Let’s have an open and honest discussion on illegal immigration and “The Wall” which no other forum on Reddit will allow.

It's really pathetic that serious current issues cannot be discussed openly because they are labelled hate speech which allows governments as well as social media to silence the public. The_Donald, 4Chan, and Voat are probably the only forums that will allow the issue of illegal immigration to be discussed without censorship and banning of users.

So how is controlling illegal immigration considered racist? There are between 11 million to 13 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. alone but since it is considered racist to even track these figures, the government does not have accurate figures (same with crime statistics). There are only 7 states in the U.S. with a population more than 11 million.

The only argument I've heard in support of illegal immigration is that these illegal laborers provide cheap labor for businesses. However, an old estimate of the costs to American taxpayers for the education, healthcare, and social services of these illegal immigrants is over $130 billion per year. In other words, The government subsidizes businesses for their labor.

Trump is not against immigration (with proper vetting). There is a formal and lengthy process for legal immigrants. Why does the media support illegal immigrants whom circumvent that process? Do they honestly feel it's ethical to reward people whom "cut the line" to be avoid the red tape? Besides looking for short cuts, maybe those line cutters realize there's no way they would be allowed into the U.S. because of their criminal history. Should they be allowed in through the back door? Maybe those illegals can't afford the immigration process. Only suckers pay anyway. If I were to climb over a fence to make it past the Super Bowl security guards because I can't afford the $5000 ticket, I should be allowed to stay too, right?

Fences do not work. How many terrorist attacks have Israel had since they put up their walls? BTW, Hillary Clinton supported Israel's walls but calls Trump a racist for his wall.


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