[Scene] Her Majesty’s Inteligence – Youth Division Academy for Espionage Open Day

This is a rare chance to view the never-before-seen MIY Academy.

After plummeting numbers in British Spies, Her Majesty and her kingdom made the Youth Division of the secret service. The only way to get in is to be scouted by senior spies for a specific skill set that may be vital to the Intelligence industry. After going for nearly 45 years undercover, Her Majesty has made an edict to reveal the formerly secret branch, after three students took part in a 'suicide mission' to prevent the United Kingdom from being under attack.

Today is the only chance to see the building. Once you have gone, the students continue learning to protect the country.

Located on a remote island controlled by the UK, the only way to reach it is by water. Once you arrive at the island, the first thing you will see is a heavily guarded port. Armed guards, a large metal fence and mounted turrets. If you come packing heat, you may want to drop it now!

After you clear security, take in the scenery of the massive jungle and mountains – on the largest mountain is the school grounds. The only way of getting there is by using off-road vehicles. As you drive through the jungle, you will notice various different shooting ranges and large equipment – this is vital to the students training so please do not touch.

At the top of the mountain, you shall see a massive manor house. This is the school. It expands a little bit towards the back, but this 7-story building is the complex the students are staying in. We will enter there in just a second.

On your left are multiple different small houses. If your child is attending the school, these houses are available to parents for free. They are your standard two-storey house with 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room.

Let's enter the manor, shall we? The ground floor is mainly where we have briefings for different missions. If we go to the far back, past this narrow corridor, we get to the changing rooms for the swimming pool. We have two pools; an indoor and an outdoor. The outdoor is just through the fire doors on the other end of the pool. If we go to the opposite corridor, we get to the canteen. Food is served 24/7.

The second floor is our physical suite. We have a gym, a sauna, a basketball court and many, many more. We like to have competitions between students to boost morale. The winner usually gets a few extra days off school, but can really be anything.

The third, fourth and fifth floor are classrooms. We teach literally everything from English, Maths and Science to Design and Espionage. We have a balanced timetable for all the students.

The sixth floor are student accommodations. The left-hand side is for girls only, whilst the right is for boys only. From the lift, the youngest students usually get the first door. The oldest is at the end of the corridor. The rooms are a single bedroom, living room, bathroom and a room for whatever they wish. They talk to the Headteacher and in a few days, the room is rennovated into whatever. One student has a small pool in his room so he can swim without going downstairs, whilst another student has his room hardwired with the latest gadgets and tech.

And the final floor is teaching accomadation. It is the same as student accomadation, except their family lives with them. If they have children, they attend the lessons but are kept oblivious to the espionage lessons and attend extra different lessons. The teachers children are the only exception to other children coming into the school.

With that being said, are there any questions about the campus?


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