M4f Dub Con ( Bella Thorne ankles high!)

(Bonus points if you want to play on kik)

(Available for most of the rest of today! 6pm est)

(Looking for short term and long term)

** Craving Bella Thorne of late **

(Celebs I like. Optional, not mandatory. Open to hear your favorites. Bella Thorne, Dove Cameron, Pia Mia Perez, Kara Del Toro, Victoria Justice, Vanessa Hudgens, Nicola Peltz, Lia Marie Johnson, Ryan Newman, Kendall Jenner, Anna Faith, Gabby Epstein, Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, Kaley Cuoco, Blake Lively, Nina Dobrev, )

(Things I am craving, but optional. YOUR panties stuffed in YOUR mouth. Hands cuffed behind your back. Teasing/Orgasm denial/Begging)


Westworld SCREW UP I envision everything is pretty complex behind the scenes at West World. Accidents will happen.

Perhaps people fantasies get crossed up?

Your fantasy is to be wined and dined and romanced by the ultimate gentleman. Unfortunately, my fantasy is much darker. No matter how many times you tell me know, I ignore you because you are just some robot, programmed to resist me.

Let us discuss each other’s fantasy and how they might get intertwined. This can be anywhere from slightly to very non-con.


Costume Party Error

Very early on in the evening, I discover I am wearing the same costume as a guy who is there with a very hot woman in a very slinky costume.

I decide to take advantage of this coincidence. I grind up a sleeping pill and put it in his drink.

Then after I fill you full of drinks, I lure you upstairs to one of the guest rooms for a romp.

How long does it take you to realize I am not him? (Not that it matters.) What costume are you wearing?

Festival Slut

I have been fascinated by all the pictures from Burning Man festival. All those, young, gorgeous, scantily clad women running around. I can only imagine what is going on that we don’t see. In those tents. The back of vehicles. Or even right out in the open. What would you do if you were one of those festival sluts? Spend the whole time on your knees? Fuck and suck your way into one of those fancy, high end compounds where you know the best drugs and champagne are flowing?

Or maybe things don’t go so well for you. Someone sneaks in your tent. Maybe you are drunk/high and wander into the wrong tent. Or maybe the cops roll through and arrest a bunch of people. I bet they won’t be very nice to you once they get you back to the station. Celebrity play is encouraged.

Hurricane Warning

You have been hearing about it on the news for days. 6”? 12”? Or will it be 2.5 feet? That’s snow. How much rain would a hurricane bring? Flooded roads? Sometimes there are tornados afterwards.

A bad storm is upon us. Most people if they can, will just stay home and ride it out. Others, either because they are stupid, or out of necessity will venture out. Some of them will end up stuck or stranded.

Where will it happen? Airport terminal? Bus station? In your own home, with the power out? Out on the road, your car stuck in a snowbank, or you ran out of gas because no place was still open?

This can go a lot of ways. How desperate are you to find warmth and safety? What would you give?

Or would someone take advantage of your situation and TAKE what they want?

This can land anywhere on the non-con scale.

Interested in playing?

Where do you want this to happen?

Tell me about your character? Description? Outfit?

How do you want it to go?

Car Repairs

Cars are expensive. You have found this out the hard way. You have tickets for one of those music festivals this weekend. You paid a lot of money for them and you would hate to miss it. Maybe you are someone semi famous?

Of course, you are not getting your car back until you pay my bill. Which is way more than we originally discussed.

The only thing you know for sure, is that I have been checking you out every time you come to the garage.

We eventually agree on a topless handjob in my office. After I get MY release, I will release your car to you.

What you don’t realize until the following week, is that I have a security camera in my office. I caught every minute of your activity in glorious high def.

It would be awful for you and your reputation if this were seen by anyone but me.

Which is exactly what I threaten when I send a couple of clips of the action to your email that you provided me while I was working on your car.

Now I have you. If you were disgusted by the handjob, you are really not going to be thrilled when you hear what else I am going to want.

Prom Limo Driver

It is Prom season. Pretty girls. Frilly dresses. Lots of cleavage and leg. You go to prom. Planning to have the time of your life. But your stupid boyfriend smuggles in some booze and gets REALLY drunk. Ruining your evening.

What do you do? Drag him out to the limo and ask to be driven home? Or leave him there and head out to the limo by yourself?

What happens next? Do you throw yourself at the limo driver in an act of revenge? Or does the limo driver take advantage of the situation and drive somewhere secluded. Maybe everything happens right next to your passed out boyfriend.

Hope your dress doesn’t get stained!


