Cliff Notes on News Analysis Series, “Where is Eric Braverman?” >>>> George Webb’s Thesis on Clinton Foundation’s Empire-Building Activities, Racketeering, and Corruption (Part 5)

George Webb has a great series where he's figured out what's actually going on. This is part 5 of "cliff notes" on George Webb's video series. This is my attempt to drink from the firehose of George Webb's material by taking notes on it. Please submit corrections in the comments below.

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I'm not going to be able to comment anymore on these posts for a while. I just don't have the energy to do this and to respond as thoroughly as I would like. I apologize in advance.

  • [Day 77]
    • Asking about Steve Pieczenik–is it true there is a counter-coup?
    • Whenever I hear this, I pause and find out he's saying the same things Im saying, which scares me
    • Give a litmus test to discover if there really is a counter-coup
    • Trump is the first president ever to come into an active coup that is very well financed and has help from the best military planner (Petraeus) in history–he makes war go as long as possible
    • Sinaloa warriors in sanctuary cities will use normal people as human shields to create more counterinsurgency DISRUPT / OTPOR, to try to turn opinion against Trump
    • Counterinsurgency is to outgun them; then the counterintelligence approach, which is to covertly infiltrate their weapons depots and blow up their stingers
    • Hillary has already infiltrated the FBI and she can have the FBI use selective obstructionism to inhibit him (COMEY / MCCABE)
    • All the advantages of JTTF are not available to Trump but are available to Hillary
    • Plus you have this covert police force that can do these ops around the the country
    • Hacking different targets is "variation for effect"
    • This whole idea of boxing Trump in and eventually he will be frustrated and lash out and the media will go after him
    • Immediately publish the 650k emails. It's not just about justice, it's about National Security and survival. We are otherwise enabling the coup.
    • The only way to operate a counterintelligence plan is simply releasing information, then the hidden network becomes available
    • Classic obstruction means they are against you.
    • Litmus tests: Will [Trump] send 200 agents to Haiti and the Caracol industrial park? If not, we have a coup
    • If James Comey releases all his old Marc Rich legal files without redactions, then that's a litmus test. If he doesn't, then we have a coup.
    • Let's look at the information that the Chinese hackers got. Let's publish what they took. Not the plans but the metadata. If he publishes, then that's a litmus test.
    • Trump needs to know about this DISRUPTion plan, PDD-62, otherwise it will be used against him
    • Disruption starts small and snowballs, gets on film, then on the media, etc. Trump needs to know about the Disruption campaign.
    • Publish the account numbers and the transfer amounts to HSBC. Another litmus test. If Al Copone has a bootlegging gang and you catch them you publish it, you don't protect them!! But these hidden donors are hiding al copones.

  • [Day 77 pt2]
    • Oil and mineral partnerships sold at the CFR with information from world bank conferences with infrastructure builders
    • Brown is a NOC – Non-official Covert Officer, a CIA position, a completely fabricated life, a makeover. A spy, like Valerie Plame. I couldn't say that [NOC, that Neil Brown is a NOC] before today.
    • PM of Croatia is sad because he lost the South Stream pipeline
    • You'll always going to see the hot blonde next to the PM, that's going to be the Valier Plame in this instance
    • You figure out where the pipelines need to be, you line up the politicians and generals and if they don't play ball then you bomb them.
    • You need these NOC to get the generals to go to these parties and you either compromise the general through Brownstone operations or you get them to be a partner in the pipeline and various arms deals
    • "Sorry Neil, I gave you chances to come forward."
    • Once you get the common thread it all comes together. It all goes back to oil deals in CFR
    • The human trafficking is the other side of the business
    • Hillary is not trying to create a coup to take over the US–I hope I didn't give that impression, <<<Yeah, you did>>>
    • Instead she's trying keep Trump boxed in with the domestic agenda, so that she can continue to do these secret oil deals in China, to get him worried about the sanctuary cities and so forth
    • The drones should be patrolling for Trump and the US, not for Henry Kissinger
    • If you ever studied Kissinger, it's secret pipeline after secret pipeline. If you see him shaking hands, start looking beneath the water for a secret pipeline<<<LOL>>>
    • KKR and Venado Oil and Gas Announce Eagle Ford Partnership: What's going on with this drilling under the gulf. Trump is smart to have Tillerson, because he knows about this. Question is now will Tillerson tell Trump??
    • If Trump does an arctic deal with Russia then there's no leverage left for the middle east.
    • Trump needs to get the navy drones looking for the secret Haitian pipeline
    • The litmus test to know if FBI is on Trump's side is for the FBI to publish the 650k emails and the 1100 secret donors to the Clinton Foundation. All the old Marc Rich documents, all the Huma, Clinton, Quid Pro Quo (Comey/McCabe/Kadzik/Podesta) emails, Fast and Furious, IRS— WITHOUT REDACTION
    • Otherwise you have a secret, shadow government, a shadow STATE department, Beacon Global drawing up secret pipelines and secret oil agreements. Emails show you the connection
    • Just do metadata for the classified ones on 650k emails
    • The only way to stop the Shadow Government is to stop their oil and take their money.
    • Trump could do a raid on the Guistra partnership and find the owners and their accounts; problem with that is that the FBI has already put PALANTIR [Enterprise management] software out there to guard those accounts, and the softare can give notifications as a kind of 'early warning system', which means they'd scramble to hide their monies.
    • 6.5T Missing from the US Treasury and you know you had 3 secret programs going through the Treasury…then you have the destruction of evidence related to the secret programs, the first thing you do is call an audit: where did this money go. If this money goes then your whole Gladio B goes to pieces, and the whole coup loses it's energy.

