I’ve got no job and I’ve been discriminated against

Hello, I've been out of work since last November. I've been actively looking and applying. I've sent out more resumes these last two weeks than I've ever hugged my mother.

I live in Beloit Wisconsin, I was pulled up here for a job through Cyber Recruiters at a company called Audentio Designs or as they've re-branded Themehouse that fell through in early July. The owner of the company told me to move up and he would start me when I got here.

I did just that, and he told me that he had closed that position to me because of my skill set. I understand the situation, but I'm stuck on a lease and jobless.

In October I found a part time job for customer service at a company called Ebates, Ebates was a Bay area company who had bought out a local company. Ebates paid decently and were good in the beginning. But as time went on, I realized I was being targeted for my disabilities. I had told them before, that I had aspergers, and was somewhat slower than the others.

During my training I made sure I was the first to volunteer for everything, the first to answer everything and I made sure that I made a good impression by dressing up the best I could. I NEEDED this job.

My first Q and A came around, and I was told that they've never fired anyone for metrics and I truly believed it. They pulled the list of previous contacts I had done with customers, and went over them with me. During several points though I had told them that I learn best through examples because of my aspergers, reading a document that is fragmented makes it quite a bit harder for me to pick up specific details. My team leader said to me – "So that means aren't as good at working as the other workers because of your disabilities?" I responded with "No, it just means I learn in a different way like most people, but I'm specialized in the way I learn…" she said to me "That means that you're less efficient as the others". I was blown away by what I heard, but I NEEDED this job.

Within my second week on the floor I was reported for staring at some SJW woman, she had told my managers that I kept giving her sexual glances and was trying to make advances on her. I was promptly pulled into a separate office and told that they're were reports of me staring at people and hitting on the co-workers. I denied them, but broke down because this wasn't fair, I had just recently found this job and wasn't going to lose it. They disciplined me by saying if this ever happened again, I'm going to be terminated on the spot. I shrugged it off after that and stopped talking to my co-workers, and stopped eating with them.

Well within the next week it happened again, they pulled me into a room and told me that my metrics weren't good enough and they were firing me.

My metrics being too poor sounded like an absolute ploy because I had just learned how to do the job, and was already out of it within 3 weeks. It wasn't fair at all… They grabbed all my stuff, and escorted me out to my car, like I was some sort of maniac who was going to do something irrational.

I've never felt more embarrassed in my entire life, they walked me through the back and out the door. I asked them, "Are you sure it was only my metrics?" and they said yes, in a cold stare. It was obvious that I must have done something wrong that I didn't know about.

I left and tried to call my friends the next couple days that I made from there, I was promptly contacted by the staffing firm that told me I need to cut all contact with anyone I met from Ebates effective immediately.

The story doesn't stop there though, because I'm actually located around the company I sometimes visit the bench by the lake which happens to be right in front of it. Me and my girlfriend were on a date when I took her there to show her the spot I loved to visit when I'm around this part of the town, several members of the company were on a smoke break and they looked me up and down. I said "Hello!" but they just stared, they briskly walked inside and pulled out their supervisor.

She came out and started screaming "HEY YOU!!! GET OVER HERE!!" I felt assaulted and harassed… They got my girlfriend, someone who was completely innocent caught up in some sort of intimidation contest they were trying to put on. I said to her, "Let's just go back to the car…" and we started walking back. As we were walking back though the security guard pulled up next to us and said they had called the main head of security on us and that he was going to show up shortly, I couldn't believe it. I asked him, "Did we do anything wrong?…" and he said "No they just said you were acting incredibly suspicious." he proceeded to say "But you're not doing anything wrong so when he get's here I'll tell him that they just called on you for nothing". I thanked him and walked away and just left.

Ever since then I've been jobless, and actively looking. I'm not a bad worker, I show up on time, I put my all into what I do, and I don't complain about over time.

I just want a job and to help Make American Great Again.

My website – www.mtbauer.me


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