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News roundup for the previous week.

In International news

  1. "I wish you a happy Year of the Rooster!" Leaders send Lunar New Year greetings to Chinese people

  2. Taiwan aspires to create a "new era" of peace with China as military action cannot resolve problems, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said in a letter to Pope Francis. Self styles herself "As the first female president in the ethnic Chinese world"

  3. Bank of China opens first Chinese bank branch in Serbia: Bank of China will make further contributions to China's Belt and Road Initiative through its financial services

  4. China to Clear Path on Mekong River for Large Ships: Thailand is backing Chinese plans to clear parts of the Mekong River to allow large cargo ships to pass through. The project is intended to boost shipping navigation along a 630-km part of the river from Yunnan province to Luang Prabang in Laos

  5. China, Philippines to roll out $3.7B in cooperation projects: Duterte is planning another China trip in May to attend an international conference on China's project to revitalize the ancient Silk Road trade routes through vast investments in infrastructure

  6. Japanese embassy funds secret PR war on China

  7. Asians Are Now Being Targeted For Hate Crimes in LA, Experts Blame Donald Trump

  8. Russia beats Saudi Arabia as China's top crude oil supplier in 2016

  9. Tonga's leadership has lauded the country's relationship with China following a visit by a Chinese National People's Congress delegation. Both Tonga's Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Tongan Legislative Assembly told the delegation that Tonga was overwhelmed with China's bilateral assistance

  10. Useful idiots? Japanese embassy pays British think tank to plant anti-China stories

  11. Duterte slams building of ‘permanent’ US weapon depot in Philippines, threatens to tear up treaty: "Do not do it, I will not allow it" Duterte alleges Washington’s actions put the Philippines in “extreme danger” if they are seen to be aiding the US in its battle with China over the South China Sea

  12. China energy firm expands in crisis-hit Brazil: State Grid signed a deal to buy a majority stake in Brazil's electricity giant CPFL for $4.5 billion, offering a boost to a Latin American giant struggling with recession

  13. China’s One Belt, One Road reshapes Mideast: Chinese economic interests in creating and preserving the reliable and cost-efficient flow of commerce across the region will become a dominant organizing principle in the international relations in the Middle East

  14. Philippines' Duterte wants China sea patrols to stop kidnappings

  15. World no longer sees China as a cheap outsourcing destination: Survey

  16. Wok This Way: These restaurants are redefining American Chinese food. Following in the footsteps of places like Mission Chinese Food and Red Farm, a select group are opening restaurants across the country that reflect their neighborhoods, regional food traditions and what's being grown nearby

  17. Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'The world needs the US and China to win'

  18. China Sets Stage To Replace U.S. As Global Trade Leader

  19. Philippines' Rodrigo Duterte wants China to patrol international waters

  20. Asia Pacific nations are tilting closer toward China as Trump declares 'America First': Australian PM said he was open to China taking the US place in the TPP. South Korean Presidential hopeful Moon Jae-in is seen as more friendly toward Beijing. China and Vietnam pledged to manage their differences

  21. Security Guard Guns Down Chinese Grandpa Playing Pokémon Go For No Apparent Reason

  22. China unites 25 countries to establish Global Blockchain Business Council

  23. US Defense Secretary Mattis: Only North Korea need fear missile defense. Deployment of THAAD has drawn criticism from China, sees it as part of US strategy to extend military alliance network. Mattis said that is not the case. "There's only one reason…that is North Korea's activities,"

  24. China Sets The Stage To Replace The U.S. As Global Trade Leader

  25. Sri Lanka’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva labelled Chinese President Xi Jinping as the new champion of trade and globalization of the free world, who would fill the vacuum created by US President Donald Trump with his inward-looking political and economic policies

  26. S. Korea aiming to smooth ties with China amid THAAD concerns: comes as concerns grow over actions that China is perceived to have taken in retaliation. The South Korean government will expand meetings with local businesses doing trade with or in China, and engage Chinese officials more frequently

  27. Chairman for the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of Iran, Allauddin Boroujerdi said that Pakistan and Iran have agreed to expand co-operation between Gwadar and Chabahar ports to connect these seaports with Central Asian states and China for greater regional co-operation

  28. E.U. Looks to China for Climate Leadership

  29. Asylum Fraud in Chinatown: An Industry of Lies

  30. Growing Relations between Saudi Arabia and China: On October 27, 2016, a joint anti-terrorism exercise was completed. The exercise, the first of its kind, invites an examination of trends in China-Saudi relations as part of the network of ties between world powers and leading Middle East states

  31. China has surpassed the United States to become Germany’s top trading partner in 2016

  32. Philippines downplays war over South China Sea: Tillerson drew a sharp rebuke from Beijing when he said the United States would seek to prevent China from accessing facilities it built. Lorenzana questioned whether that was even possible, saying: “How can you prevent something that’s already there?”

