Story, solved?

  1. The story starts off in Fredbear’s Family Diner. William Afton is a man who kills for seemingly no reason at all. His first, unprofessional kill is outside the building, the victim being a child who we will now refer to as FK. (First kill.)
  2. Later, William gets married and has three children, two boys, Michael Schmidt, the Crying Child, and the youngest being a girl. He now works in the FNaF 4 minigame location, seemingly as a technician. He still kills, and stuffs his victims inside the empty suits. However, his youngest son, the Crying Child, witnesses his father killing a child and lives in anxiety and fear. CC knows his father is a serial killer, but he’s too afraid to tell anyone in fear of being killed himself. William Afton notices that his son is starting to suspect, and he installs cameras everywhere around his house, even in his son’s plush toy, Fredbear, to keep a close eye on him. In the FNaF 4 minigames, Fredbear’s eyes follow CC as he moves, and this is because of the cameras inside. William keeps him supervised in a small room underground, his Private Room. Meanwhile, his older brother, Mike, bullies CC constantly. Mike wears a Foxy mask every time we see him. Mike bullies CC because he thinks CC is afraid of the animatronics, but the truth is, CC’s afraid of going to the pizzeria entirely. Eventually, Mike and his friends carry CC toward Fredbear, who bites CC’s head. CC is sent into a hospitalized state in is in critical condition. This is known as the Bite of ’83. He’s later taken home, only to lie in bed due to a coma. Therefore, one may see pills, flowers, or a UV next to CC’s bed before each night, before we enter CC’s never ending nightmares. William promises his child, in the image of the Fredbear he used to keep so close of a watch on him, that he will put him back together. William decides to commit of entire life into bringing his son back the only way he can—through the animatronics he fixes at his job.
  3. The first experiments William tries are at the New Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza in FNaF 2. William manages to kidnap and stuff four children into the withered animatronics. He would’ve stuffed them in the Toys, but it would be too suspicious and risky. It would be safer to stuff them in the useless animatronics in the Parts and Service room. The wires and metal kill the children, and the floor splatters with droplets of blood. The suits are possessed by the kids and they try to get Jeremy Fitzgerald in confusion, since William and Jeremy wear the same uniform. William’s experiment fails, but FK, the first kill, inhabits inside the Puppet. The Puppet is the only one who can bring the children to life inside the suits. The Crying Child appears in the form of Golden Freddy as an Easter egg sometimes, but GF doesn’t leave some sort of message as he does in FNaF 1. Mangle once notices William stealing a child and attempts to dial the police, however, William destroys it before it has the chance, blaming it on the children. In fact, the animatronics notice William many times, but he stops their mission to save them with some sort of device. You can’t. The pizzeria eventually closes and William gets rid of the children’s bodies. The Puppet follows William into—
  4. The first FNaF location. Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. William Afton becomes the business owner there, also as a technician. William attempts to program the bots to steal children for him, but the plan goes terribly wrong when Foxy bites the frontal lobe off a child. Foxy is put out of order, and William steals the children himself. The gang is stuffed with kids, but the Puppet gives them life inside the suits. This explains the cut scene in the beginning of FNaF 2, where the Puppet gives a child life in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Although they can control and think within the suit, their bodies leak blood and mucus all over the animatronics. William is close to being blamed for the murders, but he manages to put the blame on a different employee, who is put in jail. Mike Schmidt, now an adult, decides to work inside the pizzeria with his father, which distresses William. He enters the pizzeria once, before the bite, and catches one of Foxy’s shows, and is delighted and smiling–as Foxy is his favorite– as seen in FNaF 4. This could also either be William, smiling to see Foxy is in working order, because William’s eyes don’t glow white. Mike gets a job as a night guard, and due to the similarities, Mike is confused for his father. For the entire week, they try to get him in revenge and anger. A few times, Golden Freddy appears to Mike, which is actually the Crying Child. “It’s me. It’s me.” Repeatedly. Trying to get a message through to Mike. It’s me, your brother. During the sixth night, he tampers with their programming and tries to follow the Phone Guy’s advice—finding out what’s inside those suits. Phone Guy, the other employee in the pizzeria was close to finding out William, and he almost uncovers the truth. However, William programs the animatronics to get and kill him before anything happens. He tries telling Mike to find for himself before he dies. One thing someone pointed out is that Golden Freddy’s scream is heard during this part, and I believe that GF, aka CC, helps with the attack because he truly believe that William can save him—the Crying Child—and doesn’t want Phone Guy to ruin things for his dad. Anyway, Mike’s soon fired by his father, blaming it on tampering with the animatronics, but the truth is, it’s too risky and Mike could uncover William’s plan.
