[EXPANSION] The Andes Await

What is a name if not the center of ones identity? Is that not why we put so much weight onto what things are called? For what other reason would you care if someone called you by the wrong name than that it was somehow not you? It is for this reason that the name High Andes Republic is so important. It reminds us of our place in the world, and of the morals which have led us to the founding of this great nation. Without a name, without this name we are but a collection of people struggling to survive. That is why it is my job, and the job of all future Protectors, to ensure that my nation, our nation, lives up to its name in practice and in purpose.

— Excerpt from The Republic Calls (The Father's Autobiography)

"The boundaries of the old world were formed by humans. Imperfect as they were they stood as semblances of identity, and in time became exactly that. People began to owe their loyalties to these nations, making the boundaries true. All of that changed with the flood and The Winter."

"Our Republic was founded as a successor state to the nation formerly known as Chile, but a small part of the wider world. The Father hoped to one day reunite The People of Chile, and make a new state that cared for and protected them. Through his deeds and words he instilled in us a desire to prosper, grow, and seek out our destiny as the Children of Chile. However, due to recent set-backs it is only now that we have realized this dream."

"I stand before you today as no other Protector ever has. I can say in confidence that Chile is secured for posterity by The Republic and its closest allies. No more will Chileans have a government which cannot provide for them. No more will Chileans suffer abuses at the hands of their state. No longer will the specter of the CEG haunt this land."

"But what about the communities abroad. What about the places where coherent government does not exist. Do we not, as benefactors of such privilege in our daily lives, have an obligation to continue the works of The Father in other realms and regions? Why else would we have been blessed with such posterity if it were not so we could help those in need. We may not be able to make five loaves and two fish feed 5000, but we can still help others create a society towards the same effect."

"Our lives, and the life of The Republic, are filled with many choices. In doing what is right for each other we also help ourselves. By building a community of towns and a community of nations we can create benefits for the entire world. Safety, security, prosperity, diversity, all of these can be seen by the world at large if we are only willing to make small sacrifices at home. Just as everyone in the village sacrifices to build the town hall, just as everyone in a city sacrifices to make sure the poor are fed so too can our nation sacrifice to make sure people do not go without throughout the globe."

"The Revolution started here, but that does not mean it has to end here. The Father did us a great service by sacrificing his life for The Republic, now it is my turn to do the same. Some day all of you here will be able to look back and say, "I was there when the world changed. I was there."

–The Protector's Speech on Revolution Day (Feb 17th) to a crowd of 100,000 in La Ciudad.

The Republic of Dole fell silently. Copiapó Taskgroup went to bed one evening and woke the next morning to find no respondents on the main radio, no guards at the docks, and no police in the streets. Acting quickly to what they thought was a pirate attack the Blue Guard Auxiliaries seized the main ports, radioing the army bases on the island to coordinate. It was at this time that it was discovered the government had collapsed, the people unwilling to sustain the far-flung territories on the mainland.

Respecting this wish, but also realizing the potential for danger the ungoverned islands posed The Republic brokered a compromise with representatives of the interest groups now in charge. Hawaii and its associated islands would be admitted to The Republic, who would provide defense, run the government, and handle foreign affairs. In return The Republic would retain the rights to base ships in Hawaii, and would be the sole recipient of Hawaii's food exports unless the needs of The Republic were otherwise met.

Specific conditions were also set for self-declarative independence. If The Republic ever reneged on its promise of defense, if The Republic failed to dramatically improve the standards of living for ordinary Hawaiians, if Hawaiians voted in a domestically organized referendum for independence, or if The Republic imposed harsh economic, political, or diplomatic sanctions upon Hawaii the island would be considered under Republic law an independent nation with all the rights there of. In addition, The Republic could declare Hawaii independent if and only if it had the domestic capacity to defend itself from foreign attackers, and if its average standard of living was greater than that of The Republic. Such protections both ensure that Hawaii would not be exploited by The Republic, and that The Republic could not simply drop the island if conditions made holding it no longer mutually beneficial.


State of The Republic


State of The Protectorate


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