  33. Chinese American in Chicago teaches fellow Chinese about guns: Wang was born and raised in China, back then, he didn’t handle any real guns. When he came to America, he became concerned about his safety after hearing about violent crime, and incidents in which Asians are specifically targeted

  34. Asian Students Targeted in Dorm Room Vandalism at Columbia University

  35. O’Reilly told Trump that Putin is a killer. Trump’s reply: ‘You think our country is so innocent?’. “Well, I think that our country does plenty of killing, too, Joe,” Trump said. (lol)

In Domestic news

  1. WeChat dominates Chinese mobile app use: WeChat remained the most heavily used app in the country in 2016, with almost 80 percent of the online population employing the social media service frequently

  2. China will “unswervingly” stick to the promotion of Mandarin for ethnic minorities, the government said. The government also pledged help for threatened tongues. “Increase efforts to protect ethnic minority languages in imminent danger,” it said

  3. China’s Nuclear Power Capacity Set to Overtake U.S. Within Decade

  4. China's tourism industry saw revenues of 423.3 billion yuan ($61.55 billion) during the recent Lunar New Year festival, up 15.9 percent against last year. The rate of growth, driven by 344 million domestic tourist trips (western media said Chinese celebrated by "escaping" China)

  5. China invites journalists to cover political meetings

  6. China's solar power capacity more than doubles in 2016

In SciTech news

  1. Why do Asians have bigger brains than Europeans or Africans?

  2. Chinese scientists discover a new species of catfish in Myanmar: scientifically named Oreoglanis hponkanensis

  3. China is Constructing Manned Submersible Capable of Reaching Ocean’s Deepest Point: submersible vehicle will reportedly have the ability to go as deep as 10,900 meters. In 2012, Jiaolong carried out a deep ocean exploration in the Pacific Ocean's Mariana Trench, reaching a depth of 7,062 metres

  4. Hong Kong professor’s biofilm breakthrough could save shipping companies billions and protect marine life. He is honoured for the creation of a coating that repels barnacles, which is also good for the environment

  5. Honor 8 Durability Test – Scratch test – BEND test

  6. Hybrid and Electric Cars Gain Popularity in China: The sale of these green vehicles — hybrid, electric and fuel cell — grew to 507,000 units in 2016, an increase of 53 percent over 2015 according to China Association of Automobile Manufacturers

  7. Baidu focuses on AI as founder Robin Li hires new management team: During the past four weeks Li has rehired Melissa Ma, his wife and lifelong business partner, and poached at least three executives from Microsoft, Xiaomi and a Chinese local startup to join his senior management team

  8. US study: Air pollution linked to Alzheimer's disease – older women who live in places with PM2.5 exceeding EPA standards are 81% more at risk for global cognitive decline and 92% more likely to develop dementia

  9. 'Tuberculosis-resistant' cattle developed in China

  10. China Eyes Breakthrough R&D Defense Plan to Take on US Technological Dominance

  11. Researchers from the United States, China and France have created what they say is the world’s first stable semi-synthetic microorganism. The research appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

  12. For this metal, electricity flows, but not the heat: Berkeley-led study finds law-breaking property in vanadium dioxide that could lead to applications in thermoelectrics, window coatings. Other co-lead authors of the study include Jiawang Hong at the Beijing Institute of Technology

  13. Meet China's newest police recruit: Robotic traffic officer is stationed at crossroads to catch jaywalkers. The droid, stationed at a crossroad in the city of Xiangyang, central China's Hubei Province, has been programmed to stop and tell off pedestrians who run the red lights

  14. The formation of stable solid electrolyte interphases on lithium metal anode: Xue-Qiang Zhang, a graduate student in Qiang’s research group, successfully demonstrated a facile but effective regulation strategy to render uniform Li deposits by incorporating fluoroethylene carbonate (FEC) additives

  15. China Gains on the U.S. in the Artificial Intelligence Arms Race

  16. China's plans for deep-space exploration included two Mars missions and one Jupiter probe

  17. Meet Saccorhytus coronarius, Humans’ Earliest-Known Ancestor: microscopic, bag-like marine creature that lived approximately 540 million years ago has been identified from microfossils found in Shaanxi Province, China

  18. Tuberculosis-Resistant Cows Engineered by Chinese Scientists: Researchers from China’s Northwest A&F University used a technique called CRISPR to insert a gene associated with tuberculosis resistance into 20 cows

  19. Qualcomm, Chinese Firm to Develop New ARM-Based Server Chip as Beijing Boosts Homegrown Tech

In Economic news

  1. Gwynne Dyer: Making China great again

  2. China's manufacturing sector continues to improve

  3. Cheaper Rivals Eat Away at Apple Sales in China

  4. Yuan’s Gain Has Surprised Trump, Incoming Ambassador Branstad Says

  5. China: globalisation’s unlikely champion

  6. With Pen Plan, China Etches Nationalist Economic Policy

  7. Facebook Is Trying Everything to Re-Enter China—and It’s Not Working

  8. How China surged ahead in mobile – and what the West can learn

  9. Chinese Factory Replaces 90% Of Human Workers With Robots, Sees 250% Production Increase

  10. China trade cost 3.4 mn US jobs in 2001-2015: report. Marcus Noland, director of studies at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, rejected the reports "basically fallacious" correlation between deficit and job loss, noting the US was now at or near full employment despite trade deficit

