Cypher Bebop: Season 2 Session 2

Cypher Bebop, Season 2, Session 2:

Gming this session was a lot of fun. I wanted to focus on role playing so I didn't really plan any action. There is also a new player in the group so, a new player in the game. This changed a lot! I basically scrapped the rest of the season but I'm excited to see where they take it.

Narrator: The Hombres have had a good run of it these past few weeks. Joining up with Captain Myrk and the crew. The Vulture has come to seem like home. The pirate life was really starting to sink in when it all when wrong. It was supposed to be a simple smash and grab job on a mining colony. A sweet stash of refined Trellium D(Sorry Enterprise), which they did manage to find. But the whole colony was really just a honey pot. They never made it off the surface. Captured by troops and sent to a holding camp.

After a court hearing in a language none of them could really understand, a small robot informs them that they are guilty of piracy. They have all been sentenced to 20 year hard labor, and they they will now be boarding the ship that will take them there.

The prison ship is a long tube-type ship. The front is a command module with a “neck” section. The prisoner tube has a hatch to the neck area, guarded by a Cylon(Sorry BSG). Then it's basically space-white plastic benches of various shapes and sizes and a hatch on each side, roughly midship.

The Hombres, already stripped of their gear, and just wearing their clothes are shoved aboard the prison ship. Several other prisoners are aboard the ship already and several more board the ship after them. Various bipedal types and a giant green tentacled mass. In the back row sleeping, is another Terran. Once the prisoners were loaded aboard. The ship launched and the players were now free to play.

The goals I had created were to either take over the ship en route. Or take the ship all the way and figure a way out of prison. Either way I was looking forward to the challenge of keeping up with my players in 10% prep game. I have a few canned responses and a few character quirks for the other prisoners, in the hopes that the players would want to involve them in their plans. It all seemed to work out OK.

To start the game, the players start using their observation skills. They map out the interior of the ship and through the little windows, they guess the exterior of the ship. Introducing ASH Ash, is a Brash Warrior who Bears the Gauntlet.(Sorry Army of Darkness) He uses his first turn to try out the poop deck. Literally a giant toilet area, kinda of open, this is prison after all.

Rob-bot, is an accurate Explorer who Isn't. He uses his first turn to gather info. The first alien he talks to is not very friendly. “Fuck off Terran!” and the next alien he talks to seems to make fun of him. It's a big greenish mound of tentacles and a few eye stalks with a big slobbery mouth. Rob talks at it and gestures and it kind of just reacts to him. He doesn't seem to really be getting anywhere this round.

Khaos, is an Exiled Warrior who Sees Beyond. He uses his turn to see through the bulkhead door. Khaos is the first to discover that the ship is piloted by life forms, not robots. But his vision inst really too clear past that.

Ike, is clever explorer who looks in the mirror. He uses his first turn to go see about the other Terran. He makes it back to where Ash is, and Ash asked if he has any TP? After not having any they immediately begin to start planning their escape. They are going to try the “fake being sick” scenario.

Rob-bot has given up on the aliens after 2, and used this turn to survey the ship looking for things he could use to his advantage. Given his knowledge of ships, and what he saw of the ship before they boarded it, he knows that under any panel that could be lifted, all that would be under it, would be things essential to making the ship go and the beings inside alive. Nothing extra.

From a GM perspective this next bit was a lot of fun. The players were almost playing 2 different games at the same time, so 2 of them were having a plan while the other 2 were working other angles. So when they go for it…

Ike, doubles over in the corner of the poop deck. Ash yells for the robot to come help. The robot approaches the poop deck. It is a Detention Master 5000 and when it gets to Ash, it retracts its fingers and cycles through the tools on that hand until it comes to what looks like a microphone.

Ash starts speaking slowly and clearly, that Ike requires assistance and that if the robot had and TP that would be some real help. The robot now speaks Terran and informs Ash that he is shit out of luck on the TP. And then he uses his built in transmitter to activate the collars on Ash and Rob-bot, they are now physically locked up. The robot can approach Ike without having to worry about getting jumped.

However, that's was an opportunity Khaos couldn't waste. He used th robot's turn to make his way behind it, so when it got to Ike, he could knock it onto the poop deck and it would vanish like waste does. The robot approaches Ike, and swaps his microphone for a tri-corder (sorry Star Trek). The robot scans Ike and announces it finds nothing abnormal. And that's when Khaos struck!

The robot is a level 4 guard bot. Khaos plans to shoulder butt it into the grid. He needed a 12 and rolled a 12.

The DM5K hits the poop deck with a thud. The energy field's orange light encompasses him but nothing happens. It gets up and activates all the collars in the ship. It then begins to issue warnings in every language it knows, as it makes it's way back up to the front, where it resumed its position in front of the door, switching it's tri-corder back to a hand, and its other hand into a gun, before releasing all the prisoners from the collars. This did not win any friends with the other life forms. Ike used one of his skills to try and understand the tentacle guy, only to find that it has no real intelligence. It took great pleasure in mimicking the sounds and actions others made at it, and didn't really understand any of it. Stuff was either fun or it wasn't.

The DM5000 was not affected by the poop deck because he was not organic matter to be transported into the engine wake. The players reconvene and start to formulate a plan as a team.

They share their intel. They come up with the weaknesses of the DM5000 are his optical sensors, his transmitter pod, and a knee joint that really needs service. The plan is that Ike will juggle and Rob-bot will dab, and get the big green thing to go nuts. Ash will use his control the field skill to position the robot to where Khaos can disable the transmitter pod.

