I know a bit down the hall eavesdrop for me and what they were saying. Apparently they continued knocking for the next hour and a half and talked about 'documenting' this. The security guards doing their rounds said they could smell alcohol so I'm unsure if that is going in the documentation or not (probably is). I had a couple of alibis that I wasn't in the room. So my question is do you have any advice for me to take? I understand that the RA's have their job and they're not out to get me but i gotta look out for myself lol.


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