Cliche of course but always a fave. Maybe a raceplay angle could be added? You could be from an Asian or Latin American country that you do not want to go back to. But if you lose your scholarship, you will have to go home. I could call you names the whole time. Maybe you think this is only going to be ten minutes on your knees, but I have other ideas. Let me know how you want this to go.

Post Apocalyptic trap

You wander into a seemingly abandoned town. It does not seem as destroyed as some other places you have visited lately.

You see a shop. It seems relatively untouched. You are hungry and desperate. You decide to enter and scavenge for food.

You enter the dark, dusty store and look around. Suddenly a huge door slams shut where you just entered. Trapping you and it is now pitch black.

You hear footsteps approaching and the unmistakable cocking of a shotgun.

The lights come on and I am standing at the top of the stairs. Pointing my gun at you.

“Drop all your supplies on the ground and step back.” I say with a menacing tone.

How does it go from here? This scenario can land anywhere on the non-con scale you want.

Do you offer to earn back some of your supplies? Or do I come down and take whatever I damn well please.

I found your stash

It was just a small bag of pot and a bag of pills. But i found them in your dorm room and I am sitting on your bed, waiting for you to get back from class. You are in a lot of trouble.

What are those pills?

Who found them?

Your RA? Who’s advances you have been ignoring all semester.

Or the maintenance guy. Older. Maybe 40. You didn’t even acknowledge his existence.

This can include light bondage. Non-con. Another guy or girl.

Describe yourself. What you wore to class today. Your limits.

Any chance you want to play this on YIM?

Busted shoplifter

Mall security catches you trying to walk out with something expensive. They take you down to the office to send you off to the police.

Do you try to EARN your freedom. Do they just punish you? How old are you?

Cuffs will be involved!

Desperate to make the sale

You have been at your job a while, but hit a dry spell. You boss has noticed and made it clear, if you don’t make a sale soon, you will be let go.

What do you sell? Describe self and what you wore to work today. What could you possibly offer me to make me want to complete the sale? Maybe I sense your desperation and take advantage? Maybe I take things too far?

Blackmailed Neighbor

Various directions for this. You can be part of a married couple. You have been cheating on your husband during the day. Unfortunately for you, I have some pictures and videos of the activities. I guess now I am your new boyfriend.

Or you could be a high school senior that throws are pretty wild party while your parents are gone. You think you have gotten away with it until later the next day when you find a DVD on your doorstep. With a lot of very scandalous and damaging videos on it.

New Security Guard

You are the new security guard. Unfortunately you have to work the night shift. I am your supervisor.

I will come by on the first night and trick you into putting your own cuffs on. From there it will be teasing and begging. Or just roughly taken.

Cam girl tease

You are one of those girls that just streams themselves on line all the time. No matter what you are doing. Playing video games. Doing your laundry. Cooking breakfast. Always in something skimpy. Your big fake tits pushed way up. Your hot little ass shaking all around in that barely there thong. You like to talk dirty. Tell all the guys all the crazy things you would do with them. Of course you are just a big tease. None of your legion of fans ever get anywhere with you. No one knows your real name or where you are.

But one day that changes. You are moving one of your many cameras and it pans across a pile of your bills. Too fast for most to notice. But since I am always recording your show, I just rewind and freeze the frame. BAM! Now I know who and where you are.

There will be a lot of teasing, denial, begging and humiliation when I finally arrive. Of course it will all play out in front of all your fans. No one can help you because no one knows where you are. Besides. Some people are happy to see you finally get yours.

Prefer to play one guy, but would play more if you ask nicely.

Celebrity Community Service

You are one of those hot young celebrities. Doing what you want, when you want. With little worry about consequences. You get in trouble and your hotshot lawyer gets you off. However this past incident was over the line. The last straw. The judge that hears your case this time does not care who you are. Or how pretty you are, or who you know. He just lowers the boom on you.

“One thousand hours of community service!” his voice echoes in your head.

You are assigned to an inner city youth center. It is an old, decrepit building. The people there don’t care who you are. The director of the facility knows who you are, but does not care either. You get all the worst assignments. Cleaning bathrooms. Scrubbing bird crap off the roof. Taking out the trash. Not only that, your schedule here is going to interfere with your next project. There is talk of them dropping you. You are desperate and things are just getting worse. You realize you only have one thing in your arsenal that might work. What I see happening is a broad range of activities that are well beyond your characters experience and limits. Light bondage? Teasing, denial? Forced orgasm. Multiple partners? I certainly have some celebs in mind for this. But also willing to consider your suggestions as well.


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