[FF] Deathstroke – A Day In The Life

All superheroes get their backstories, so here's the condensed version: Young man sneaks his way into military, takes drug that awakened senses in humans like never before.

Except here's the kicker: I'm not a superhero, I'm not even a regular hero. I'm an assassin for hire, the world's deadliest non meta-human. So that begs the question: If my services are for hire, why did I awake suddenly in a room with Amanda Waller, seemingly kidnapped?

The wall of a woman stepped forth. "Slade Wilson. I've got an important mission for you."

"Don't you dare just cut to the chase, I demand answers. How did you get me here?"

"None of your business." The first answer and it was a sarcastic one. Wonderful.

"Waller, you know I'm an assassin. Top of the market. What made you need to capture me against my will?"

"Have you any idea how bad that would look on my profile? Even a woman as big as me has her secrets, Mr Wilson."

Big. Not just when it comes to status.

"Well, let's play along with your game: How do you expect me to do this to you just because you want me to? I don't know if you've any prior experience, but that's not how the gig works.

"Mr Wilson, I know where Adeline Kane lives."

With that, she pulled out a folder, opened it up revealing photographs. Clearly, there had been secret cameras in Miss Kane's house.

"The games you play are dirty, Waller."

"Oh, coming from a hitman? That's just gold. If that wasn't enough for you, we have information on the whereabouts of your son, Joseph."

After a brief pause, she continued.

"So, without further ado, the mission; George Harkness, codename Captain Boomerang was found back in his home country of Australia reigning terror. We don't have many leads there, so we figured why not send you along?"

"Why can't your pawn The Flash do it? Or any other of the metahumans you monitor?"

"The Flash is on a different mission in Africa, and the rest don't take orders from us. It would be a much easier world if they did."

"Flash in Africa, me in Australia; Who do you think we are, your Global Taskforce?"

"Who do you think you're talking to? Remember, Slade, Joseph and Adeline are on the line." she said snearingly. "If I were you, I'd board the Javelin ASAP."

If it were up to me, I'd rather sooner board the Sunkord.

Hours passed, but less than you'd imagine. In a world where supposed Time Travellers and genetically modified humans like myself exist, the technology is some serious stuff. Didn't have toys like these when I was a kid.

Doesn’t mean I don’t get a chance to stare outside the window and see the view. I remember my first time on a plane, and no, it wasn’t a family fun vacation. I was headed to Vietnam. I didn’t really see anything for myself back home, I needed an escape. The military did that for me. I can’t say if it’s better or worse, but I must say, a 16 year old must never go through those things.

The kid driving this thing didn’t look any older than I did that day. No way it could be true, securities much tighter today than it was then. I was informed his name was Lucas Carr and whether or not he was under age, you can definitely tell this was one of his first jobs. I’m not a totally ruthless killer, killing this kid would be a dumb idea, and even if it wasn’t for the repercussions he reminds me of something: The youth have their whole futures ahead of them. My chance of changing my life is past me.

Well, I’ve landed and first things first: I need a goddamn drink. I can’t get drunk due to the serum, but it calms me none the less. Roulette’s, huh? It’ll do.

I enter the pub and the place is a hellhole. Well, an organized hellhole, but a hellhole none the less. The first spectacle you see is a gigantic arena in the centre. People are duking it out, some have powers, some don’t, its anarchy.

I notice a woman in the far side of the bar. Red hair, and a red cheongsam to match. She has a Chinese dragon tattoo trailing up her leg. Even in a place like this she attracts my suspicion, but I play it coy.

“Excuse me miss, what is this place?”

“Are you against it?”

“I like a good fight as much as any other man.”

“Good to hear. When it comes to metahumans, their laws are unspecified so this is allowed to run legally.”

Now that I know what’s going on here, I can drop the act, at least a little.

“Oh, those heroes and villains of the modern age. Say, would you perchance know where a guy by the name of Captain Boomerang is?”

“Answers are many but they don’t come easy. If you win a fight with that guy over there:”

She pointed over to an Iraqi man. He had hair almost down to his shoulders and a walrus moustache. He was just dressed in a suit; well, most people here were. An odd sight for a fight club, but who am I to judge? “Then I can answer anything you want to know about Captain Boomerang.”

“Great. I never caught your name, by the way. To what do I share the honour, miss…?”

“Veronica Sinclair. Hope you live long enough to remember it. And you are?”

“I swing my sword like a brush taking a stroke and where I go death follows. I suppose that means you can call me Deathstroke.”

Before both men entered the arena, they greeted each other briefly.

“Ha! American! You are not from these parts”

“Neither are you, it seems. But I’ll assure your parts will be buried around here.”

“Humph, cocky talk for a small man.”

The two enter the huge arena in the centre of the stage. As they get ready, everyone cheers for the fighter they know. The crowd went wild screaming “Rustam! Rustam! Rustam!” They both drew their swords, and like a gun at the beginning of a race, it started swiftly.

Slade went straight in for a forward slash but rustam blocked with his scimitar immediately.

“Army training and martial arts, can you match that?” Slade mocked as he went for a quick strike with the pommel of his sword, then jumping back. It wasn’t a deadly move, but it was a first hit.

“No time for small talk. My country hardened me, that is all I need.”