  • [Day 77 pt3]
    • I give people incremental information to maintain credibility, so you have a chance to google things
    • The CIA spends an incredible amount of money on oil and mineral education on the NOCs, so they know what information is most vital to steal, basically. They are economic spies.
    • Play ball or it's "Stinger time"
    • Eric Braverman, you're going to find is a NOC as well, those of you who guessed that, you're correct.
    • Bechtel is quietly in the corner. They are kind of the master of ceremonies for the Construction contractors and subcontractors. A lot of NOCs are created out of Bechtel. Valerie Plame is probably a Bechtel person.
    • You are going to find Neil Brown, Eric Braverman, and Kissinger in these oil conferences
    • In counterintelligence, Hillary always copies what George Bush has done. George Bush has the fine lines, but Hillary has the heavy crayon. It's never done as well, she's a copy of a copy.
    • When you see people drop off the map, that's how you know they are NOC
    • FBI is like the grasshoppers and the CIA are like the ants, the ants go marching and the Grasshoppers get their cut like Bugs life
    • Sibel Edmonds really has all this down [with her Gladio B exposition]. Check her out
    • Oil and gas plays will come out with the revelations of the hidden 1100 donors.
    • Adriatic pipeline is going to be a big play (DISRUPTION NEAR GREECE IS COMING)
    • FBI has asset forfeiture is to take their CIA cut; the torture is to get info
    • A soon as Trump figures out there are secret pipelines in the S. China sea, he's going to check it out.
    • Trump has the power now to do the triple checking
    • Mexico is going to pay for the wall now because they want to keep the tunnels.
    • Trump needs to publish the papers for Fast and Furious
    • Same for Haiti, track down the missing 6B and you'll unravel the USAID slavery / microloansharking plans

  • [Day 77 pt4] — Questions for STEVE PIECZENIK
    • Steve Pieczenik Tweeted a George Webb Video
    • Asked him [{on Twitter?}]: "Steve are you an agent for the CFR and also for Trump?"
    • I want to ask a question about an Israeli rumor, "Do you remember the Darmour massacre in Lebanon?[] And there were a lot French diplomats and French businesspeople that had coastal villas in Darmour, and a group of "I won't say" invaded the town and killed a bunch of men, women and children. But supposedly there were some babies left over.
    • So Steve quick question, this is Israeli Folklore: Did you airlift the babies from Darmour after the Darmour Massacre and take them to the US, and did you place the kids with Israeli families?
    • And do you know if Eric Braverman and Neil Brown are two of those kids?
    • That's it for today and thanks very much Steve.

