The USA will face a Coup on Trumps inauguration day #Predictive Programming

A case of predictive programming: Star Wars EP III – Order 66(6)

In the Film, Chancellor/President Palpatine transforms the Galactic REPUBLIC into an EMPIRE -> USA is a REPUBLIC, will become an EMPIRE by using REX84

REX is latin and means KING, Obama will make himself King on lifetime, just like Julius Caesar (roman emperor)

Numerics: REX 84, 8+4 = 12 Order 66, 6+6 = 12

If you have been here quite some time, you know: There are NO coincidences & accidents on our World

The Setup:

5000 National Guards are positioned around and in DC to oversee the Inaugeration

National Guard = Clone Troopers from EP II

Usually Secret Service and civilian police are tasked for security, not this time 5000 US Troops will play a significant role on 20th January -> They will be under control of FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Agency )


In the Film EP III the Clone Troopers killed all Jedi Generals, which are their own Commanders (US General Staff) -> If REX84 is activated FEMA will arrest/kill aprox. 6 million americans immediately plus anybody on the FBI Terrorwatchlist.

FEMA will be transferred control over ALL Armed Forces, Resources etc. just like the Sith took command over the Clonetroops from the Jedi

Assumption: The gov. is currently laying off some of the General Staff of the USArmedForces to make it easier for FEMA to take control

FEMA transfers the power sharing: judicative,legislative,executive. FEMA Troops will be judge,jury and executioner in one entity -> FEMA Troops will execute you on spot if they feel like it

The National Guard commander will be relieved of his duty on 20th January 12:01 (East Coast Time) Thats 1 minute after Trump is supposed to be inaugurated.

Conclusion: It will be most likely play out like this.

12:00 Obama and Trump are on "Stage", 5000 Troops positioned around them (General Staff is in command) Trump will get killed on "Stage", maybe even by Obama (hidden handgun) all in the name of "saving" the Satanic Demoncrazy of USA. 12:01 US General Staff is no longer in command -> chain of command is broken -> Confusion Obama delclares REX84 active -> FEMA takes over 5000 man national guard seizing DC , just like Julius Caesars Army crossed the Rubicon to seize Rome.


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