[MODPOST] Black ops resolutions

Thanks for the patience from everybody over this past week as I've been super busy, but without further ado, here's the next round of black ops resolutions. As I'll be around more now, expect things to be resolved more frequently and in smaller chunks than this monstrosity.

Australia vs Australia OPERATION (Failure—Operation uncovered)

In a top secret plan put together by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service on the orders of the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and Minister of the Army, ASIS officers began placing hidden explosives in various locations across Australia, with the intention of detonating them along with caches of Soviet pocket flags and red banners meant to implicate the communists in the bombings. The day proceeding the bombings however, one of the ASIS officers in charge of planting half a tonne of dynamite along the side of Parliament House, Hobart contacted colleagues in the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation and Commonwealth Police, and divulged the details of the planned bombings. In the midst of their disbelief at his tale that ASIS would plan an attack on Australian soil, he turned to The Mercury and slipped a copy of his orders and briefing materials to a reporter, who immediately seized upon the story and penned an article which went to print that night, exposing the hand of the Australian defense establishment in planning the "attacks." While the whistleblower was able to disarm the explosives which he had planted, those planted at other locations across Australia exploded early the next morning, killing dozens of people on their way to work and wounding many more. As other Australian news outlets learned of the story published in The Mercury, they couldn't help but pick up the story and it has sparked a political crisis as the Attorney-General for Australia has now opened an investigation into the attacks, implicating ASIS, the Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and Minister of the Army.

Disclosure notes: This operation is known publicly by all people in Australia and any foreign governments following Australian politics.

EOKA vs TMT/UK OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

Using improvised explosives, the EOKA placed them in trucks, automobiles, bins, etc. across Cyprus, especially in neighborhoods where the TMT is active. The explosives have increased tensions in Cyprus and have forced the UK to spend more resources in providing security.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only the EOKA knows who is responsible.

German Democratic Republic vs Federal Republic of Germany CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation uncovered)

Between January and August 1959, Mobile Informant Cells began infiltrating the Federal Republic of Germany at the rate of 2 cells per month disguised among thousands of normal migrants traveling for economic and political reasons. None of the cells were made aware of the existence or mission of any other cells, so as to ensure operational security. Once in the West, they began setting themselves up in West German society after proceeding through the refugee processes and allaying the suspicions of any investigators they encountered by disavowing communism and identifying themselves as any of a number of groups believed to be persecuted in East Germany.

Once in the West, the cells began integrating themselves into West German society in the following ways:

Out of the 16 cells:

  • 3 cells attempted to infiltrate and seek employment in local governments (municipalities, regions) (ALL THREE SUCCEEDED; NONE WERE DISCOVERED)
  • 2 cells attempted to infiltrate and seek employment in the federal government (ONE TEAM SUCCEEDED TO GAIN EMPLOYMENT WITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, BUT THE OTHER WAS DISCOVERED AND ARRESTED AS SPIES)
  • 2 cells attempted to enter oft-ignored positions such as maintenance, transport driver, janitor, etc. in the nation's capital (ONE TEAM MANAGED TO GET JOBS WORKING AT A NUMBER OF IMPORTANT LOCATIONS THROUGHOUT THE CAPITAL, WHILE THE OTHER WERE UNABLE TO GAIN EMPLOYMENT OF ANY SORT)
  • 1 cell, which includes 2 physicists, attempted to seek employment in the nuclear energy sector (THE TEAM WAS ABLE TO SECURE A NUMBER OF POSITIONS AT A POWER STATION IN RESEARCH AND ENERGY DISTRIBUTION ROLES)
  • 2 cells attempted to infiltrate the SDP, and seek to obtain full-time or otherwise important positions within it with the assistance of previously-installed agent Günter Guillaume. (WITH THE COVERT ASSISTANCE OF GÜNTER GUILLAUME, BOTH OF THESE TEAMS WERE ABLE TO FILL IMPORTANT POSITIONS WITHIN THE SDP WITHOUT BEING DISCOVERED)

With such a large number of agents attempting to infiltrate West German society at once, it was both extremely likely that some of them would slip through, and that some of them would be caught; it was only due to the advanced training provided by the Stasi that they were able to achieve their goals and maintain operational security for the rest of the mission even when breaches occurred.

Disclosure notes: None of the information surrounding this operation was discovered by any governments beyond the Federal Republic of Germany.

People's Republic of China vs Tibet CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

Using soldiers stationed in Tibet, the People's Liberation Army has begun observing the operations of the Tibetan religious leaders, including attaching Tibetans loyal to the CPC to the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama's entourages in order to keep tabs on any meetings they have with dangerous political figures.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only China knows that it happened.