*The players say go. The robot is level 4, so it's 12 to hit. It's 1 more step to do called shots so 15. Ash is up first with a 10 on his punch. Khaos rolls a 13 for his stab. Ike uses effort, applies edge and subtracts speed for his attack and Rob-bot rolls a 16 to hit the robot's knee. *

Ike pulls 3 small rubber balls out of thin air and begins to juggle. This has the attention of some of the prisoners, but not the DM5K. Rob-bot starts dabbing and busting out his songs. This gets the big green thing going nuts. It loves to dab! Some of the other life forms start dabbing as well. And the DM5K begins to actively scan for threats. Ash springs to action. He wants to use his gauntlet to punch the robot right in the optical sensors. His punch hits the shoulder of the DM5K, but his control the field skill still works and he spins the DM5K 180 degrees exposing its back and transmitter pod to Khaos. The robot immediately activates Ash's collar when Khaos sees the robot turn its back to him, he springs up to make his attack. He sticks the blade into the transmitter pod but it didn't do anything, when out of nowhere Ike nails the blade with an axe kick shorting out the transmitter. Ash's collar deactivates. Rob-bot comes flying from the side and the DM5K's knee crumples like a soda can. It tries to activate collars and fails so it goes into attack mode but it's too late.

The previous action is a perfect example of a coordinated attack. IRL each player was building on what had happened right before. They knew whether they were going to be successful or not, and then as I described the action to them, they were able to add-on to it.

16 Ash lands a solid smash to the robot's dome with his gauntlet, and other lifeforms seeing what was going on, get in on the action and before the DM5K could do anything about it, the prisoners had taken over the back half of the ship. The lack of authority triggered 2 different events. Some of the life forms started trying to kill each other, and a few of the more friendly prisoners volunteered to help.

If the beings up front had any knowledge of what was happening in the back they weren't acting on it. The players begin to formulate a new plan.

Khaos uses his see through matter skill with no pressure and is able to discern that there are 4 beings in the command unit, and that this door opens via remote from that side. The players deduce that the transmitter unit on the DM5K did more than just activate the collars. Luckily there is a hacker aboard and he's pretty sure he can get the transmitter to open the door. He begins to fiddle with what's left of the circuits in the pod. Meanwhile, Rob-bot and his alien buddy are seeing what they can take apart off the DM5K. They bust open his arm pod and Rob-bot is able to salvage the repeating blaster arm, and make it work. Their new friend tries to open the door. Instead half the collars activate. This pisses off a lot of folks, but real fast he fixes it and the door in front opens up.

Khaos, Ike, Rob-bot, Ash, and a few aliens squeeze through the opening into the neck area. The player ransack the area. They find non-lethal riot gear. But it will have to do. It doesn't take long for their new hacker buddy to figure out the door lock. The players get the drop on the crew.

It's an open bridge. Higher in the back, lower in the front with seats for more than the 4 green/purple guys in red space suits. Rob-bot uses his sneakiness to get up to one of the crew, and he sticks the barrel in its back. He instructs the being to put its hands up and get up. It complies. The other's move it back and subdue it with zip-ties. The other 3 beings notice what's happening and give up with out a fight. They are zip-tied and moved to the back.

The consensus among the prisoners is that they find a place to land the ship and just flee rather than make matters worse. Death sentences would draw bounty hunters. Rob-bot pulls up the navigation maps and has some of the other prisoners suggest systems. They decide on a tourist destination. They should be able to sneak past the patrols and get to the surface. From there everyone can go their separate ways.

The ship is a 2 so the target is 6. Security patrols bump it up a step to 9. Then I graded the landings. So to hopefully survive is a 12, walk away is a 15, and smooth landing is 18. Rob-bot's skilled in piloting so -2 steps to 12. 2 efforts applied, taking edge into account, minus intellect points, and it's down to a 6. Synergy from Ike makes it a 3, and then the synergy from Khaos essentially makes it so all they Rob-bot had to do was not roll a 1. He rolled a 12.

The prison ship drops out of hyperspace way outside of detection range. As they approach the planet they used the ships long range sensors to plot a landing that would poke a hole through the planet's security. When they hit their mark, Rob-bot jams the throttle and they thread the needle between roving patrol sensors and defense satellites. He puts her down about a days walk from the nearest city.

The gang takes the guards clothes, and puts them on. They get all their gear back from the hold of the ship, and they make use of a cargo skiff from the hold to head to town. They've got the green tentacle creature with them. So it looks like 4 security guards are transporting a beast. They and what's left of the other prisoners scavenge what they can and scatter to the winds. The ship is cold to the touch by the time the authorities make it to the landing site.

The gang makes it to town and is able to get about 10,000 $B, or what this part of the galaxy uses as money. They are truly on the other side of the galaxy. Unable to reach the Vulture by any means, they pretty much have to start over. 10K is not enough to buy a ship to operate out of. But it's a start. Looking at the star charts, from where they are now, it would take them about 60 years to get back to their home space.

Narrator: I have to admit, I didn't see that coming. But they're a resourceful bunch. Their pockets full of space bucks, and an entire quadrant of the galaxy to explore, tune in next time, to see what the gang makes of themselves.

See you space cowboy…

TLDR; The gang gets pinched and shipped across the galaxy. They escape, cant find their way home, have to start over.


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