[EVENT]Somali Construction Projects

Chinese and Somali authorities have come to an agreement to begin construction on several infrastructural improvements for the nation of Somalia. These will help boost trade, productivity, and well-being of citizens across Somalia.


A 300MW Solar power plant will be constructed in Quardho which is located in northern Somalia. This will provide clean, and inexpensive power to the entirety of northern Somalia. Solar panels will be imported from China and will be installed by Chinese workers and technicians with assistance from Somali workers who will be trained in the care and maintenance of the facilities for eventual full handover once Chinese and Somali government officials are in agreement that the crews are satisfactorily trained.

Infrastructure including new highways, power lines, substations, and guardposts to prevent illegal siphoning will be established.

This project will cost $2 billion total with $1.2 billion going towards the solar plant itself, and an additional $800 million going towards infrastructural improvements.


The bay at Xaafuun/Hordio/Ashira (Tri-City) will be transformed into a large port capable of receiving supplies for these projects and housing construction workers, administrative staff, and security forces. Construction will include:

  • Underground back-up power generators beneath hardened overhead ceilings.

  • 18x large piers able to service multiple large container ships or military vessels. This includes a small railway allowing the transport of heavy containers throughout the port area.

  • Sonar monitoring stations under the auspices of the Office of Undersea Acoustic Intelligence (OUAI) will be constructed at the mouth of the bay including undersea acoustic monitoring. This will also include the construction of guard posts due to piracy concerns and threats from foreign navies.

  • Ample storage facilities for construction materials for use across Somalia. This will be contained within an initial 1000 acres of land with a double barbed wire fence and surveillance lighting to prevent theft. Automated monitoring systems will be utilized to direct security personnel to any breaches.

  • Living facilities for 10,000 personnel will be constructed over an area of two miles.

  • An onsite desalinization plant and water treatment facility will be constructed, the overflow of which will be distributed throughout the region.

  • Road infrastructure leading to and out of Xaafuun Bay will be upgraded substantially to handle all of the transport and construction traffic.

  • An onsite solar power station able to produce 250MW of power along with a large underground battery facility able to store enough energy to power the base for several days will be constructed.

  • 50x 525 foot diameter wind-turbines will be installed offshore to further supply power.

  • 2x 3-mile runways will be built with several large hangars and cargo/passenger offload locations. Large underground fuel storage facilities will be completed before the runway is poured. Priority will be given to the runways following the piers to begin accepting cargo aircraft for supply transportation.

  • To accompany requests to train the Somali military, living quarters for 5,000 troops will be constructed, as well as munitions depots, training grounds, medical facilities, and refit/mechanic bays for vehicle maintenance.

Total costs for this endeavor will amount to $5.5 billion. Half of the piers, one runway, and permanent living quarters for 10,000 personnel and 5,000 military personnel will be completed within 1 year. Supplies and materiel for other projects within the country will begin landing at Xaafuun Bay by the end of the year.


A second, 250MW solar power plant will be established in southern Somalia near Mogadishu in the town of Buur Hakaba. This will be constructed similarly to the Quardho plant with the same agreements.

This project will cost $500 million for the solar plant, plus $300 million for infrastructural upgrades including new roads, transmission lines, guard houses, and substations.


A large-scale multi-year project to improve the living conditions of Mogadishu will be started this year. This project will encompass the following:

  • The construction of a large scale desalinization and water treatment facility.

  • A complete overhaul of the water delivery and sewer system throughout the city.

  • A complete overhaul of the electrical grid, moving it underground in conjunction with the sewage and water grid upgrades.

  • A complete repaving of the major road network inside Mogadishu.

This multi-year project is expected to be completed by 2039 and will cost $12 billion.

It is China's hope that Somalia and China can continue our strong friendship and continue to bring more wealth to each other.


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