Jesus triple H, George. Just wow

  • [Day 78]
    • Wikileaks press conference coming up
    • FBI released a lot of information from their vault. Limited hangout to say, nothing to see here. The two 302s are really what needs to be released. The 2 302s [FBI interviews] are Braverman and Brown because they are NOCs, so we figured that out.
    • <<George mentions history about Israel and Netinyahu that I don't understand>>
    • We've lost our moral compass
    • We started out with stingers and now we're into Sarin gas and child trafficking in ME, Haiti, Africa and S/Central America; now we are arranging children for oil conference people
    • We have the social justice layer of people to help kids, but behind the scenes we are trafficking them and using people as leverage; "marshalling kids to parts unknown"
    • So the pipelines are a 'gateway' to pedoleveraging and sex slavery
    • NOCs start out as spies, but become economic spies, which turns everyone into subcontractors and eventually we enable brownstone operations
    • At some point we need to shine a light and say "WHAT ARE WE DOING". It's a church commission thing.
    • Pike commission?? Documents could be revealed by Trump
    • At the end of the day, the country Topples are simply bank robberies; the cost is kids losing their hands or being sold out as sex slaves; where the NOCs become economic spy units
    • "This type of corruption doesn't get better by itself. It's a cancer"
    • All this criminality, 33 yrs ago, Marc Rich was one year into the money laundering. Rudy had him on 65 counts of tax evasion. All this criminality would have been avoided if we had gone after him and not let him slip through our fingers.
    • The assistant director of the FBI (Andrew McCabe) is openly snubbing the Congress, trying to shut down the investigation of Huma, Hillary.
    • There are no checks and balances anymore.
    • Look at how these plans have evolved: 52 gas attacks in syria, probably hundreds by now —
    • These were just plans to get rid of Hillary's enemies. First she used Bill's influence to get rid of enemies in arkansas, then it went national and now it's gone international.
    • 50 Agents attacking the head of the house oversight committee DURING TESTIMONY for him asking a simple question of the Secret Service. George implies that now they are attacking our own government who are charged with doing oversights
    • 2009 the F35 Hack, we didn't stop it, so they kept on doing these 'cyber attacks'
    • Hillary is going to continue to pursue the "hate archive" unless we get those emails.
    • "Good people" are affected and have to do these coverups. Obama and his crew have to cover up for Hillary's activities [because they enable her and don't stop her]
    • 650k emails are out there
    • FBI has a chance here to not go down with the ship, and announce the classified material, publish the metadata, publishing the gmailed accounts that are not classified in plaintext.
    • "I'm trying to help"

  • [Day 78 pt2]
    • A lot of people want to know why I started this series and when I started it.
    • I started it around Day 8
    • Go back to day 60 if you want to go in depth
    • Braverman went to the Russian embassy on Oct 23rd of 2016, and had another meeting scheduled on the 30th which he didn't show for. It looked like he was on the run
    • I was interested in this story on Nov 2 when True Pundit published that the NYPD chief had 500,000 state dept emails of the 650k emails total
    • I put together that it must be the trove of 14 gmail accounts
    • FBI, NYPD and Preet Bahara the DA of NY had subpoenaed cell records of Huma and Weiner and were interested in Bahamas and Virgin Islands and that is where Epstein's Island is
    • Article stated there were 6 trips by Hillary and 20 by Bill to Epstein's island
    • If FBI doesn't follow through, then the Chief Detective (As "NYPD Chief" that is mentioned in True Pundit article), Robert Boyce, says he'll give what he has to Wikileaks.
    • I figured that they were on the case, but then I saw nothing happen, so I decided this series. And every day that goes by, more and more has come out.
    • The longer you wait and don't publish the 650k emails, the more people get dragged down this drain.
    • I don't want to go after Preet Bhara
    • It's not "Me" it's the Open Source investigation movement that's doing this, and everything will come to light eventually.
    • George tells these people to get out while you still can, by coming forward and confessing your sins or divorcing yourself from this situation by giving up whatever game in which you are involved.
    • Don't be busting wall st people for changing a message and putting martha stewart away for seven months to get bribes for Hillary's campaign; go after what matters: (ie: the child trafficking, Sarin gassing war crimes stuff). "Cut the cord now"
    • Everyone here thinks that somehow people that are going after this are big Trump supporters. I voted for Obama twice, and you think I'm some guy out in Arkansas. I'm not, I'm a Zionist. Well a modern zionist.
    • I think you have the wrong impression that we think that Hillary needs to go to jail because she's a Democrat, or because she's associated with Obama. It has nothing to do with that
    • It has to do with child trafficking, perjury, extortion, money laundering, pay to play and obstruction of justice, it has to do with this: This goes all the way back to mena, arkansas and the drugs in 1984.
    • This is more a message for Preet
    • This will include John Kerry–he was using the private server as well
    • Prediction: It's going to have the iran hostage and nuclear negotiation as well.
    • Cellphones will place Huma and Weiner in Haiti. If Weiner is there in Haiti a day before Monica Petersen's murder, then he's a person-of-interest
    • There should be 200 agents in Haiti with Weiner's and Huma's pictures to show to others to get information.
    • There's videos found in the Huma emails. There's a triple X video; are these the brownstone tapes???
    • George says basically show all this information and open it up; that's the way to stop this and prevent more people from getting involved

