My Personal (Comprehensive) Destiny 2 Wishlist

So I have probably a million thoughts on what I'd like to see going forward in Destiny as a franchise, i don't expect most or any of these to make it into Destiny 2. That's not meant to be an insult to bungie or anyone on the development team, more just a commentary on the AAA gaming goliath as a whole. I think the fact that the two biggest requests I've seen for Destiny 2 are more vault space and 60fps kinda seems like the community doesn't expect much either. While both of those are lovely I think that's kinda setting the bar way too low.

As it is now I really don't get the hype behind 60fps. I play Overwatch, a game that plays at a consistent 60fps, and I must admit that switching from Overwatch directly over to Destiny is a bit jarring, as destiny looks really slow by comparison, however after about 15/20 minutes I totally stop noticing and go on to play the game anyway exactly the way I would have had I never noticed in the first place. Essentially I think it would be a grave waste of resources to make basically Destiny 1 again with 60fps as opposed to making a greater wealth of content, or at the very least giving content that has immense replay value in and of itself. Having said that if they can do both, by all means I'd be happy to see it.

These are my less than complete thoughts on what I'd like to see in Destiny 2.

 Campaign and PVE 

~a change to the way story missions are handled, I'd prefer story missions to be long more akin to halo. Halo story missions had a great feel about them. The combination of the size, dialogue and challenge of each mission led to every level feeling like a complete experience. The change between the two games is certainly partly a length issue. Destiny and Halo story missions are similar in that they both give you one major goal to complete, but destiny missions go by so fast they all end up feeling like bite size experiences. I'd prefer the halo route, fewer missions in total, but greater length. Something like 5 or 6 per planet as opposed to the like 12 – 15 we have now. This way when a new DLC releases with like 3 or 4 story missions, you have something else to look forward to instead of the 1 new strike and the 1 new raid.

~consequently I want strikes to be longer as well, and strikes will serve as the "attack" portion of the war, basically where guardians attack enemy bases of operations. I'm aware this is quite literally what these are already but I'd like extra emphasis put on this for what I'm going to outline below. Strikes have been probably the best content Bungie has put out IMO. i really done have any suggestions here for significant changes. I would however like to see them take advantage of the superior current gen hardware to really ramp up the enemy amounts to make larger battles.

~on the other side of that coin I want to see a proper "horde" mode implemented. These would be a defend style objective, fighting against enemy advances on a friendly stronghold either until goals are met or waves are completed. These would be map specific. I would like the horde mode to be less of a static experience and more like the defend objective in overwatch. An example would be a multi stage map, where the first part is just trying to defend the main door as enemies advance, if they manage to break down the door the guardians retreat back to guard the central computer inside, we win if we repel the onslaught for the set amount of time. This would be vastly improved with better enemy variety. I'd like it to have either a rotating playlist option like strikes where you battle random enemies on random maps, or have a selectable option including modifiers ala private matches as your options to play it. Done right this could be as addictive as Crucible, It wouldn't have to necessarily be defending an objective, it could also be a wave based mode on crucible maps akin to the already existing Gjallarhorn mission.

~I'd like to see raids continue to be as team heavy as they are, but I'd prefer they scale up the combat to be worthy to be called endgame rather than throw mechanics at you. The Zamboni in WotM is a solid example of this. I'd also like to see a boss fight that is a straight up fight, no bizarre mechanics, just kick it's ass. For instance what if we had to fight Giant Oryx in an asteroid field and slowly blow him apart in an epic 4 stage fight to the death? First we have to disable his shield by killing the finding and killing the wizards who create it all the while oryx flies around trying to laser beam friendly guardians, if we take too long to find the wizards Oryx will unleash his chest attack, which we wont be able to stop because he'll still be invulnerable, then we have to shoot down his wings so that he can't fly away, but he's brandishing his sword now and will start destroying the asteroids/platforms we're standing on, meaning the team has to be careful not to let him destroy all of our space. Thirdly now we have Oryx Crippled and have to destroy his body, damaging his weak points by circling around him and attacking his fists, his head and his chest. eventually when phase 3 is over Oryx Sucks us all into his body for the final showdown, where we have to destroy his soul. In the taken realm itself. Maybe not to everyone but that sounds epic to me.

~speaking of raids I want the raids themselves to be kicked up to 11. I'd have much preferred the prison of elders for instance about attacking a giant prison in space that had been taken over by the fallen. First we land in some random hanger and have to work our way through the installation, disabling security shields, and trying to free friendly prisoners. The prison would be like a giant puzzle with branching paths allowing you to complete it many different ways depending on how you want to beat it. Prison riotbots kicking your ass? Seek out control panels in secret rooms to reprogram them as allies. A giant atrium that has enemy turrets up high that the guardians on the ground can't kill, so they send 2 up the other route to kill them then provide sniper cover from up top.

 General Gameplay 

~I'd like the enemies to be more aggressive in general, actually scratch that, I want better enemy AI across the board. The enemies are generally too passive, I'd love it if the different difficulty modes made enemies more aggressive as the got harder.

~I also want a much better variety and challenge to the enemy types. Things like the taken were interesting, but half the time it just felt like the enemies just threw out a mishmash of individually annoying powers as opposed to an enemy strategy. An example is a platforming/combat sequence where you are constantly trying to avoid/outflank taken phalanx who are trying to knock you off into an abyss. Strike bosses from the taken king really opened up the door creatively to enemy variety. For instance imagine "Charizard" from the shield brothers as a scaled down regular enemy? Or a servitor that activates an aura that works like a suppressor grenade and proceeds to chase down guardians and tries to keep them debuffed.

