When you accidentally ALYB, because sometimes you do.

At the college campus I attended, there are security stations at each entry point of the academic quad, and during the day traffic is restricted to faculty/staff only. There are no gates that block the road but there are cameras that can be triggered by the guard to run your plates through parking services' automated system and issue you a ticket if you don't stop at the station. I happen to drive a University Service Vehicle for my part time job on campus and was taught to smile and throw up a certain hand signal every time I pass a security station. Always thought it was just to be friendly as the vehicle is highly marked and would never be stopped, even by UPD.

So one day I was driving with a bunch of friends back from lunch (in my personal vehicle), deep in conversation, not paying too much attention. Normally, if I'm driving in the middle of the day it's in the service vehicle, so my brain on auto-pilot decides to head straight through campus instead of around it to get back to my parking spot. As I approach the security station, I reflexively smile and throw up the signal as I blow past the guard giving me this quizzical look. Everyone in the car goes dead silent as we realize what I'd just done. I thought I would for sure get a ticket, but none ever came. Turns out, if you give them the signal they automatically assume you are faculty.

10/10. Would ALYB again.


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