  • [Day 78 pt3]
    • With only 10k and a child trafficking / Brownstone plan, you can blackmail your way into total control of a country.
    • First you lure a high ranking police chief into having sex with an minor, you do this by incrementally getting them young hot girls <honeytrap> and blackmail them with low light camera evidence
    • Then you say to him "if you don't get all your officers to gang rape this girl next week, I'll expose you"
    • So his officers will all be blackmailable; this is happening all over the world
    • In this way you get control of the entire police force
    • Dyncorp doing training
    • JTTF – joint terrorism task force is really about extortion/control in the US
    • I stood up against JTTF for a 17 yr old muslim kid in 2010, and that is why they are attacking George
    • Jessica Dillow Crisp "Sex trafficking survivor says police were among hundreds of abusers" She said a friend of hers was killed before her eyes. There is only one way to get police to rape this girl: if your boss and other police say to do it <<"DON'T CROSS THE BLUE LINE, PUSSY, DO IT…ORK ORK ORK">>
    • This is a system of using human bait. We are better than this.
    • Yoga could be a codeword.
    • Marriage Planning could be child trafficking
    • Something really bad is going on in Haiti, kids are being shopped
    • They are test-driving the ones on little St. James Island to find out which ones they like
    • The NOAA records are going to have Jeff Epstein's flights going back and forth to N. Africa, Haiti, etc. NASA has these records too
    • By chasing his tail number you're going to know where all those kids went
    • George issues prophetic warning: Everyone in this does not need to go down the drain with Hillary
    • Kamel Rahman, Hillary, Petrofac, etc. These guys are the ones involved and they are the ones that need to go down.

  • [Day 79]
    • I got some messaging from Brown
    • Was able to see some text messages from a friend of his
    • Brown posted something on FB about a WMD thing Richard Luger did 25 yrs ago
    • George did a Richie Allen Show in the UK[]
    • Did Brown/Braverman know about the kids?
    • It all comes down to the hidden donors. Did he know the arms and oil deals were the hidden donors? Did he know the kids were the hidden donors?
    • CIA has been pedoblackmailing since 1947
    • Drumheller was doing brownstones in europe, Epstein has been doing it in Carribean
    • There is an 11 yr case Conchita Sarnoff has studied, researched and reported. There is an active case about 40 girls under 16 that Epstein is involved in.
    • TVPA human trafficking protection act says the minimum is 20 yrs, and Epstein got 13 months in a county jail. The jailer would get pictures of him at night and then Epstein would leave at night.
    • Carlos Slim running a big microfinancing ring and prostitution ring in Colombia
    • Operation Underground Railroad trafficking by the CIA and they will say, "oh yeah we were there to crack the case"–they always say that.
    • Philippe Reines sets up party for Epstein, and ofr NATO C3 and CENTCOM; they are in a group called Beacon Global
    • Shapiro was the guy going after the stingers and 'let them slip thru his fingers'
    • With the police, I didn't mean to say you corrupt ALL the police, just a few, you just need a few at every level, just like the corrupted people in the State Dept.
    • You need a team of about 8 people on any given police force, they mainly watch informants
    • Federal Gov't has shifted to Entrapment, Asset Forfeiture
    • Operation Underground Railroad. They ran the ring for 20 yrs, but they are going to try to bust up the ring. They put a name on it after Webb called them out basically.
    • We can cross reference and put these people at the scene of the crime. So these investigators get to choose whether they will go down with the HIllary ship or not.

