I was inspired by Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun and came up with this-

Feeling inspired by Cyberpunk in general I began writing a high concept, experimental, semi-solo, cinematic, table-top experience." I just moved to Seattle and was really inspired by the city as well as Shadowrun's take on it in the future. I have also been having a hard time finding time to play tabletop with friends. I wasn't happy with the amount of fantasy so I looked to Cyberpunk 2020 for a good system to use. I really like the info for 2020 but didn't like how lacking the system was for players. The main idea I took from it was "STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE" I made the game very cinematic but tried to make the action sequences very taxing. I finally went to a D20 future play by post campaign I had written for that last summer and adapted the timeline to fit with Shadowrun and Sindome a Cyberpunk MOO Hangout that I recommend highly. I got the idea to make the players character myself based on what they tell me that they want and I run the majority of the game from behind a laptop with all the info. It would also let me create a level 1 scenario I knew they could beat. I normally use pen and paper I decided to use Wordpad to put me in the cyberpunk mood while I wrote it. I got new speakers for Christmas so I decided to put an emphasis on music to help with the atmosphere.

I wanted to share this somehow because I think as a concept it work very well a highly stylized and personalized single player tabletop. I wanted to post the first "episode" but my DM notes were spotty at best and formatted in Notepad. So I punched it up a little in Wordpad and added my players actions. I got the 1st half done and will be busy for the next 24 hours. Before I post the second half or the rest depending on how much time I have and wither or not everyone hates it. (Be gentle) Also I realize I pulled elements from a ton of different sources without changing the names of many of them. This episode lacks some action due to the player controlling three very unique characters and me being unsure of how he would handle it.

I am super nervous about posting this but here it goes.

Part 1/3 of the novelized first session.

(Music- SNATCHER: Biohazard) (Audio: Robotic female voice reads the following) The story, characters, and events, in this game are entirely fictional. Any similarities to actual people, places and events are entirely coincidental.

These are the major events of the last 77 years as known to the majority of mankind.

1987, The Nation is rocked by the Iran Contra Affair. Vice-President George H. W. Bush is among those indicted for violating an arms embargo on Iran. Bush is unable to run for President in 1988; the next US President will be Michael Dukakis

2017, The native american guerrilla terrorist organization, known as the first nation begins a 10 year long series of attacks on the united states. They gain substantial backing in part to an online presence.

2027, The simultaneous eruption of Mount Shasta, California, Mount Hood, Oregon, and Mount Rainier, Washington. Followed by a meltdown of the stock-market The united states government agrees to give a large portion of it's land to the First Nation in exchange for handling disaster relief in the areas acquired by the tribe. This becomes known as the Treaty of Denver and in part causes the largest refugee crisis in human history. Many large cities band together with neighboring towns to form Metroplexes and Mega-cities.

2037, Animosity mounts against cybernetic individuals and trans-humans. The firebombing of a cybernetic internment effort in Seattle State leads to a state wide riot known as The Night of Rage. A night that sparked violence across the globe and lead to The 30th amendment to the constitution protecting the rights of those with cybernetic enhancements. Later that year the Lucifer virus destroys 80% of the worlds digital information. Much of it remains unrecoverable.

2047, The first city with a protective dome, Witmore, is completed in southern California. A modification to the 14th Amendment creates the Simple Identification Chip network and requires all citizens to register for one. The world banking system undergoes major restructuring for the convenience of humanity, plunging the world into a decade long depression. Privatized police forces become common place, the largest chain is Lone Star Security .

2057, The Miami Sea Dome and Martian Colony are completed. Desperate for money the United States sells Nevada to New Light Media corporation creating the entertainment capital of the world. In the present day fusion power has allowed for the creation of commercial hover vehicles and energy weapons. Bio-droids do a majority of the work and the corporate police state has grown insurmountably along with the criminal underworld in the United States.
These are the major events of the last 77 years as known to the majority of mankind.

(Music- SNATCHER: A Night in NeoKobe City) Seattle, Present Day, The year of our lord 2064. The Emerald City, premier metroplex, the western port and outpost of the United States, an urban locale of culture, history, and vibrant activity nestled amidst the Native American Nations and the thriving ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest. Since the late 1980's a center for technology and hub for large corporations and technology. Today Seattle faces a 48% unemployment rate, a weakening united states government, and growing unrest as protesters clash with corporate foot solders. Over 3 millions people live here, some without police protection, electricity, or even running water. Parts of the mega-city sprawl lies in ruins but much of this city thrives. Massive structures of steel and glass glow like beacons in the night. The city finds itself controlled by clashing corporate and government entities as well as Street Gangs, Hackers, and Underground Paramilitary Organizations. These stories are dedicated to all those cyberpunks who fight against injustice and corruption every day of their lives.
These are the stories of Seattle, Cyberpunk. 2064

Echo-1 NeoMancer

Herbert Alderman

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 175 lb (Including wheelchair)

Eyes: Unknown

Hair: Unknown

Skin: Unknown

Talents: Computer Science, Robotics, Behavioral Science

The official file on Herbert Alderman is lacking because it simply does not exist. His was disfigured at birth a result of defects brought on by radiation from a reactor test. Naturally, to protect his wealthy family's large company, OnyxSystems, his birth had to be covered up. He was switched at birth with a healthy baby and locked away in the OnyxSystems Corporate Building in the Seattle Metroplex with his thin black cat. Here with the help of his sympathetic older brother he has created a realistically life like robot and using using 3rd Generation prematrix Hardware and a reverse engineered internal videophone system within his robot he is able to use the controls to give the it commands. This hardware connects to a cyber-port wired to the spinal cord where it connects Herberts brain-stem allowing him to control the lower body of the robot. He uses the robot to experience the world outside of his small apartment. He has always been sheltered never even being allowed access to the VRNet. Until today.

