Week in Review: January 16th – 22nd, 2017

NeuralCast ep. #13: Zero Asset Errors

Official Star Citizen News


Concept Art

Development Updates

Gameplay Mechanics



  • The NovaRiders are an in-game biker gang / pirate group

    • They would broadcast thrashmetal on all channels when they attacked so that a target couldn't send a message out for help above the noise
    • Their likeness was used in Arena Commander
    • They were destroyed by military intervention after they became too big of a nuisance



Miscellaneous Star Citizen News

Technical Overviews

Current Meta Discussion

Future Meta Discussion

Fan Projects

Have any questions about Star Citizen? Submit them here!

  • The NeuralCast team will do our best to answer your lingering questions about Star Citizen's gameplay, development, and lore!

Spoilers located here

Previous week review notes can be found here.

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