Norlake Kold Locker 7 7 Indoor Walkin Cooler 8 X 8 Floor Plan Right Hinge

Norlake Kold Locker 7 7 Indoor Walkin Cooler 8 X 8 Floor Plan Right Hinge
The Nor-Lake – Kold Locker Floorplan Walk-In Cooler (KLB7788-CR) is sure to add extra efficiency and professionalism to your kitchen. Delivering a cold stream of air to your ingredients, you can be sure of keeping them fresh until service. Its rugged stainless steel frame is backed up by a number of features such as an LED light that's perfect for poorly-lit areas, adjustable temperature settings and a condensate vaporizer that stops water from building up. Vaporizer:Thanks to the condensate vaporizer that automatically guards against water build-up, you won't have to buy a drain line for your cooler Use:This cooler will be able to hold its own in some of the busiest commercial kitchen environments because its door is fitted with two cam-lift hinges that will not break after a few months Insulation:To ensure all of the cold air that's produced remains firmly inside this cooler, the panels have been insulated with polyurethane foam that's 4 thick Storage:To allow you to take advantage of as much room as possible with this cooler, its features that are responsible for producing the air are stored inside the capsule pak. This pak is then placed on top of the cooler Security:To prevent unauthorized access to this product, it comes with a door that's fitted with a deadbolt locking handle and supplemented with a padlock and key
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