(VA) Unarmed man shot dead in his car by security guards

My uncle was shot dead by a security guard while another watched in front of the neighborhood/community clubhouse. He is a member of the community clubhouse. My uncle was not armed and just there to play Pokemon go. There is a Pokemon gym at where he was. From the guards' statement, my uncle got out of his car and had an argument with them then tried to run one of the guards over. For self-defense, the guard shot him. First, my uncle was a nice man and he shows not violent behavior from all the years I know him. Second, he speaks very little English. That is another reason why he wouldn't get into any kind of argument with anyone. He would just leave the place. We have a witness/neighbor, who saw what happened. From her statement, she saw no argument between the two and all she heard was the guard screaming and yelling into the car then shot through the window 5 times. The car was still in park. Second, the community clubhouse requested unarmed roving patrol service. The guard got his own gun with him. It is still under investigation for homicide but guards are not under custody. My whole family is devastated. We are very angry. My father contacted a lawyer. I want to make sure we get the justice we deserve. I have seen some great work and advice from Reddit. Please help us and let me know the proper steps to justice.

What is some advice for this situation? What are some possible outcomes? Is this a civil or criminal case? What kind of lawyer should we hire?


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