This time, Rustam went for a strike on the almost off guard Slade. He had to hold his sword sideways blocking with both hands pushing Rustam’s sword backwards, but suddenly he withdrew a second sword and stabbed Rustam right in his ribs.

“Argh! Cheating American! You’re not the only one with an ace up your sleeve.”

As he said this, his scimitar suddenly burst into flames. Christ, am I up against some kind of metahuman? Dual blade stance formed, then. Slade circled the arena waiting for Rustam to make a strike.

Suddenly, Rustam charged forth and impaled Deathstroke with the flaming scimitar!

Or so it would have appeared. Rustam charged forth, blade held forward ready for the solid blow that would kill his enemy, but right before his eyes, Slade had thrown one of his swords up in the air, jumped over Rustam’s blade and kicked it forth.

Slade had dodged the blade and his own flew straight by Rustam, cutting the very edge of his neck. Rustam could not believe the events seen before him. In a state of shock, Slade took advantage and hit him full force right in the gut with the pommel of his sword, much like the first hit, sending him flying right onto his back.

Now that that was over and done with, I headed over to Veronica to claim my prize.

“Why didn’t you claim his life?”

“I’m here on a job. I like a fight as much as the next, and I’m willing to kill, but his name wasn’t on the order. If he wants revenge, I’ll be glad to beat him again, and if he becomes my target one day, I won’t hesitate then. But for the time being, I have a more important matter at hand. Boomerang. Where is he?”

“Oh, yeah, George. He’s hanging down in a house down on Carmine Street.”

That was something to get the blood pumping but now it’s time for the main course.

I exit the pub and immediately see a man with brown mutton chops in a beanie with a boomerang on it and a long coat holding boomerangs running away from a local bank.

Great, that was for nothing. Well, got the blood pumping like I said.

He runs into a back alley. Smart move to evade the cops, not a smart move to evade me. Using my reflexes I somersault over the rooftops and land at the opposite end of the alleyway. I’m a master of stealth, so he barely notices.

He runs and he runs, but gets sliced slightly by the blade I hold sideways in the alleyway. “Boomerang. You’re coming with me, back to America.”

“Slade, now is not the time for joking. I wasn’t stealing and running from the bank. There’s a proper werewolf after me, mate.”

“And you expect me to believe that?”

“Oh, if you won’t then why don’t we ask our grizzly friend?”

Digger urged towards the end of the alleyway to peek out and eyes were seen glowing in the dark. Upon further inspection, a large, muscular, furry humanoid was searching the area.

“I’m not even going to ask how you got into the fray with a lycanthrope, all I know is we have two options. Fight or run. You, my friend, aren’t doing any more running.”

“Look, if it means being in the custody of Waller, I’d much rather that than being eating alive by Lon Chaney Jr over there.”

“Then we fight. Listen: I need you to do…” I trailed on and on for a few minutes, but the plan was thought up and we were ready to capture this werebeast.

“Oi fuzzball! Try over here!” Digger yelled as he then ran. The beast ran straight after him. Down from the rooftops, Slade dropped down and attempted to impale the large beast. His blade got lodged in its back, so you could say it was a lose-lose for everyone.

“Now is the time we run.”

“Why did you think taking that thing on in the first place was a good idea?!”

“Digger, maybe one day you’ll learn, but people do stupid things for something dear to them.”

That’s what I said but I didn’t mean it. Of course I had a back up plan. If I manage to get Digger AND this werewolf, that’s a two for one, and hopefully enough to get Waller off my back for a lifetime. But she’ll do anything to get her grubby hands on what she wants.

“Do you have any idea where the hell we’re going?”

“I’ve got a bit of an idea.”

“Is that a freaking aircraft?! What is it doing just parked here?!”

“It’s our escape. Lucas, when you see a big werewolf, start firing those guns, okay?”

We climbed aboard and Snapper did, in fact, fire the guns.

“Why don’t we just leave right now?”

“My plan isn’t over just yet.”

As expected, the rapid gunfire didn’t seem to damage it but it at least stalled him. I got out a weapon I didn’t think I’d have use for on this mission: My energy lance.

I jumped back down and run at the creature. There are two outcomes: I don’t make it but Waller gets what she wants and my family is safe, or I snag two catches and get my family. I’m willing for either.

Seconds before contact, I charge up at the creature. He swipes with his claws in an attempt to hit me, but I connect my energy lance from two pieces in to one and pole vault over it. I get behind it and hit full blast with my lance. He’s out for the count.

I hop back in the plane and drag the creature into the back, Digger flabbergasted.

“Lucas, take us back to America.”

He turns back and snaps his fingers in a “can do” sort of gesture and we head off.

“This isn’t a werewolf, it’s a metahuman. The locals called him the ‘Tasmanian Devil’”

“That’s great and all, but come on. I got you that thing, I got you Boomerang. Just because you’re a powerful woman I’m not afraid, Waller. If you don’t comply with our terms, I can bring down the FBI easily.”

“Then why DIDN’T you from square one, Mr Wilson?”

“It’s like you said with the secrets thing, but a bit different. We all have images, and even if I’m the damndest bastard, when I get my son back, I will be a hero in his eyes.”

“Well, let’s just say it’s going to be a magical journey.”


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