Indonesia vs Australia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

Utilizing the network of local villagers in Papua New Guinea that had been developed by Indonesian intelligence, local elders and leaders friendly to Indonesia have been elevated to positions on the "Native Village Council" of Papua New Guinea.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only Indonesia knows that it happened.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Failure—Operation secret)

Individuals handled by Indonesian Agents and contacts throughout Malaysia attempted to stir up republican and anti-monarchy sentiments in the provinces ruled by the hereditary Malay rulers and the governed states. While the goal of these operations was to supply resistance groups and incite protests across the country, the contacts used by Indonesian intelligence proved ineffective at their task, and were unable to start any such movement.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only Indonesia knows that it happened.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation uncovered)

Indonesian soldiers registered as members of the PKI went AWOL with their weapons, traveled to Malaysia, and conducted a number of assaults on prisons holding their communist comrades. While the assaults were effective in breaking the inmates out and arming them with spare Soviet arms, they quickly became known by the Malaysian government, and at one prison a quick response by the army was sufficient to capture a number of the AWOL soldiers, who were identified as Indonesian by their accents.

Disclosure notes: This operation is only known of by Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

Indonesian agents were sent throughout Malaysia to watch local police constabularies in cities across the country and—after establishing the habits of the police officers at each constabulary—offer them large bribes to not work for the next several weeks. Considering that the bribes being offered were often equal to or greater than a year's salary, the police officers approached by the agents agreed.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only Indonesia knows that it happened.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

Indonesians of Chinese ethnicity armed with Chinese weapony crossed into Malaysia where they began randomly attacking Malay politicians and other notable Malay areas throughout the country. Upon performing their attacks, they left pro-PRC propaganda and graffiti at the scene of the crime. Simultaneously with these attacks, Indonesian agents of Malay ethnicity armed with American weaponry began attacking ethnic Chinese communities seemingly in response. Tensions between the communities have increased significantly.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only Indonesia knows that they are responsible for it.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

In a similar vein, Indonesian agents across Malaysia began attacking Buddhist temples, Christian churches, and Hindu temples across the country leaving graffiti and propaganda calling for the removal of all non-Muslims from Malaysia, referring to them as "pretenders."

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Only Indonesia knows that they are responsible for it.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation uncovered)

A motorized fishing ship flying the Soviet flag and crewed by armed PKI members was sent to attack a Malaysian-Indonesian ferry and capture it, using its crew and passengers as hostages in order to demand the legalization of the Communist Party in Malaysia. While the hijacking was successful, in the negotiations with the Malaysian officials it was noticed that the "Malaysian Communists" were speaking Bahasa Indonesia rather than Bahasa Melayu.

Disclosure notes: This operation is only known by Malaysia and Indonesia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

In the midst of the 1959 election for the Malaysian upper house, armed thugs were sent to polling stations in rural areas to pressure voters to vote for the pro-North Borneo Federation parties or to write in the Borneo People's Party. Whenever possible, votes were cast multiple times across multiple booths or later on in the day in order to organize a win, and the parties supported by the operation won in a landslide in rural areas.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Its existence is only known by Indonesia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

In a number of cities throughout Malaysia, Indonesian agents managed to hide bombs and explosives. While the majority of the detonations took place without any notification and caused large numbers of civilian casualties, the bombs in Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu were only detonated after police were informed, taking out a number of first responders as well.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Its existence is only known by Indonesia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation secret)

Malaysian Newspapers were presented an authentic looking report detailing the plans for pirates to capture an Indonesian Ferry as to be build a case to go to war with their neighbouring nation. Such a report was allegedly from the Malaysian Intelligence Service and was presented by a man claiming to be one of their handled agents working on behalf of their handler. Further plans were present about a plan to eliminate the Government to instate the military as the new rulers.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Its existence is only known by Indonesia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Failure—Operation secret)

Five groups flying the flag of the People's Republic of China and armed with Chinese weaponry attacked and attempted to capture five radio stations across Malaysia in order to play pro-communist propaganda on the airwaves. Unfortunately, the Army was able to quickly respond as soon as reports of attacks on the radio stations were heard, and the groups were forced to retreat back into the forests to evade capture.

Disclosure notes: This operation is secret. Its existence is only known by Indonesia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation uncovered)

A group of PKI-registered Indonesian soldiers missing from duty performed an attack on a Malaysian power station in order to disrupt power to the capital city. While their attack was able to take out the power plant, a resulting shootout led to the deaths of a number of the soldiers and the recovery of their bodies along with Indonesian uniforms, equipment, and orders.

Disclosure notes: This operation is only known of by Indonesia and Malaysia.

Indonesia vs Malaysia OPERATION (Success—Operation uncovered)

Meeting with miners in Malaysia, Indonesian agents convinced them to protest for better working conditions and pay, pointing to the reasonable minimum wage of Indonesia as an example of model treatment. Unfortunately, once the protest got underway the miners quickly identified the source of their inspiration as a number of Indonesians who had visited the mines approximately a week before.

Disclosure notes: This operation is only known of by Indonesia and Malaysia.

Thailand vs Thai Communist Party CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Failure—Operation secret)

In order to subvert communist influences in the country, the Thai government sent agents of the Internal Security Operations Command to monitor and sabotage the Communist Party. While attempts were made to educate the agents who would be performing the infiltration in communist doctrine and thought, they came across as untrustworthy and unreliable to the members of the Communist Party, and were either not given any duties at all or relegated to extremely unimportant tasks.

Disclosure notes: This operation is only known of by Thailand.

China vs Thailand CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

Using false identities and papers fabricated in China, a team of agents were infiltrated into Thailand as migrant workers and have taken up life there awaiting future orders.