Act 1: Jan 5th 2064 -=OnyxSystems Residential Penthouse 13=- (Music- Lovely twenty one pilots instrumental)

A package arrives from Neo Tokyo from Chad Aldeman enclosed is a note.

"Dear Brother, I am sorry it took me so long to realize your potential. After seeing what you did with that old decommissioned tech, I decided to get you the real thing. It's a jail-broken VR setup, it's hacked to allow you to log in to the net from a proxy account that used to belong to a woman named Kerri R. Castillo. She's dead now and her privacy settings have been set to appear offline don't mess with that and you should be fine. I sent you some info on the net that should help with your project. -Chad"

Herbert smiled. But before setting up his new-to-him VRN setup. He wanted to check on his robot. He moved his hover chair towards the his even older hacked and modified VR setup and put on the goggles and gloves. Within the goggles the robots sensors light up.

It's raining in the decapitated house on Beacon Hill that the robot is hiding out in, water drips down from various parts of the ceiling. Sensors indicate moment. A rat runs into view. When the robots head looks towards it, the rat skitters away into the darkness.

Herbert logs out and let's SOCRATES take over for the robot. SOCRATES is an AI that has been monitoring and analyzing the actions that Herbert makes while controlling his robot in order to make the robot more believable. The robots voice box is dated and will be easy to figure out unless the user stays glib. Herbert found a southern drawl accent worked the best for covering this up.

Herbert puts on his new VR goggles and gloves and prepares to log into the net.

(Music- Lovely twenty one pilots vaporwave)

Upon logging into the net the Herbert finds himself in a VR version of a small farmhouse. Complete with books, a fireplace, a writing table, and a front door. Looking in the mirror reveals his avatar to be an older woman with blue hair and horn-rimmed glasses with a cat resting around her shoulders flicking it's tail and purring one of it's eyes is brown the other is blue. Outback is a duck pond as well as a cow pasture. The mail has been piling up, most of it junk. However there is a black envelope with no markings on it. Inside is a slate black business card that simply says "Lord Vapor's Lounge" on the back is an interactive panel that says "Travel Now". Interacting with the panel calls a limo to pull up outside the house.

Herbert gets in the limo and finds himself whisked through what looks to be an amazingly futuristic city made entirely of advertisements.

-=Lord Vapor's Lounge=- (Table Top Audio Soundpad- Future City – Outside Club) The limo stops outside what looks like a large art deco club. They are greeted by two large body guards in black suits looking at him from behind black sunglasses. Herbert is nervous but approaches. The guards looks at each other. One smiles. They pull back the velvet rope. Herbert hears them laughing on his way into the club.

(Lucifer's Flowers Hardcore Remix) Inside the club is massive. People have avatars of all kinds. Anime characters dance with cowboys. Kermit the Frog is grinding on Dark Vader, and dark almost sinister avatars stand by the way side and simply watch or talk among themselves at small semi private booths. At the bar there a sexy pink cat-woman chats up a gargoyle over cocktails. Herbert moves towards the bar and orders a Cyberpoliton. The bartender a fine and respectably dressed gentleman with a large mustache tells him that-

"Your drink is already paid for by the man at the end of the bar." The man is dressed in a sharp dark suit. He has a fashionable 20th century hat and a black cane. The payer approaches the man while sipping on his drink. "Thanks for the drink." "I'm Radrunner. You don't look like your from around here. "What do you mean?" "Well most of the patrons here aren't 74 year old dead women." "Oh shit." Thinks Herbert. "I've been found out." "Relax" Says Radrunner. "I've got a job opportunity for someone like you. Will you join me in my private room?" "Once I finish my drink." Answered Herbert. "That drink doesn't exist, you will literally never finish drinking it. I didn't pay any actual money for it. You can't even really taste it." Herbert follows Radrunner to the far side of the room with an interactive panel that allowed his host and he to enter to a private room, one of many floating in cyber space.

(Tabletop Audio – Future City Soundboard – Club Backroom)
The lounge’s private room was spacious and allowed the two to talk privately. It also gave Herbert a place where he could change is avatar, with the help of Radrunner of course. He chose an avatar with a black leather jacket, shirt and pants, black sunglasses,hiding his two different colored eyes one blue one brown but was slightly disappointed at the low quality of his avatar compared to some of the top dollar ones downstairs.

Then they discussed business. "The people I work for" began Radrunner "Have a client who hasn't paid for their services. I need someone to do the legwork. The job is in Seattle, I know you are using an illegal proxy account and your point of origin tells me you that's where you are. The fact that you have an illegal account tells me that maybe you have some ties to the criminal underground and can get me in touch with someone. I will be doing the hacking side of this job to shut down security. I could always use an extra set of hands but you don't really seem up to the task." "I am more tech savvy than I appear." Herbert responds. "Well if that is the case then I will pay you both of you very well. I'll meet you at your home node in an hour. I'll bring you armor and a fire arm do you have a preference." "I'd like a really nice leather jacket, with spikes on it." The meeting ends well.

edit: Oh god it's a wall of text and does not look at all like what I wrote…

edit: 2.3 fixed formatting (Close enough)


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