  • [Day 79 pt2]
    • Jason Chaffetz wants more of these CF people come in to talk
    • This is going to become like Watergate or even bigger
    • There are 102 "Jane Does" associated with Jeffrey Epstein
    • We have smoking gun emails that we can connect Epstein to Dyncorp
    • George talks hypotheticals of what we will be able to tie together if they expose the emails and donors
    • 2003 Cynthia McKinney first exposed DynCorp was caught sex trafficking, why are they still getting government contracts
    • There is a repeating pattern: They are coming up with man-made disasters so that Dyncorp will get the contracts to take care of it. When Dyncorp gets the contract to spray the coca fields; they are going to spray the competitor coca fields and use the same planes to take the cocaine back. LOL
    • Rumsfeld's missing 2.3T is now 6.7T 15 yrs later. Not looking into the problem doesn't make it any better
    • Chaffetz is going to call the Beacon Group back to the house committee, they are going to give immunity to Bash, and to Shapiro because he has good sense, but it's all going to fall on Phillipe Reines
    • Broadwell will be part of the big media event to make this whole thing sexier
    • Morell will do 5th amendment
    • All the Dyncorp employees posing as University professors that are pushing this JTTF and are involved in the asset forfieture scheme, are going to be subpoenaed
    • Operation Underground Railroad .. everyone is fair game. No more interviewing everyone in the same room.
    • I don't mind if everyone gets immunity, so long as the Truth comes out and the child trafficking stops
    • I don't care if it's "national security", it has to stop
    • Publish the whereabouts of Huma and Weiner if they are in Haiti and taking money
    • Gmail accounts are not a state secret
    • <<<Unless Google is willing to come forward and disclose that they are CIA>>>

  • [Day 80]
    • It's important to see the linkages between the real news, CNN just keeps you off-balance
    • I'm concerned that stingers are going to be used on sanctuary cities, on kids in Chicago
    • Trump needs to know what's out there just to know what his risks are
    • If we see the Petraeus "Sex Case" emails and see Beacon Group's Reines sending sending people out to Little St. James Islands, then we have proof
    • Police officers don't normally gang rape a teenage girl, so it's obvious they are being leveraged in a Brownstone situation
    • They leverage the police into asset forfieture programs

  • [Day 80 pt2]
    • My Thesis is CIA type brownstone activity has been injected into the FBI via the JTTF / Counterterrorism techniques
    • Pug Winokur — lead investors in Dyncorp, friend of Frank Guistra, friends of the hidden 1100 donors.
    • He's in charge of asset forfeiture for 30 different agencies. Entrapment schemes for 30 different agencies, to get them to forfeit their assets through convictions.
    • It also serves a dual purpose when you use an underage child, because you can use it to destroy an enemy, to blackmail very important people like judges, police officers and politicians.
    • Since Pug Winokur also runs the bureau of prisons, I was also told….police departments hire already convicted felons. These prowler teams of six that do these dirty tricks, many times they aren't police officers at all, they are just people that are hired. I posted an article in texas where they wanted to lift the ban in hiring felons in the State. This is where the CIA can infiltrate with this JTTF program into police departments in that general sense.
    • <<<I think he's saying the CIA puts rapists in as fake police, to infiltrate and corrupt the police with brownstones>>>

  • [Day 80 pt3]
    • The person who caught this was Cynthia McKinney, she deserves the credit, she was on this fifteen years ago
    • Flint Chambers Orders 15 Year old boys lap dances at Dyncorp <<Background here, afghani teen boys dress like girls as part of bacha bazi>>>
    • CIA has moved their base to Denver Colorado, underground
    • Brownstown operations happen around Boulder Colorado around the Boulderado hotel
    • 40 of these operations have been run, they run every 2 yrs, and the latest one is Operation Underground Railroad
    • George predicts: Ambassador Chris Hill Kosovo/Holbrook is going to be involved as well
    • <<<George is adding more people daily, to twist the vice ever tighter>>>
    • Look for abductions just before Olympic games and then look for deaths right after
    • Young girls are used up and then killed by Foreign Dignitaries, to get sexdeath leverage on them
    • I don't think Braverman knew these things, but he found out and that's why he leaked
    • Braverman is a Mckinsey consultant for World bank but he doesn't know any of the microloansharking, bidrigging and trafficking
    • Carlos Slim, I'm going to tie him directly to human trafficking in central and south america.
    • There was a huge intimidation of 6 police officers in NY investigation into suppression
    • Jeffrey Epstein's two cases, Florida and NY are still pending
    • Chaffetz has every right to call an investigation on Dyncorp and Osprey Global for sex trafficking and gov contracting and doesn't have to even go after Clinton Foundation just yet; this would more quickly put an end to the sex trafficking
    • We know Drumheller is involved. Go all the way back to Bosnia in 1993
    • There will be some kind of code between Reines and Epstein "how is the helicopter"
    • We know from FBI search warrant that half of the emails between Clinton and Abedin are classified
    • Ft. Lauderdale police dept showed that Jeffrey Epstein had fifty or sixy photos laid out and the people coming in would look at the photos and pick out which girl they wanted
    • I think you're going to find in the Ft. Lauderdale shooting the last name released, the fifth victim will be related to this case
    • CFR, LASK, right before a world bank meeting, look at abductions before and look at killings after in the long island serial killer case.