Disclosure notes: Only China knows of this operation.

Australia vs Namibia CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

In spite of the scandal caused by their false flag operation, ASIS continued operating internationally and sent a team of 7 agents to infiltrate the Namibian government and other areas of Namibian society. Traveling over as businessmen, the agents were able to establish contacts with a number of important government officials and the business community in Namibia.

Disclosure notes: Only Australia knows of this operation.

USSR vs Colombia CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

Operating behind the scenes in Colombia, the KGB provided support to various pro-Soviet politicians (both outright communists and less-obvious collaborators) elected to seats in the Colombian House of Representatives and Senate. While they were far from gaining a majority in either house, a healthy minority of the Colombian legislative bodies now have ties to the Soviet Union. In addition to that, KGB agents undertook a mission to develop contacts with Colombian military officers in order to curry favor within the Colombian military. While no officers above the rank of colonel have been recruited by the program, a number of lower-ranking officers have been recruited by the KGB.

Disclosure notes: Only the Soviet Union knows of this operation.

USSR vs Guatemala CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation uncovered)

Operating in Guatemala, KGB officers have contacted a number of members of the Guatemalan military to convince them to look favorably upon the Soviet Union. While a large number of officers have been receptive to the KGB's recruiting tactics, word has begun to spread in the Guatemalan military that 'Bolshevik' officers are increasingly in league with the Soviets, creating divisions within the Guatemalan military.

Disclosure notes: Only the Soviet Union and Guatemala know of this operation.

France vs Poland CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation uncovered)

Following France's first forays into espionage behind the Iron Curtain, they have subsequently targeted Poland for the establishment of another cell of French operatives. This time operating out of the French embassy in Warsaw, a number of low- and mid-level officials in the Polish government were recruited to provide information to their handlers on any information concerning goings-on in Eastern Europe or hints as to what the Soviet Union and its allies may be up to. After getting their agents in the Polish government set up, the French intelligence officers in Warsaw attempted to establish connections with the cell in Yugoslavia to promote better intelligence integration and synthesis. FOR YUGOSLAVIA: Due to UDBA's enhanced monitoring of dissidents following the suspected French incursion, linkages to Poland have been discovered, leading intelligence officials to believe that another cell is operating there.

Disclosure notes: France and Yugoslavia are aware of this operation.

Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan vs Syria CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation uncovered)

Operating in conjunction with tribes that cross the Syria-Iraq border, the Arab Federation began bribing Syrian Army generals and chiefs of police in Deir Ezzor, Homs, Hasakah, and Raqqah with salaries of $100,000 per year in order to secure their cooperation in the event of a coup in Syria, and their defection to the Arab Federation in such an event. While the generals and chiefs of police have signed on, the profligate spending of the general in charge of Hasakah led to an internal investigation that uncovered large sums of money stashed throughout his home and has caused increased scrutiny over all government and military officials on the suspicion of foreign bribery.

Disclosure notes: The Arab Federation knows of this operation, and Syria is aware that someone is bribing their generals, but not who is doing so. No one else knows anything.

Egypt vs Syria CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

In the name of pan-Arabism, the Egyptian government has reached out to any remaining pan-Arab leaders in Syria in order to build contacts with them to facilitate future cooperation. The remaining leaders of the Syrian pan-Arab movement have been located, and are willing to work with their Egyptian compatriots.

Disclosure notes: Only Egypt kows of this operation

FLN vs Morocco CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

In a second attempt to establish influence within Morocco, the FLN has sent twelve of its members in four mixed-gender groups of three under the pretense of fleeing hostilities in Algeria. Moving silently into the country, they settled in small towns close to the main cities and attempted to find work and blend in, purchasing small arms on the black market and awaiting orders.

Disclosure notes: Only the FLN knows of this operation.

India vs Pakistan OPERATION (Success—Operation uncovered)

Approaching members of the Bangladesh independence movement, Indian intelligence officers offered to supply them with arms and funds to support their cause. Agreeing to the offer, the Bangladeshis began organizing for a series of protests within East Pakistan demanding independence, and the Indians have begun funneling them weapons to establish a fifth column insurgency against the Pakistani army. In a routine patrol of the area, a Pakistani unit discovered a number of crates of weapons with markings in Hindi, as well as plans for an insurgency in Bangladesh.

**Disclosure notes: Only India and Pakistan know of this operation.

Front d'Allibrement Catalunya vs Spain CELL ESTABLISHMENT (Success—Operation secret)

After securing funds from their international backers, the Front d'Allibrement Catalunya had sufficient resources to begin undertaking operations within Spain once again, and sent party organizers throughout Catalonia to quietly stir up the people against Franco's regime, concentrating especially on the workers of Barcelona. Utilizing funds provided by France, the USSR, and Yugoslavia as well as the underground organization of the PCE, the party organizers were able to successfully travel through Catalonia and spread their message, increasing the support they have among the working classes of Catalonia for a free, independent, and socialist Catalonia with prosperity for all who live there.

Disclosure notes: Only the Front d'Allibrement Catalunya knows of this operation.


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