  5. William expands his Private Room below his home and starts to build the Circus Baby animatronics, built his own way, and given characteristics that will help him with his experiments. He spends so much time on this project he barely spends time with his daughter. To make her feel better, he tells her that Circus Baby is made specially for her, and gives Baby pigtails and green eyes just to prove it. This goes wrong, sadly, and despite William’s efforts to keep his daughter away from Baby, the daughter is swept and taken inside Baby’s stomach during the day. My theory on why this happens is that a child already possessed Baby, and she took William’s daughter as revenge. She later reflects on this during one of the nights in SL and doesn’t really understand why she did that. William leaves after that, and all the SL animatronics are possessed by children. Before he leaves, he gives instructions to Mike, to find the underground bunker below the FNaF 4 house, to free his sister. This is why Sister Location is called Sister Location, I think, because not only is it a sister location, but it’s the location of his sister. Mike is successful, in a way, and he finds the bunker. The animatronic souls have formed Ennard, and they confuse Mike as his father. They fool Mike into getting scooped. In the other ending, Mike finds the Private Room, the very first room William made underground. He finds the cameras, and Baby, now aware that Mike isn’t William at all, speaks to him. “Isn’t this why you came here? To be with her again?” Baby is talking about Mike’s sister. When Mike survives, he goes home and enjoys the view of his exotic butters, but Ennard walks in front of them. He somehow followed you to your house. In both endings, the souls then possess Mike, and they walk in Mike’s body around the neighborhood, happy and free. However, Mike’s body is physically dead, and his body rots away, turning a sickly purple. Eventually, the state of his body is too bad, and Mike vomits Ennard out into the drain. Baby’s voice, the voice of his sister, speaks. “You won’t die. You won’t die. You won’t die.” Mike springs back up. Baby’s voice, which is really his sister, manages to resurrect him. The sister revives him because Mike freed her and the other children, who’s eyes glow inside the drain.
  6. Mike, somehow still moving, decides to look for his father, to tell him that he was successful. He even looks inside the old pizzeria from FNaF 1, closed, on a rainy day. Now aware of his father’s experiments and wrong doings, he tears apart the animatronics, checking to see if there were children in there, too. The children’s ghosts go after him, again confusing him for William. He hides inside Springtrap, but unexperienced and not knowing the spring locks are easy to pop with moisture, the spring locks make him a bloody mess, but he still isn’t dead.
  7. Fazbear’s Fright opens, and some teenager becomes a security guard there. Springtrap is found, and made their main attraction. Mike tries to get help from the nightguard, and doesn’t actually attack the nightguard. In the game, if Springtrap gets to your office, you die of a heart attack, not because he kills you personally. Fazbear’s Fright burns to the ground. As seen in the newspaper, Springtrap has dodged death once again. He has a mission. In the final cut scene of SL, Mike speaks to his father. He tells him that he found it, just where he said it’d be. The bunker, underground. “They didn’t recognize me, at first, but then, they thought I was you.” The animatronics, as Baby says in the beginning of SL, “didn’t recognize him”. “And I found her. I put her back together, just like you asked me to. She’s free now.” This is a direct reference to the minigame cut scene in FNaF 4, where William promises the Crying Child he’ll put him back together. William asked Mike to put his sister back together. She was freed when Mike vomited all their souls out. “But something is wrong with me. I should be dead, but I’m not.” Mike is talking about either or both when he was possessed by Ennard and rotting away and somehow springing back up, or when the spring locks shattered his body. My guess is the first one. But both work. “I’ve been living in shadows.” Mike was inside Fazbear’s Fright for a long time, even after it burned down. “There’s only one thing left for me to do now. I’m going to come find you.”

“ I a m g o i n g t o c o m e f i n d y o u .”

Now we wait for another game.

If I forgot to add something, hopefully not vital, I’ll either add it in or admit defeat! This is my headcanon for now, though.


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