  • [Day 80 pt4]
    • How to run an open source investigation
    • It helps to have all the emails between Petraeus, Hillary and Blumenthal, which establishes the first chain
    • George's role is the summarizer, the storyboarder
    • Start adding to the chain by entities that are linked, and follow the money
    • Using visuals and repeating the visuals will help you put a name to a face
    • Go back in history, go to wikipedia, understand the faces, the places and events from a historical perspective
    • All the players tend to repeat. They are a crime syndicate and rely on their known players
    • I give them a little credit: they gave us 300 emails out of 650k
    • We get insight into what Hillary's Cabinet would have looked like
    • Podesta would have been Sec of State
    • Philipe Reines would have been National Security Adviser
    • Neera Tanin (?) would have been Health and Human Services
    • They don't need 5 yrs to process 650k emails, with the team they have they can process this much faster
    • Fast and Furious is not going to go away
    • Facebook group needs to focus on Reines, it's a lot harder to murder 7 people than 1
    • Thanks to Richie Allen for promoting George and McKinney
    • Hillary gets Blackwater out of Iraq (Bush's sec team) and brings in Dyncorp
    • Dyncorp Disgrace article
    • In these police shootings, it's always going to be the last person they announce that's the intended target; it's always the "talkers"–whistleblowers from Dyncorp getting killed
    • Denver spy school does the training for asset forfeiture..They are on the enemies list.
    • Dyncorp police working around olympics; there are the girls that are part of the hospitality crew at the hotels and they disappear, or if they see anything they get abducted
    • George talks about transition "if the flag bearer goes down"
    • Haiti seems to be the warehouse, the transition. Jeff Epstein has the showroom. Another warehouse in puerto rico. Contractors are doing the hosting and catering, that's where you're inviting the girls; lockheed in colorado and LA near scientology.
    • Drill down on Drumheller and on Osprey…all the employees of Osprey should be subpoenaed and Dycorp also

  • [Day 81]
    • Today to talk about Surveillance technologies
    • The moral compass of these people have not caught up with their advanced surveillance technology (ie: they will use them against us)
    • Saw Snowden last night. I got in trouble with the FBI when I made a big thing about Snowden, after the JTTF stuff, put in the black surburban and all that
    • Other whistleblowers being attacked for being patriots, anyone critical of the FBI
    • In the movie they talk about Petrofac, [Snowden's] first assignment as a CIA guy is getting Asfan drunk and taking him to a sex parlor; and they keep calling [Snowden] snow white because he doesn't agree with that morality
    • Spray colloidal nanocrystalline semiconductor quantum dots, you spray the area and they stick, and then you hit them with satellites and can find them.
    • Targetted Individuals are subjugated via CTTL continuous clandestine tagging and locating
    • Rex Tillerson said yes to Dyncorp to approve a huge contract
    • Steve Feinberg is Dyncorp owner and top Trump advisor, he's with Cerebus Capital, George Soros
    • Feinberg is very secretive, he's told his employees that if they ever show their picture or their apartment, they'll be killed, not just jailed. He has this egyptian mansion it's sounds very weird
    • And this company Dyncorp is surveilling people, and there is a profit motive for surveilling people
    • They call the surveillance network of unmanned aerial vehicles the eye of sauron
    • It's common practice to use boys and letting police officers rape them pilloring them to these posts and watching the rapes
    • Kathyrn Bolkovac Dyncorp in Kosovo
    • No amount of PR is going to remove the Truth of Dyncorp…this is not going away
    • Who in Congress will step up and call these people to the carpet and pull your contracts
    • They act like they are the permanent government and we the plebs are just a temporary resource. Women are just a resource for operations
    • This isn't fishing, we aren't bait
    • This is an attack on the population with asset forfeiture
    • We dodged a bullet by not having reines and morell in our government
    • Eye of God to be able to view everyone all at once and make decisions on droning
    • George points to a girl and says she was bought by Russian parents at 12 yrs old, and now she is a pilot for Jeffrey Epstein
    • Preet Bahara you need to do your job. You have to stop narcissiming out on Time magazine.

