Another National Guard question post

I know several of these have already come up, but I wanted to ask a few specific questions on what the ANG lifestyle is like and if it is suitable for my situation. Here's a little bit of background on me:
I'm 25, working as an engineer for a major aircraft manufacturer, around 275 hours and hopefully will have a CPL in hand by the middle of March. It's a 7-4 desk job, pays well, the work is decently interesting but not particularly exciting. The ANG seems like the perfect solution to break the monotony of sitting in a cubicle without giving up the security of my current job completely, gives me a chance to serve my country, and of course flying amazing aircraft. I'm mainly interested in the heavies, C-17 would be the dream airframe as many people from its development team are now working in my group and can't stop singing its praises. From the technical data we have available to see it's really an impressive aircraft. Fortunately my company is very military friendly and from what I hear are very accommodating to service: taking leave for initial training and deployment should not be a problem. My questions are: is it reasonable to serve in the Guard as a pilot and still maintain an engineering job? What is the average length and frequency of deployments for heavies? What would be the starting salary as an officer and is starting rank determined only by having a B.S degree or are there other considerations as well? I have an M.S. too if it's worth anything

Thanks in advance and I apologize if any of this is redundant.


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