Welcome to New Sigel!

The New Canaanites of Pennsylvania would like to welcome you to the town of New Sigel! Located 7 miles north of our trading post "Brooktown" on the ruins on interstate-80, halfway between New York City and Toledo. Out of the deep, old-growth of the Alleghannock Forrest, our people have carved a piece of pre-war civility, industry, and peace.

While our trade post in Brooktown offers basic amenities and trade goods to caravans and travelers alike, we have many more services available in New Sigel. Visit Avery Truman's General Store for fresh butchered brahmin and bighorner (a breed of sheep brought into the region from our brothers in New Canaan in Utah), freshly grown vegetables and fruits, and locally made tools. Truman's will also be happy to rent you a room for the night. Our renowned gunsmiths will be happy to repair your weapons and equipment or sell you new, locally forged New Canaanite guns. Our quaint town also offers services including a barber and bath-house for your hygienic needs, a physician and surgeon for your physical needs, and priest for your spiritual needs.

For the duration of your stay with us, we guarantee your safety. Our people take security seriously, and each of our citizens is brought up with a thorough understanding of self-defense. Would be troublemakers are reminded that every New Canaanite is a member of our militia and is prepared to deal with any threat to our community. New Sigel is protected by a sturdy wooden palisade with six guard stations, one at every entrance to the town. We personally guarantee that you will be safe when visiting New Sigel.

We New Canaanites are a religious people. We carry on the tradition of our pre-war forefathers. We have made and kept covenants with our Lord, God, to honor His laws. In exchange, we are promised eternal salvation after this life. Our table and our faith are open to all. All who wish to join our flock are welcome, regardless of past misdeeds and actions, and our Bishop will be pleased to speak with you.

New Sigel welcomes almost all visitors, regardless of of faith, race, or belief. Our only requirement is that you behave in accordance with our ethics and follow our town rules.

-No killing, stealing, or committing lecherous acts

-No non-medicinal chem use within the town wall

-No public drunkenness

-Disrespecting our faith will not be tolerated

Slavery is an abomination before the Lord, and all those found to be practicing this wicked act will be executed and have their property and belongings seized.

Runaway slaves are guaranteed shelter, supplies, and protection within the walls of New Sigel.


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