~I'd like to see destiny break away from the super/grenade/melee formula and open up to greater possibilities. Perhaps supers that aren't totally game changing by themselves, but more utilitarian. Things like mei's icewall ability from overwatch, why don't we have a grenade that heals allies? How about a pylon that rapidly recharges allied grenades?

 The Crucible 

~I'd like to see a pvp / patrol hybrid I'm calling "Faction Wars" basically you choose what side you are fighting for by pledging to said faction (New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, or Vanguard) and loading up a game. Faction wars puts you in a special patrol area where the enemies are kicked up to 11 and you have to go around completing special missions against both PVE enemies and Rival Guardians. Missions like go steal New Monarchy's flag and return it to future war cult, or take salvage as it spawns on the map to advance your factions goals. This would all happen similarly to current patrol, there are no points and there is no winning overall, just keep completing objectives. Sparrows would probably be disabled for balance reasons. Deaths would put you on a timer before you could be revived, and respawning would put you back at your base. This could of course be tweaked. Also similar to patrol you could still only come in groups of up to three, with each faction getting a total of 9 maximum players in each instance.

~ranked and social playlists for crucible because duh

~see above again ^


~I'd like to see the grimoire become the codex from mass effect, complete with context sensitive voice acting. Things like Nathan Fillion reading certain Hunter based entries, while Lenny James reads about the battle of Twilight Gap.

~humanity discovers the krogan, krogan beat humanity, guardians are now krogans, shoulder charge is now intrinsic to all krogans, but it assumes brawler is always on. this includes social spaces.

~oooo and instead of sparrows they have thresher maws! That'd be so F%#?$&G METAL!

~I actually lost my train of thought thinking about how awesome that'd be.

~if they're not going to balance PvP and PvE separately because stupid reasons, then at least make some really cool PvE exclusive gear like that sentry turret idea down below. Basically separate balancing for pvp/pve

 Gear and Loot 

~I'd like to see a greater variety of weapon types, and not just limited to some "exception" exotics, I'm talking flamethrowers, grenade launchers, bow and arrow, Gatling gun, a scythe, and a deployable sentry gun heavy weapon are just a few ideas, balance blah blah blah.

~I'd like to see buildable weapons, not like kill vex minotaurs for a quest for the gunsmith. What I have in mind are unlockable blueprints for a weapon base archetype, with specific loot being needed to build different perks. In addition to engrams you could find legendary and Exotic perks (exotic caliber perks made specifically for this purpose of course) that you could apply to your given weapons. Perks would have a point value system that decides whether a given weapon is classified as rare/legendary/exotic etc. so perks like counterbalance are worth more than rodeo for instance. And classification would go off point totals 20 for rare, 35 for legendary, 50 for exotic these being just examples. Engrams would still drop with random weapons, exotics would still be something bungie makes themselves, this wouldn't replace any current weapon system. Exotics created by bungie would still be crucible legal, exotics created from scratch by guardians would be PvE only, this would also give bungie another tool for balancing. They could simply increase the points total of a given perk rather than nerf it if certain weapon combos become too dominant.

 Complete Patrol Overhaul 

-The first thing I would like to outline is a change in loot. reading back to my part about the weapon crafting, this is where most of the pieces to craft with are found. You search around the planets in caves, enemy bases, chests, or dropped by enemies themselves to find your various materials. There is however a catch, Materials cannot simply be carried on you for extraction. as the ghost cannot teleport you and them back to your ship by itself, you have to make it to a friendly space on the planet to have the ship physically come pick you up in order to take them with you.

-Dying on patrol would cause you to drop all gained loot where you died, which means more dangerous loot comes with the additional risk of having to be able to escape with your plunder. Loot can be recovered by returning to the spot where you fell. If you're with a teammate (or you happen to see and friendly guardian) the can revive you for no penalties.

-In addition an item would exist that allows you to keep materials/engrams you find even through death or being teleported to orbit, these would however be expensive/rare. Thus encouraging you to use them sparingly or only on rare loot.

-I want each map to have multiple friendly zones. These come in 3 forms. Outposts, Strongholds, and one Main Base per planet. These are used as spawn in points, and the only places you can leave the planet from without losing your loot. In my vision of reworked patrol the maps would be MUCH larger, and include actual enemy feeling territory.

-Outposts and Strongholds can both be taken over by enemies, this is done in real time. When a friendly base is taken over the guardians have to kill all the enemies then reactivate it in order to utilize it's services. This includes summoning vehicles or extraction.

-Outposts are small, and kind of all over the maps. these are somewhat easy to take back from enemies as they'll rarely leave many soldiers to guard it. Consequently they have to least amount of utility, they can summon your sparrow, or summom your ship for extraction

-Strongholds are a lot more difficult to take back after they've been taken over, having enemy vehicles and multiple difficult majors can be a lot for a single guardian to take back. They can do everything the outpost can do, but also can summon friendly vehicles like tanks and refill your ammo.

-Lastly there is the main base. Each planet has 1 of these, in here you can find friendly NPC's, shops, and quests related to the planet intself. it also has all the same utilities the smaller bases have. Unlike the smaller bases these cannot be taken over by enemies unless bungie decides they want to have an event for it.

-Taking back friendly bases rewards you with reputation

-The enemies have bases of there own too. The multiple outposts and strongholds they possess can all be sacked to find loot, rep, or bosses to kill. I would assume that the loot you can find would be time gated or the task would be extremely difficult to do to mimimize farming too quickly.

-Lastly I want an in game LFG system called guardian net, in addition to everything LFG does now it would also allow you to place out distress calls to players in patrol to help you take bases, beat public events, or defeat rare enemies.

Well that was an ordeal, I hope if you managed to read all of that you enjoyed at least some of the ideas, once again I don't expect much if any of this to make it into Destiny 2. I would however be beside myself if any of it made it in. Please feel free to comment your opinions :).


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