  • [Day 81 pt2]
    • I think I'm ready to solve the puzzle — close to landing the plane
    • I'm going to say Braverman knew about the activity in Haiti and the USAID money to funnel; but I don't think he was aware of Sarin or the Dyncorp operation
    • George says Dyncorp is behind the mass shootings
    • You only threaten to kill your employees for leaks when they risk the entire business. You're going to be in the business of doing something horrible–gun running, arms dealing, human trafficking and drug trafficking
    • It's now the Senate Oil Arms and Kids/Rape club.
    • Lindsay Graham (well I do declare), Marco Rubio, and John McCain along with Petraeus are your key players
    • Cabinet is going to be packed by Jared Kushner with Dyncorp people, to make sure Dyncorp doesn't get busted.
    • With the Fla shooting George predicted the last victim would be a dyncorp employee, sure enough he was: Sr Master Sgt Christopher B. Prather of the air force
    • This goes back to Ted Gunderson and the story of Jeffrey McDonald. He was investigating heroin being put into the body cavities of dead vietnam soldiers and flying into Ft. Bragg NC. His family was attacked by drug dealers and killed and he was charged with their murder.
    • They follow memes for a while and then rotate them out. You will find they are all Dyncorp operations
    • Every where they teach the police, they teach them to rape kids
    • People need to keep remind these hawks that what they are doing is colonialism and that we know and can prove they are telling us lies about Syria
    • Pug Winokur is behind it all
    • IAS — Integrated Archive Solutions will have the hitlist for asset forfeiture
    • If you want to stop Dyncorp you have to get the emails and you have to send agents to Haiti
    • If Hillary had've won, Dyncorp would have had a field day

  • [Day 81 pt3]
    • No I'm not protecting Israel, not protecting Soros, Blumental, Kissinger, Marc Rich
    • Not protecting anyone and not saying Braverman is Hamlet
    • Just trying to report the facts
    • I think Braverman knew about the oil deals but not the stingers, sarin gas
    • I don't know if Jared Kushner is the guy putting the fix in for Kissinger on the cabinet posts, but he seems to have a high profile position with Trump, and he's meeting with Dennis Mccunna the guy who did the bengazi thing (?)
    • I don't like the direction this is going with the lack of transparency
    • Breaking: Justice Dept Inspector General launches review of FBI and DOJ actions ahead of 2016 presidential election
    • Judge Knapp did show in the 300 emails from Hillary in an FBI 302 that the FBI knew for a full year before Comey made that announcement in July, that there was classified information on that server
    • These investigations are foot dragging so that people will get distracted and move on
    • I don't think Chaffetz and Gowdy are really going to push this
    • So if you want to stop this, then release the emails and let journalists pick it apart
    • Comey has let Marc Rich off the hook 7 times so I'm not excited about these foot dragging committees
    • About Rex Tillerson: just be honest and above-board
    • Taggants

  • [Day 81 pt4]

    • Nineteen Missing State Department Emails
    • Only 11 could be named the other we can't say yet
      1. ) Hillary
      2. ) Huma (temp)
      3. ) Phillipe Reines
      4. ) Tom Nides
      5. ) Andrew Shapiro
      6. ) Jeremy Bash
      7. ) Jake Sullivan
      8. ) Bian Pagliano (temp)
      9. ) Chery Mills
      10. ) John Kerry
      11. ) Patrick Kennedy
      12. ) ?
      13. ) ?
      14. ) ?
      15. ) ?
      16. ) ?
      17. ) ?

    • When you protect conspirators, you aren't protecting the american people
    • A NYC Chief of Detectives NYPD has said the contents of these emails all have several federal crimes
    • Ex FBI Director listout of 'things the FBI never does', which basically outlines obstruction and grand conspiracy–how much longer can you do this with the conspirators
    • The 19 missing state dep emails are the list of co-conspirators, you must publish them. These are felonies. This is a matter of Law. This isn't going away
    • George suggests that McCabe will recuse himself.

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