Awkward moments as a security guard

In order to be a federal security guard, I had to go through multiple weeks of training, testing, and qualifications. They told me that I would have to deal with some crazy situations and that I would need to think on my feet in order to solve these issues. I went over different cases and situations that other officers had to go through in order to figure out how to go about solving unusual scenarios. They never tell you exactly how unusual some of those situations might be.

I was working my normal post and everything was running smoothly. I won't say exactly where I was working, but let's just say that it involves people taking numbers and waiting to be called. Often times, people that come in are pretty rude and are usually to occupied with whatever is happening on Facebook to realize that their number has been called. When this happens and their place in line is skipped, they want to complain to me as if I am customer service. I tell them to get another ticket, they have a hissy fit, and I go back to doing my job.

Anyway, So during my normal day, I hear a number get called out and I notice that no one has moved. I check my camera feed and see that everyone is just continuing to read or carry on with their conversations. In order to speed this along, I repeat the number that was called. I hear someone yell back, "I'm coming!" Now I look over my desk and I still don't see any movement. I get angry that this person will not get up and is wasting everyone's time. I see the events playing in my head as the attendant looses patients, as he or she should, goes on to the next person that is paying attention, which would be right, and I would have to deal with this person. So I stand up and say, "let's go. They are waiting on you." A hush falls over the room and I can hear gasps as I notice a man in a wheel chair coming into view from in front of my desk. My heart drops and I can already hear the conductor for Hell making sure that my name is on the list. He glares at me with confusion which quickly turns to hate. I apologize as fast as I can and he just wishes every illness known to man kind on me. I go back to my desk and hope that the next 8 hours just fly by.


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