In Military news

  1. US-China war increasingly a 'reality,' Chinese army official says

  2. Chinese Aircraft Carrier Program to Make New Advances in 2017

  3. US Air Force Gen. John Hyten said that Russia and China are developing their anti-satellite capabilities and will soon pose a threat to the United States in space. "In the not-too-distant future, they will be able to use that capability to threaten every spacecraft we have in space"

  4. China May Be Developing New Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile: The missile may even have an actual range of 400 km (249 miles), exceeding those used by Western air forces, and dive down on targets from the stratosphere

  5. US Congress orders review of Russian & Chinese leadership’s nuclear strike ‘survivability’

  6. China's new microwave weapon can disable missiles and paralyze tanks: Carried by a drone or missile, it would be able to disable enemy defenses like SAM and anti-ship missile batteries; fry enemy radars, communications, and control systems; paralyze tank battalions; and neutralize other EW platforms

  7. China Tests Missile With 10 Warheads: flight test of the DF-5C. The DF-5 is a two-stage, liquid-fueled missile with a range of around 8,000 miles

  8. China Leaks First Photos of New AEW&C plane for New Aircraft Carrier: An AEW&C aircraft is an airborne radar picket that detects aircraft, ships and vehicles at long ranges. It also performs command and control of the battlespace in an air engagement by directing fighter and attack aircraft strikes

  9. Former ADF head says China’s military rise in South China Sea is almost complete: “In my view it is too late to stop the China program in the South China Sea,” said Sir Angus. “What is important now is to ensure freedom of navigation and the right of innocent passage

Other Notables

  1. Largest Miao Village Dances to Welcome Spring Festival in Guizhou: In the legend of the Miao ethnic group, golden pheasants are considered divine, which helped their ancestors find grain and eliminate pests

  2. Apple celebrates New Year with Chinese art

  3. Unique Fire Dragon Dance Welcomes Spring Festival in southwest China

  4. John Cena's Chinese New Year message in Mandarin

  5. Pictures: Yonghe Temple in Beijing, China

  6. JOURNEY TO THE WEST 2 Trailer (2017)

  7. Pictures: Light festival kicks off in NW China

  8. Australian uses Animal Rights as A Way to Veil Her Views of Chinese People

  9. It's A Pandaful Life! How China is saving the giant panda from extinction.

  10. How China can win as America turns inward

  11. China: globalisation’s unlikely champion

  12. Meet Kris Wu, China's Box Office Superstar And Hip-Hop Savior

  13. Ancient Porcelain Arts Thrive Again in a Chinese River Town

  14. Donald Trump Is Handing China the World

  15. A Chinese American lesson for Trump

  16. Chinese man speaks to brother for first time in 50 years after becoming trapped in India

  17. China’s biggest festival is going global

  18. How the Xbox One and PS4 are helping bring Chinese indie games to the West

  19. Why China will be able to sell itself as the last liberal great power: China's rising levels of hypocritical power. China does not come close to embodying the liberal hegemon that many want to bestow on Beijing. (lol)

  20. China issues guidelines to preserve traditional culture: Specific tasks were listed in the guidelines, including protecting traditional Chinese villages, historic architecture, agricultural and industrial heritage; preserving dialects; and supporting Chinese poetry, music, dance, calligraphy

  21. Pictures: The 31st Chinese – Qinhuai Lantern Fair lights up Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

  22. Wanda announced purchase of biggest cinema chain in Nordic and Baltic regions: Experts say cinema chains abroad can turn into hubs for films made by those born in China but are currently working outside. This will enable Beijing to strengthen ties with overseas Chinese elite and Chinese communities

  23. ‘She really likes China’: Ivanka Trump is surprise guest at Chinese embassy’s Lunar New Year party

  24. Looking China series: Xibe ethnic group in Xinjiang

  25. The U.S. Must Help Transform China Into A Democracy

  26. "Straight man cancer" even has it's own Wikipedia page now, full citations and everything

  27. Bohan Phoenix – 3 Days in Chengdu 回到成都 Music Video

  28. Western political decay makes China’s path stand out

  29. Large Neolithic site discovered in NW China: Dwellings and ditches made between 3000 B.C. and 1000 B.C. have been discovered in seven sites

  30. 舌尖上的中国(第二季)01 脚步 A Bite of China Season 2 – Footstep(1080P超清)

  31. 中文

  32. China can evoke old Latin-American ties to bypass US order: 1565. Until that year, no fleet had succeeded in sailing east from Asia across the Pacific to the Americas. For 250 years, the trading route that resulted connected China with fabulously wealthy Spanish America

  33. Scenery from Jiuzhaigou, China (x-post r/travel)

  34. Pictures: Pray for good luck, temples for Spring Festival prayers Nanshan Temple, Hainan, China

  35. Made in China – How a Chinese became a Hasidic Jew – Conversion

  36. 李登欽 Lee Teng-ching – Lee Tenghui's older brother

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